Our IB Tutors


The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an educational organisation which works on non-profit principles ,driven by by its mission to create inquiring, knowledgeable and understanding young people who help in the creation of a better and calmer world through intercultural exchange and mutual respect. The organization has built a very good reputation for high quality and great standards in the arena of international education.They are working with a motto of creating world/international citizens.
Ib board as well as their students are working with a mindset that’s different from other educational system. Therefore ib tutors teaching ib students or doing its tuitions or ib online tuitions should have a different approach and a few distinctive properties in themselves.

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ib tutors

1. Knowledge -he should know what to deliver

2. Attitudes and Behaviour -he/she should be aware of how to act in context and why

3. Dispositions –he/she should be open to change according to given circumstances

4. Procedural Skills-he/she should be knowing how to deliver his knowledge to his pupils

5. Cognitive Skills- he/she should practice critical thinking and critical analysis

6. Experiential Skills –he/she should know how to react and adapt on the basis of previous knowledge and understanding

Our tutors at IB ELITE TUTOR have all above-mentioned mentioned qualities.Most of them are highly experienced teachers from reputed world schools from all over the globe. They all have in-depth subject knowledge and innovative academic delivery skills