How to solve trigonometric problems based on complimentary anngles?(concept-3)

IB Maths tutors give great importance to Trigonometry.

Trigonometry is one of the fascinating branches of Mathematics. It deals with the relationships among the sides and angles of a triangle.Word trigonometry was originated from the Greek word, where, ‘TRI‘ means Three‘GON‘ means sides and the ‘METRON’ means to measure. It’s an ancient and probably most widely used branch Mathematics. For basic learning, IB Maths Tutors divide trigonometry in two part:-

1. Trigonometry based on right triangles

2. Trigonometry based on non-right triangles.

Here, we are discussing trigonometry based on non-right triangles only.

In the third article of this series, we will discuss problems based on complementary angles

In the third article of this series, we will discuss problems based on complementary angles

<img src="right triangle.jpg" alt="right triangle">

In this right triangle Sin A=BC/AC & Cos C=BC/AC   clearly: Sin A=Cos C  In the given triangle A+C=90° so we can write C=(90°-A). This gives us freedom to write Sin A=Cos (90°-A) similarly we can write these relationships     Read more

IB Tutors-useful pdfs

I am sharing few documents prepared by experienced IB Tutors


Below is a past year paper for ib mathematics


Below is an important worksheet for Differentiability of Functions




Below is an important worksheet for logarithms




Below is an important worksheet for maxima and minima value of Functions



IB Mathematics Tutors- types of mathematical function(part-1)

IB Mathematics Tutors should give a fair number of hours in teaching functions.This is my third article on functions in the series of ib mathematics

For the sake of a comprehensive discussion, some standard functions and their graphs are discussed here

For the sake of a comprehensive discussion, some standard functions and their graphs are discussed here
1.Constant Function-
Domain= ℝ    

                                            Range    = {k}                                       

<img src="constant-function.jpg" alt="constant-function">


Range    = {k}

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IB Maths (Part-1)- Functions-An Introduction to functions in Mathematics

In IB Maths both HL and SL, functions are one of the most important areas of mathematics because they lie at the heart of much of mathematical analysis. The concept of function is easy to understand.
supposeIi say that:


where x∈R. this says that y depends on x this can be said that y is a function of x. or


we can also say that x=√y here x depends on y or x is a function in y or


so it can be said that a function is an operator which takes an input and gives an output.The input is called independent variable while output is called dependent variable

<img src="functions.jpg" alt="functions">

ib elite tutor explained functions

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