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IB Diploma Tutors are the backbone of IB Elite Tutor. The IB Diploma programme was started by  International Baccalaureate organization in the year 1975. It is a two-year educational programme aimed at students aged from 16 years to 19 years. IBDP is taught in over 140 countries and it’s one of the most popular educational programmes throughout the world. IBDP has a great academic importance and every student wishes to excel in it.

ib diploma tutors
We at IB Elite Tutor, provide well qualified and experienced IB diploma tutors who help and support students to achieve a perfect “7” grade in their respective subjects. Most of our tutors are working in IB world schools throughout the globe. They are selected through a very tough selection process that involves screening, written test and interview. Only a one in thousand ib student is able to score a perfect “7”. our ib diploma tutors can help to achieve this target by following ways

►Our ib home/online diploma tutors provide face to face one to one classes in the comfortable atmosphere of students home. this allows students to save their travel time and a great level of flexibility. Students can easily ask their doubts without any hesitation and make their concepts strong.

►We use the latest technology to make students understand their concepts. our tutors use Ppts, videos, images and many other support tools to build students’ concepts.

►Our ib Diploma tutors ensure comprehensive revision of the whole syllabus long before the start of exams so that students can identify their weak places and remove them. this process helps a lot a to excel them in their exams.

►We believe in cumulative testing. First, we take chapter end test after completion of every chapter, unit test at the end of every unit then half syllabus test and finally full syllabus test. All these tests ensure that our students are well prepared for their exams.

►Our IB Diploma tutors take parent’s help to ensures that every student solves at least 10 previous year papers. this will give them a fair idea about their actual exam and this will also help them to manage their time while writing their real exams

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