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Help in extended Essays by our IB Extended Essay Tutors

Writing one Extended Essay on a topic of choice is a mandatory requirement for students opting Diploma Program. The extended essay, precisely, is a self-guided research paper of around 4000 words. A student may choose a topic of his/her own interest from or related to one of the six opted subjects for the diploma.

Candidate writing an extended essay on a topic should formulate the research question carefully because IB expects him/her to engage in a personal exploration of the problem and has to portray/convey the idea of research and final findings through finely knitted, clear and concise writing skills. Altogether, the sense of logical argument and analysis must prevail throughout the essay. Extended essays measure the analytical and comprehensive skills of a student towards research.

The student has to present his analysis and finding to his supervisor through three mandatory reflection sessions. However, the extended essay after submission is externally assessed by an examiner appointed by the IB. A student is awarded grade/band ranging from excellent to mediocre to the elementary level.

How to write a correct E.E with our IB Extended Essay Tutors in Mathematics

Basics for writing almost all essays are quite same, Being an IB Maths Tutor, I am taking Mathematics essay as an example

►Choose the topic that is concise and has focus. Objectivity should read out clearly on the topic. The broad or general topic is not good.  Choose the topic you are comfortable i.e. you like the most. A supervisor should know the mathematics involved in the fruitful outcome.

►The topic may be from areas of engineering, science, social science, and statistics with mathematics at its base. The extended essay should grow on the topic and reach the mentioned conclusion. Quality and measurable conclusion are what is desired.

►A student is expected to extend the knowledge base required writing the essay a little beyond what comprises the mathematics curriculum of Diploma course.  In fact, an extended essay is an opportunity for a candidate to present his ability in learning and practicing mathematics.

►The extended essay should present correct arguments and reasoning. The methodology included must be elaborated. The language should be technical, have continuity and must grip the reader until the conclusion.

►Relevant graphs, tables, diagrams are to be incorporated in a text at proper places to help explain the topic and should break the continuity.

Some tips by IB Extended Essay Tutors

Extended essay demands student time, patience, continuity to evolve properly. A student, therefore, must I have crystal clear idea of the topic and should start reading and writing about essay at a proper time. Delayed start or laziness takes you nowhere. Mind these words.

Structure of the Extended Essay

The essay has six sections or elements

►Title page

It includes title, research question, and word count. The word count should not increase in 4000. Word count crossing the limit is considered negative.

►Content page

The content page provides information regarding ordering and page numbering of sections and subsections in the essay.

► Introduction

The introduction part explains the topic of research in short and the methodology exploited towards the focused conclusion.

►The body of the Essay

This is where extensive study with arguments, analysis, calculation, and evaluation is presented. It advised breaking this element into sections and subsections to clearly explain the idea. Graphs, diagram, and tables are included in the body of the essay. This part must also include the output and conclusion in full explanation.


Conclusion part must in concise present how you started and then highlight the main outcomes. It must like a sweet juice out of the pulp.

►Bibliography and references


This part contains auxiliary information required to explain the topic or bring completeness of thought to the essay.

The word count of title page, content page and bibliography is such that IB does not include it in total word count. Even equations, formulas, calculations, diagram legends, table heading don’t count. Appendix not part of the main idea and IB doesn’t count it too.

Before starting to write an extended essay, we advise students to see and refer some extended essays available on the net or some other repository at your disposal. The Internet is a good tool we should exploit and milk it. Writing an extended essay is hard work and hard work always repays with good grades. Remember an honest effort always has its value.

We hope that this brief reading has served the purpose. Contact our IB Extended Essay Tutors for any type of help. Our Online IB Tutors and IB Home Tutors are ready to help you.

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