IGCSE Online Tutors

IGCSE Online Tutors are the most experienced teachers who are working in great world schools throughout the globe. The IGCSE is an international substitute to many popular national curricula. It is one of the most popular educational programmes designed for students aged from 14 to 16 years. Cambridge IGCSE offers around 70 subjects including 30 languages. Students can opt for them in any combination under the guidance of school.

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Ib Elite Tutor offers help in the following subjects

►English, French, Arabic and Spanish

►Mathematics (Cambridge Internation Mathematics, Mathematics)

► IGCSE Tutors for Social Sciences, History and Geography

► IGCSE Tutors for Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

► Accounting IGCSE Tutors

► IGCSE Tutors for Computer Science

We provide well trained, qualified and experienced IGCSE Online Tutors who help students in writing, oral, coursework and practical assessment.

What our IGCSE online tutors-

Our IGCSE online tutors help students secure good grades by following ways-

Regularity in homework-

►Our tutors provide homework on a regular basis, check it properly, and help students with their doubts and problems.

Use of technology-

►Our IGCSE Online Tutors use the latest technology, videos, Ppts, pdf and images to help students understand difficult concepts.

Cumulative testing-

►We believe in cumulative testing. first, we take chapter-end test at the end of every chapter, then Unit Test at the end of three chapters. After this half syllabus test and full syllabus test are taken. These tests give students the real taste of exam and help them to score more.

Comprehensive revision-

►We do a quick and comprehensive revision long before the final assessment. Revising things, again and again, help students to gain expertise in their subjects.

Extra question-solving-

► IGCSE Online Tutors make their students practice questions from different books. This not only makes them very quick in their question solving but also makes their concepts very strong

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