IB Math Tutors series- Calculus

IB Math Tutors series- Calculus

Our  Ib Math tutors understand that calculus is one of the most important topics. 40 teaching hours are given for Sl calculus(27% of total time) while 48 hours are given for HL calculus(20% of total time) and that is maximum in IB math. After understanding the importance of calculus we have written many posts on this topic. A few of them are:

How to solve limit problems

Continuity of Functions

Applications of derivatives

Increasing and decreasing functions

Maxima and Minima

definite integration

Indefinite integration

Applications of Integration

IB Math Tutors video series-

These posts are very successful and read by thousands of our readers. Now we are going to start a series IB Math tutors live. In this series, we shall be sharing live class tutorials of some of our great IB math tutors. we shall try to cover all IB maths topics in this series but here we are starting with calculus and posting the first video.

Question-How to find the velocity of a particle/object who is travelling some distance and the distance-time relationship is given.

Ans- Finding the velocity of a particle or object who is travelling some distance, is an important application of derivative.

In this video, our IB Math tutor is showing that we can simply get the velocity of a particle by simply derivating its distance function with respect to time. You can watch it live from the tutorial session and ask your doubts in the comment section. Our IB math tutors will answer your doubts as soon as possible

In IB math tutors series, we shall post more videos on Applications of derivatives and integrals. Keep a close watch as this page will be updated with more videos on regular basis.

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IB Mathematics Tutors-Part 1 (Calculus)

In my IB Mathematics Tutors series, I will explain different topics taught at HL and SL levels of IB Mathematics. Calculus is the first one.

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If we want to understand the importance of Calculus in IB Diploma Programme, We should have a look at the number of teaching hours recommended for it. It’s 40 hours in SL(out of 150 total hours) and 48 (out of 240 total hours) hours in HL. This makes calculus the most important topic for IB Mathematics Tutors as well as for IB students.

What is Calculus- Calculus is an ancient Latin word. It means ‘small stones’ used for counting. In every branch of Mathematics, we study of something specific, like in Geometry, we study about shapes, in Algebra, we study about arithmetic operations, in coordinate, we study about locating a point. In calculus, we do the mathematical study of continuous change. It mainly has two branches- Read more

How to find sum and product of zeros of equations

In my previous post on IB Mathematics, I have discussed how to solve a quadratic polynomial using Quadratic formula. Here I will tell you about different relationships based on sum and product of quadratic polynomial, cubic polynomial and bi-quadratic polynomials.

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ax2 + bx + c = 0

                                         Sum of the roots = −b/a

                                          Product of the roots = c/a

If we know the sum and product of the roots/zeros of a quadratic polynomial, then we can find that polynomial using this formula

x2 − (sum of the roots)x + (product of the roots) = 0 Read more