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    IB Tok Help for International Baccalaureate (IB)

    IB Elite Tutor offers the following help to IB students so that they can write their ia/tok themselves and get a perfect grade.The International Baccalaureate (IB) offers an international education platform. Nowadays it is a very popular education system and it encourages personal & professional achievements, to the students to outrace in their academics and their personal growth. Its main purpose is to provide world-class education; International Baccalaureate (IB) is a profitless educational system. It offers to learn various age groups of students. International Baccalaureate (IB) offers four learning programs.


    IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)

    It is a two-year informational program mainly targeted at 16 to 19 years age groups. The program involves internationally accepted higher qualifications from many known universities from all over the world. IB TOK Help helps to grow individuals physically, psychologically, emotionally, and ethically.

    IB TOK Help Career-Related Programme (IBCRP) 

     Career Related program is mainly framed for the student who wants to engage in career growth related learning whether it’s a soft skill or a hard skill, students get a chance to explore each and everything’s which matters to them obtaining lifelong skills from this program which develop self-awareness and self-confidence. This is very much essential for individual growth.

    IB Middle Year Programme (IBMP)

    The middle year program is framed to inspire students to make an association between their studies and the real world. It’s a five-year program, this is not traditional learning it’s a creative framework that allows engaging one another and allowing engaging with teachers. It focuses on the individual strength of each student and helps to their holistic growth. This program is not only providing academics skills but also helps to develop life skills and more prepare the student for the real world.

    IB Primary Year Programme (IBPYP) 

     The primary year program uniquely framed to adapt to national and state standards. It focuses on the overall growth of the student beyond the studies. PYP provides a kind of platform for the student so they can learn while exploring new things while helping each other they are not just a learner they are inquirer. So the student can take ownership and resolve their query by asking questions and not only relying on the bookish knowledge. 

     These four different programs offered by the International Baccalaureate provide a better platform for individual growth and worldwide exposure for the better future of the student so they can see, learn, think and implement at the same time. If any school wants to implement these programs, then it should be authorized by the International Baccalaureate. The benefits of IB to introduce a world-class education system and vast exposure provided to the students so they can develop globally by applying new study methods in different aspects, and it provides the platform to search for their hidden talent. The main aim of IB TOK Help is to encourage children to follow their dreams in different areas it might be photography, singing, learning different languages so that millions of students get benefited from these programs and develop their overall personality. 

    IB TOK Help Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

    Theory of knowledge (TOK) is an essential part of International Baccalaureate (IB) which reflects the nature of knowledge and it is important for every student it’s not an additional subject it’s a learning process. The theory of knowledge provides ample opportunities for the students to showcase their hidden talent apart from the studies and reflect the nature of awareness. It is one of the most important elements of the diploma program (DP). The main motive of the theory of knowledge to provide endless support to the students by answering their questions and understanding their queries, it’s a one-stop-shop for the “knowledge question”.

    The student may have various questions and the theory of knowledge will provide the answer to all questions to clear their doubts. This powerful tool help students to come out of their comfort zone and helping to build a strong relationship between students and teacher. Education is a powerful tool from which we can embrace an individual to grow and excel in every aspect of life and the theory of knowledge is the key element of this powerful tool, it brings an extended curiosity of learning new things. It builds various kinds of things in individual minds like emotions, faith, imagination, reasonable interpretation, etc. 

    Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Concepts

    The theory of knowledge is focused on the claims and questions of knowledge, like when someone claims to know something, we ask how reliable that claim is for clear understanding we divided this into two parts.

    Area of Knowledge (AOK) – Area of knowledge includes Natural Science, Human Science, History, The Arts, and Mathematics. Experts use this particular tool to generate knowledge and they have particular ways of checking and sharing this knowledge based on certain facts and figures.

    Ways of Knowing (WOKs) – Students are also expected to understand the different ways of knowing including Reasons, Language, Sense Perception, Imagination, Memory, and Faith, and work on the personal experience of the individual and how they learn things from their outer environment.

    Area of Knowledge and ways of knowing creates concepts of Theory of knowledge (TOK) and create investigating knowledge questions, like how do we know is scientific methods are reliable.

    Importance of Theory of Knowledge

    The importance of the theory of knowledge (TOK) is that, to make the student understand the perspective, contexts, purpose, and culture to understand clearly and apply their knowledge to make any decision. Theory of knowledge(TOK) gives students the skills to understand some important things about what they learn in other International Baccalaureate (IB) subjects and more generally the world around them when there are so many bogus claims and fake news to contain with.

    In that case, the theory of knowledge plays an important role in student life to use their power of knowledge to question and identify the truth instead of believing the thing as it is and it’s not focusing on what right and wrong it just helping a student to answer their endless questions. Theory of knowledge (TOK) provided the platform of discussion of ideas, justification, and certainty and balanced approaches to knowledge claims and questions.

    Important Pillar of a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Essay 

     Any student how to like to get a diploma certificate in IB TOK Help must pass the theory of knowledge (TOK). International Baccalaureate offered six prescribed titles, and the student must choose one from them, there prescribed titles come into two formats first, A prescribed title that is knowledge question, and the other one is; A prescribed title from which you must extract knowledge question. Here are some important points to write a theory of knowledge essay. The introduction part of the theory of knowledge essay has four components.

    Unpacking the prescribed title Students needs to understand the title because the major concepts are within the title, the student must give the roadmap so that they understand the listed nature of the prescribed title and must be explained in their own words.

    State the WOK & AOK (Ways of Knowledge and Area of Knowing) In this, the student must give their judgment for what they agree and what they don’t agree with the prescribed title.

    Gather the Idea

    The students must organize their idea and must gather relevant information which is required to elaborate the prescribed title and each paragraph must be addressed to the title material and never drift from them always be on track. A student must support their content with a realistic example not the hypothetical one example that should be possible in real life.

    Real-Life Situation (RLS)

    RLS is essential for the theory of knowledge essay, students need to put a real-life situation to explain the title and support their arguments with real-life scenarios. It should justify the claim and counterclaim of the essay.


    Always provide a mini conclusion for the argument which you raised, it should be crisp yet informative you can put all the pros and cons related to the topic and provide proper heading to explain it well.


     Baccalaureate (IB) prescribed 1400 -1600 word limit. Between the limit of above 1200 and below 1600 words, pick an idea from Area of knowledge (AOK) and Ways of Knowing (WOK) to attain the depth of the argument of the title.

    use a real-life example to support your argument, IB TOK Help not prefers hypothetical or commonly use examples used by the student worldwide. So be specific with your choice and read more to get extraordinary ideas to support your claim from your own experiences. 

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