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We are probably the only academy that provides “Dedicated tutoring for IB students” only. If you need any help from Online IB Tutors, We are always here to help you. Get the most skilled, qualified and reliable IB Online Tutors and score a perfect 7 in IB diploma programme.

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    • IB Elite Tutor provides the best ONLINE IB Tutors for INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE (all Groups-HL, SL). IB Online tutoring is comparatively a new mode of delivering tuitions.
    • This is very popular among our tech-savvy young generation. Get the best IB Online Tutors, IB Maths Tutors, IB IA Tutors, Online Maths Tutors, IB TOK Tutors.
    • IB Extended Essay Tutors, and tutors for all IB groups and subjects too.
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    Online IB Tutors

    • There was a time when students used to travel to the teacher’s place or coaching institute. Or the teacher used to travel to students’ homes to teach.
    • This was really a difficult, uncomfortable, and time-consuming task. Even expert tutors were not able to teach at their full strength.
    • Because a lot of their time was wasted on traveling. But nowadays, technology has changed everything and so is education.
    • Most of the students prefer to take Online IB Tuition in the comfortable atmosphere of their home. That too at their comfortable time.
    • For taking online classes, you should have an approach to the following facilities.

    You need a laptop or a desktop computer  or a good tablet to take help from IB Online Tutors

    Laptop, Desktop, or Tablet is the most basic requirement for conducting and taking online tuition. You don’t need any specific configuration for the device. Any ordinary one will work. This is a very basic requirement. Most of the households have them nowadays. So they can easily connect with the tutors and comfortably take online classes.

    A reliable internet connection preferably 3g, 4g, or Wi-Fi for Online IB Tutoring

    A reliable internet connection is necessary for doing Online IB tutoring. Students and teachers both must have a reliable connection. This need to be there so that student and teacher both can hear and understand each other comfortably and properly.  It’s not required that every time you have a wi-fi or broadband connection. Even a 3g/4g connection will work. But it needs to be reliable and should not disconnect during the class.

    A Skype, Hangout, or a Zoom account to Conduct IB Online Tuition

    1. We use Skype, google hangout, or zoom to connect with the students. All these tools are free to use and students/tutors don’t need to pay to use them.
    2. All these are highly efficient platforms that provide a great user experience. Skype and Zoom even provide recording facilities.
    3. Students can record the lectures and use them as revision tools whenever required.
    4. You can use Skype and Hangout from any part of the world but you need to install zoom for a few countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Dubai.

    One simple microphone to hear the tutor’ instructions

    1. We only require above mentioned simple tools to enjoy the great experience of online tutoring.
    2. But we must focus on a good microphone so that we, the tutor & the student can communicate comfortably and understand each other.
    3. With the help of the above-mentioned tools, anyone can do online classes. Doing an online class is like a tutor sitting next to you.
    4. It’s becoming more and more popular nowadays because it provides you access to online ib tutors throughout the globe.
    5. You can do these classes with the tutors living and working in any part of the world with the flexibility of time.
    6. Our Online IB Tutors are well-trained, skilled, qualified, and highly experienced teachers.
    7. The majority of our teachers are already engaged with highly ranked international IB world schools throughout the world.
    8. All our online IB Tutors are well versed with the IB curriculum and they are armed with the latest tools that help to make things easy.

    How do our IB Online Classes help their students?

    Our online IB Tutors facilitate students to improve their academic level and achieve a perfect 7 in their examinations by following ways.

    1. Our online IB tutors provide doubt clearing sessions to students on very short notices during exams.
    2. As professional tutors, we believe that we must be ready to help our students whenever they need us. This provides great support to the students during their exam time.
    3. We provide our students with chapter-wise assignments, notes, and extra questions. Students can solve them and take help from their online tutors on WhatsApp or schedule an online session as per their needs.
    4. Every school recommends to its students a certain book for every subject. But we believe that using one book isn’t sufficient for subjects like Maths, Physics, Economics, etc.
    5. Therefore we provide soft copies of books from various publications like Cambridge, Person, Oxford, Hease & Harris, etc to all our enrolled students.

    Use of Latest Technology

    Finest Online IB Diploma Tuition Classes
    1. We use the latest technology to make students understand difficult concepts. We provide Chapter notes based n chapters in PDF format. These notes help students to revise thoroughly and score well in their exams.
    2. Our tutors use Ppts, videos, images, and many other support tools to build students’ concepts. We also help students by providing them with many interactive animations and videos.
    3. Our online IB tutors ensure quick and comprehensive revision of the whole syllabus long before the start of exams so that students can identify their weak places and remove them.
    4. If you finish your syllabus early you get enough time to revise and to score more. This process helps a lot to excel them in their exams
    5. As you are well aware, if you need Past Year IB papers, you have to buy them from IB and bear the extra cost. But we provide all past year papers to our enrolled students without any charge.
    6. Students get these papers with the marking scheme. You, as a student, can use past papers to revise the syllabus and also to take a taste of exam-like questions.
    7. If you don’t understand the marking scheme for some subjects like Mathematics HL/ SL, Physics HL/SL, Economics HL/SL.
    8. We can provide you with past papers with detailed solutions at a very nominal rate. Or you can fix doubt clearing seasons with our Online IB Tutors too.

    Specialized and Experienced IBDP Online Tutors

    1. Our team of skilled tutors ensures that all of their students get excellent results in their all IB Diploma program subjects.
    2. Firstly, We understand students’ requirements and then we make a dedicated lesson plan for them. This enhances their ability to learn and achieve excellent results.
    3. We develop a teaching strategy that gives better grasping and support to meet the challenges. Other than this, our extensive tutoring and subject efficiency make our tutors more dependable for the IBO curriculum. We offer teachers for the following IB Diploma subjects:
    4. Business Management, Economics, Physics, History, French, Spanish, Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, ITGS, Psychology, Geography, etc.
    5. Our highly experienced teachers also support students’ research projects i.e., IB TOK Exhibition, IB internal assessments and, IB Extended Essays.

    IB Online IA (Internal Assessment) Tuition

    1. Internal assessment is like a mini research paper that helps students to generate skills for exploration.
    2. IA is created on a topic that appeals to them. Other than this, it makes 20% of the total marking of that particular subject. So, you have to prepare it with your best efforts.
    3. Our expert tutors help and make sure you write an up-to-the-mark IA yourself. We guide you such that you get a perfect 7 on your project.
    4. Moreover, we ensure that you fulfill all its requirements as well as to attain the level of IB.

    IB Online TOK (Theory of Knowledge) Tuition

    1. IB releases six titles every year. Students write 1600 words Essay on one of these titles. This is called Tok essay. It is followed by an oral presentation.
    2. Tok supports students apply their knowledge in real-life situations. Also, it is a vital component of the IB assessment process.
    3. It offers a chance for the pupils to understand the nature of knowledge. This is not merely an essay; it supports students to imagine enormously about the mastery of what they know? And how do they know?
    4. So, we assist students to select the Tok title intelligently, clearly explicate all the details, and deliver all the important solutions.
    5. Other than this, in Our Online IB classes, you comfortably debate and take support from the subject matter experts.
    6. Get to understand all the important things that guide you so that you yourself write a perfect TOK essay.

    OB Onine E.E (Extended Essays) Tuition

    • Extended Essay is an unconventional investigation that includes 4000 words.
    • The pupils have occupied along with the personal inspection to advance a disagreement on the matter that interests them.
    • We help or support you to advance a disagreement that has the power to examine, incorporate, and, assess knowledge.
    • Moreover, our one-to-one online IB tuition classes assist in mastering the idea behind Extended Essay.
    • We provide you tips to study, relevant tools, and techniques support in developing a good essay. We guide you so that you can write an excellent EE yourself.

    Testing, Revisions, Past Papers & Video lectures

    salient features of our online ib tuition classes.webp
    1. Regular testing is the key to revising the syllabus and checking progress. Our IB Online Tutors take cumulative assessments. All our Online IB tutors do it on a regular basis and with a fixed schedule.
    2. Firstly, We conduct tests right after completing a chapter, after this, we conduct the unit test at the completion of every unit.
    3. Once we finish half of the syllabus, our tutors take half the syllabus test for it and finally the test that is based on the complete syllabus.
    4. Students are requested to take their Online IB Tuition tests very seriously and they should appear to them with full preparation.
    5. This way they will come to know about the strong and weak points of their preparation. By conducting these assessments, We make sure that our students are ready for their final examinations.
    6. We share the feedbacks of these tests with the parents on a regular basis so that they are always aware of the progress of their wards.
    7. The tutors also request the parents to intervene sometimes when the students are not taking tests seriously or creating any problems.
    8. Our Online IB tutors work with the parents and the students as a team. The sole purpose of all their efforts is to serve the students in the best possible way. And to provide our customers, the parents, actual worth of the money they spend on their son’s / daughter’s tuition.
    9. Our online IB Tuition providers take parents’ support to make sure that all of their students practice a minimum of 10 past year question papers. By doing so, they will have an exact idea about their final examination.
    10. This process will also support them to do better time management while appearing in their actual examinations.

    Tips on How to write your IB exams

    • We tell each and every student tips about writing the exams. Our tutors make sure that all our IB students finish their exam papers in the given time in a planned way.
    • We train them to choose the order of the questions according to their understanding and knowledge. So that they don’t waste their time on questions which they don’t understand fully.
    • First, they finish the part which they know very well. After this, they can move to the other difficult problems. These small-time management tricks play a vital role during exams.
    • We organize special sessions for our students with our expert Online IB tutors to make them comfortable with the use of GDC calculators.
    • Because if you are not comfortable with GDC, you may find it difficult to do well in Maths HL papers two as well in other papers too.
    • We understand this need and help our students accordingly. Students are also trained to take their manual calculations very seriously because the use of calculators isn’t allowed in paper One.
    Some more ways of helping our students
    1. All our Online IB Tutors have strong knowledge of their subject’s syllabus. Most of our IB Tutors are already working in the topmost IB world schools.
    2. So they pass on the latest update about the syllabus and everything to their students. This way students are always updated and they only put their energy & efforts where these are actually required.
    3. We know that regularity of efforts is the key to get success in the exams. So every one of our Online IB Tutors provides homework to their students at the end of their online sessions.
    4. This homework can be in the form of direct questions from students’ textbooks or a mix of questions from various textbooks of the subject. It can also be in the form of a worksheet or assignment prepared by the tutor him/herself. We ask students to solve these homework questions before their next online session and share it with their tutors on Skye or on Whatsapp.
    5. The tutors will check these questions thoroughly and provide feedback about errors in the next Online IB tutoring session. We share the feedback of the students’ homework with the parents too.
    6. Besides this, students can also bring their school homework and seek help from our tutors.
    Help available for 24*7
    • Our tutors believe in 24*7 commitments. They are always ready to help their students. If a student finds difficulty in any concept or any doubt anywhere on the subject, he or she can contact our online ib tutors over the phone or by email.
    • All our tutors are highly trained, experienced, and qualified professionals but the quality of our online ib tutors is far more than the others.
    • The first gauge the level of their students in the first two / three sessions. Then, they analyze the learning pattern of their students.
    • After this, they customize their tutoring according to the need and comfort of the students. They know how to deal with bright students.
    • They can motivate below-average students to input all their strengths and excel in their exams
    • Our IB tutors are affordable effective and flexible. You can fix your permanent time slot for your online session or you can request to fix it one or two days before the class.
    • It can be early in the morning or late at night. You always do it at your comfortable time and also in the safe and comfortable atmosphere of your home.
    • Be ready to say no to traveling and face-to-face tutoring. This way, you can do the maximum utilization of your time.
    • Students can avail the facility of the online IB Tutor’s recorded video lectures to solve their problems in case online ib tutors aren’t available.
    Online Moderation Services
    1. We also provide Online IB tutors for the moderation of your Sample IB IA, TOK, and Sample Extended Essays (EE).
    2. We don’t give written comments on your actual file. You can submit your work to the coordinator who will share it with the concerned tutor.
    3. The tutor will check all your work, Will give his/her comments, and highlight your mistakes. He/ She will also provide you with an expected grade for your work.
    4. This way you can correct your mistakes with the sample work before the actual submission.
    5. Our moderation work is done by experienced IB teachers from top world schools and we are a very professional organization.
    6. So you have no reason to worry. Moderation service can make you understand your mistakes long before the actual submission.
    7. And if you already know about your mistakes, you can correct them and get the best possible score. Also, the charges for this service are also very nominal.

    International Baccalaureate is better known as IB, in short. It was founded in 1968 as a non-profit organization to provide high-quality education to all. Today, thousands of schools are affiliated with IB across the globe, offering school education from grade 1 to grade 12. IB Mainly offers the following programs

    • IB PYP Programme- It mainly targets students from grade 1 to grade 5 who are aged from year 3 to year 12
    • IB MYP Program- It mainly targets students from grade 6 to grade 10 (MYP 1 to MYP 5) who are aged from year 11 to year 16
    • The diploma Program by IB is perhaps the essential program that IB offers. IBDP targets students from grade 11 to grade 12 who are aged year 16 to year 19


    • We have a team of highly qualified and skilled IB Online Tutors.
    • They are working in top IB schools around the globe as teachers, IB examiners, moderators, and team leaders.
    • They are highly qualified and skilled and feel pride in helping their students.
    • Online IB Tutoring is a trendy thing amongst tech-savvy young IB students.
    • You can easily take help from an Online IB Tutor at a time convenient to you & that too in the comfortable atmosphere of your home.
    • They work with us on a part-time basis after school hours so that they can help IB students around the globe.
    • Our Tutors provide one-on-one Online IB Tuition classes via Zoom, Google Meet, or Team. It is a very convenient teaching method.
    • It looks like a tutor sitting next to you and teaching you. We have a vast team of Online IB Tutors for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Economics, BM, English, and almost all other major IB subjects.

    • There may be several reasons for requiring the Online IB Tutors. You may not understand what your school teacher is teaching.
    • You might have missed some classes, but now you need help catching up. You don't like the methodology your teacher uses in school.
    • Or you might not be that interested in Mathematics and need extra guidance. For all these reasons, you may need Online IB Tutors.
    • Now comes the tricky part. How to find the right Online IB Tutors?
    • There are several academies and service providers in Delhi, NCR. They all claim they can provide the right Online IB Tutors and fulfill your requirement.
    • But the truth is that anyone can go and register as a tutor there and start getting leads from these directories just by paying a few bucks.
    • Any parent or student can try themselves and register as a tutor. So we advise you to ensure that you only hire an academy that specializes in IB.
    • Once you call these IB academies and ask for Online IB Tutors, then, first of all, you ask them if they send you the profile of the teacher who is going to teach.
    • The teacher must have some prior IB school experience. Only an IB school teacher can understand the IB curriculum, syllabus, & evaluation pattern.
    • So they are in the best position to help you. We at IB Elite Tutor work only with IB school teachers with more than 10 years of experience.
    • We first share the teachers' profiles and then provide a free 30-minute demo class so that you can get the best Online IB Tutors.

    Our IB Online Tutors can help you excel in any IB subject. Here are a few notable features of our service-

    1. Modern teaching methodologies are based on advanced pedagogy. 
    2. All classes are fully customized as per students' needs.
    3. Proper testing, evaluation, and timely feedback 
    4. Mock tests, past paper solving, short notes, etc.
    5. 24*7 support via email / WhatsApp and recorded lectures during the examination


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