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We are probably the only academy that provides “Dedicated tutoring for IB students” only. If you need any help from Online IB Tutors, We are always here to help you. Get the most skilled, qualified and reliable IB Online Tutors and score a perfect 7 in IB diploma programme.

Online IB Tutors for Almost All IB DP Subjects

It seems IB Online Tutoring is a new concept amongst students. This can be true for students studying in CBSE or some state boards. But, this is only partially true for IB students. We have been offering IB Home Tuition classes since 2010 & Online IB Tuition since 2016, mainly to the students of the IB Diploma Program for almost all IB DP HL-SL subjects. But there was a massive bump in the demand for Online IB Tutoring during the Covid period. Schools were closed, transportation was either closed or risky, so online classes were the only option. Every student had a taste of online classes at that time & similar to the teachers. Even some less tech-friendly teachers had to start IB Online Tutoring. The majority of them were doing this for the first time.

Therefore, the outcome was devasting. The teachers had no prior online teaching experience and were doing it very reluctantly, so neither could they engage the students during the classes nor produce good results. So, the students & parents doing it for the first time were frustrated. This failure created a myth that Online IB Tuition classes are ineffective. Though there is an increase in the demand for Online IB tutors, It is challenging to convince a new person to start classes online.  It’s just a myth & has nothing to do with reality. Let’s have a look at the accurate picture. 

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Reasons to Opt. for our Online IB Tutors instead of Face-to-Face Classes

Let’s first discuss the prospects of a successful tutoring association. The teacher and student must start the tutoring journey with a positive attitude to get a perfect 45. There must be a sense of ownership & partnership in both of them. The teachers must be familiar with the syllabus, curriculum, examination, and evaluation pattern. They must produce a certain level of motivation among their students. A teacher must ignite that fire among the students. And for sure, This can’t be done forcefully. Gone are the days when teachers could impose their will upon the students & make them complete academic tasks.

Now, A tutor must understand a student’s weak points, challenges, and the reasons for their lack of interest in a subject. They should handle students’ doubts, build their concepts, and make the subject interesting. The entire process will help to motivate the students, align their interest in the subject and ultimately make them study hard to get good marks. Let’s examine why our Online IB Tutors are more effective than face-to-face classes.

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Here comes the point when our Online Teachers are more effective

hanane mikou
hanane mikou
We were very pleased to use IB Elite Tutor for our daughter. The start of the IB journey was very though however, with the help of IB Elite Tutor, she finished it with a high score in all subjects. We really recommend IB Elite Tutor. The tutors are very professional, competent and available anytime she needed them either for a lesson or just for an urgent question. The management is great, very reactive and always ready to offer help. Thanks again for this journey that finished for our daughter beyond our expectations.
Anshika Singh
Anshika Singh
All the teachers at IB Elite Tutor are very supportive and encouraging. They really helped me a lot in preparing for M22 exams. All the classes were scheduled on time and teachers provided several resources such as notes, worksheets etc. I am very happy with my experience working with them.
Daniel Decosta
Daniel Decosta
I myself is an Economics teacher and I recommended IB Elite Tutor to one of my student who was looking for regular IB Maths HL tutoring and also for his BM IA. He got a free demo for Maths and a paid demo for BM IA and then continued for a few months. My student shared a tremendous feedback about the service. Both the teachers were senior ex IB examiners and well versed with with IB guidelines. Classes were well planned, informative and eggaging and customer support was almost proactive to help.
MD Azam siddique
MD Azam siddique
We like the Way You Teaching
Aadeesh Kansal
Aadeesh Kansal
This is just amazing , all my doubts are cleared
Faisal Ahamad
Faisal Ahamad
My son is studying IB Diploma and he is taking online tuition from ib elite tutor for Mathematics and Physics.His result as well as his interest in these subjects has significantly improved and most of it's credit goes to these people
Saurav Peswani
Saurav Peswani
Great experience!!
Ishan Misra
Ishan Misra
Best and the most helpful portal
8D Audio
8D Audio
Doubts gets cleared away!

We have a team of highly experienced Online IB Tutors. All of them are working in reputed IB schools. Usually, They end their day at school, sometimes around 330-400 pm. They reach home around 400-430 pm, take rest, get refreshed, and are ready to restart their work around 5-530 pm. This schedule indicates they don’t have time to travel again and reach student places to take face-to-face Tuition. Additionally, a long queue of students is waiting for good teachers to take IB Online Tuition classes. The point is that NO IB school teachers will indulge in a face-to-face class nowadays.
Max to max, you can get a non-school teacher pretending to be an IB teacher to take home tuition. These teachers are good but need a proper idea about the IB DP curriculum, examination & evaluation pattern. They have no access to the latest past papers or resources. They must be aware of IB internal assessments, theory of knowledge essays, exhibitions, & extended essays. Despite their academic knowledge & good intentions, they will not be able to help you. Clearly, Online IB Tutors have no substitute in the current scenario & every student must give them a try, at least for some time.

How do we conduct Online IB Tutoring & What are its benefits Technology

Finest Online IB Diploma Tuition Classes

We conduct personalized one on one Online IB Tuition classes quickly and conveniently.

It is like a tutor sitting next to you and giving instructions. First, our coordinator shortlists the right IB Online Tutors for you and shares their detailed linkedin profile.

Once you confirm that profile, the coordinator will help you to conduct a free 30 mins trial class.

If you like the trial and book a minimum of 5 hrs tutoring package, then we give you the teachers’ direct number & your actual tutoring starts.

Here is a list of pre-class preparations-:

  • If you are willing to discuss any assignment, school homework, or doubts, share them with your IB Online Tutor via email or whatsapp.
  • Keep your books, pens, GDC calculator, & data booklets ready before you start your session.
  • Please buy a Wacom writing pad so the teacher can ask you to write on a shared screen whenever required.
  • Check your internet connection and adequately charge your desktop/laptop before the class.

You should make sure you sit in a quiet place and put your phone on silent & make yourself free from all distractions before you enter into your IB Online Tuition class.

How is our Online IB Tutoring Beneficial Experienced
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One Point Stop for all your needs: You can get IB Online Tutors for all HL-SL subjects like IB Maths AA & AI, Physics, Biology, Economics, Psychology, Chemistry, and English—Spanish, etc.

  • IA, EE & TOK Classes: Most of our tutors are IB examiners. They are experienced & qualified enough to provide you with support for IA, EE, & TOK. But we don’t write to you. We only help you so that you can do it yourself.
  • Convenient- You can take one-on-one online Tuition in the comfortable atmosphere of your home at a mutually convenient time. You can do it early in the morning or late at night.
  • Flexible: Online classes open a door of flexibility for you. You can do it anytime and anywhere, even during your holidays.
  •  Technology Mix Teaching- We use all available technologies to provide the best tutoring experience. Power-point presentations to make classes interactive. Recorded lectures to help clear your doubts—online simulations for creating graphs & diagrams.
  • Testing- Regular testing is the key to revising the syllabus and checking progress. Our IB Online Tutors take cumulative assessments. Firstly, We conduct Chapter Test then unit test, half syllabu and full length tests.

Our online IB Tuition providers take parents’ support to make sure that all of their students practice a minimum of 10 past year question papers.

Some FAQ Related to IB Online Tutoring
What is IB & what do they teach in IB?

International Baccalaureate is better known as IB, in short. It was founded in 1968 as a non-profit organization to provide high-quality education to all. Today, thousands of schools are affiliated with IB across the globe, offering school education from grade 1 to grade 12. IB Mainly offers the following programs

What are IB Online Tutors & How do they teach?

We have a team of highly qualified and skilled IB Online Tutors.
They are working in top IB schools around the globe as teachers, IB examiners, moderators, and team leaders.
They are highly qualified and skilled and feel pride in helping their students.
Online IB Tutoring is a trendy thing amongst tech-savvy young IB students.
You can easily take help from an Online IB Tutor at a time convenient to you & that too in the comfortable atmosphere of your home.
They work with us on a part-time basis after school hours so that they can help IB students around the globe.
Our Tutors provide one-on-one Online IB Tuition classes via Zoom, Google Meet, or Team. It is a very convenient teaching method.
It looks like a tutor sitting next to you and teaching you. We have a vast team of Online IB Tutors for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Economics, BM, English, and almost all other major IB subjects.

How are IB Online Tutors beneficial?

Our IB Online Tutors can help you excel in any IB subject. Here are a few notable features of our service-
Modern teaching methodologies are based on advanced pedagogy. 
All classes are fully customized as per students’ needs.
Proper testing, evaluation, and timely feedback 
Mock tests, past paper solving, short notes, etc.
24*7 support via email / WhatsApp and recorded lectures during the examination

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