Maths Science Resources

Maths Science Resources

Maths Science Resources is the requirement of the day. I have created this page to help and support my students with the latest videos, pdf, sample papers notes etc.
I will keep this page updated, you can bookmark this and post your views and requirement in the comment section.

Sample Papers & worksheets on Functions

Sample papers & worksheets on Differentiation

Sample papers & worksheets on Functions

Sample papers & worksheets on Maxima & Minima (22-09-15)

Sample papers & worksheets on Log

Sample papers & worksheets on Limits

Worksheets on Limits (22-09-15)

1. This video may help you with your maths science projects and models

In IB Mathematics Paper formula booklet plays a very important role. IB Maths syllabus was changed in the year 2014 so students must have an updated copy of formula booklet.

I have posted a copy here = math HL formula booklet  

If you use your brain properly, every small thing around you can be used as a Maths/Science tool.
With this video (below) and see the power of (BRAIN+MATHS) combination


Here I am sharing a formula booklet that has almost 1500 maths formulas-


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