About us

IB Elite Tutor is a part of Ib Elite Tutor Pvt. Ltd. It works with its motive to “Develop a passion for learning”. It is a premier tutoring institute that has been founded in 2011 to help and support students of International Baccalaureate, IB Middle Year Programme, IB Diploma Programme (all Groups-HL, SL), Cambridge International Examinations. A&AS Level, O-level, IGCSE/GCSE, SAT (all subjects) in this competitive time with customised private one- on- one HOME Tuition and ONLINE Tuition exam focused preparation.

<img src="ib tutors.png" alt="ib tutors">Our IB home tutors and Online Ib tutors have a different approach towards their work and a few distinctive properties in themselves.

1. Knowledge – They  know what to deliver

2. Attitudes and Behaviour – They are  aware of how to act in context and why

3. Dispositions –They are  open to change according to the given circumstances

4. Procedural Skills-They know  how to deliver their knowledge to their pupils

5. Cognitive Skills- They practice critical thinking and critical analysis

6. Experiential Skills –They know how to react and adapt on the basis of previous knowledge and understanding

Most of them are highly experienced teachers from reputed world schools all over the globe. They all have the in-depth subject knowledge and innovative academic delivery skills.

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