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Get best IB tutors-IB Elite Tutors

We a part of Ib Elite Tutor Pvt. Ltd [Estd.2010]. It works with its motive to “Develop a passion for learning”. It is a premier tutoring institute that has been founded in 2011 to provide ib tutors (ib home tutors and online ib tutors) to the students of International Baccalaureate, IB Middle Year Programme, IB Diploma Programme (all Groups-HL, SL), Cambridge International Examinations. A&AS Level, O-level, IGCSE/GCSE, SAT/ACT (all subjects) in this competitive time with customised private one- on- one HOME Tuition and ONLINE Tuition exam focused preparation.

Today’s education scenario is not only challenging but also challenging very rapidly. So our ib tutors offer their services to help students maximising their potential and “Develop a passion for learning”.

Our IB tutors,both IB home tutors and  Online Ib tutors

have a different approach towards their work and a few distinctive properties in themselves. A few key points about them

1. Knowledge – Our ib tutors know what to deliver. And they teach exactly what is required in the curriculum.

2. Attitudes and Behaviour They are aware of how to act in context and why. They fell pride in motivating their students. and they keep on motivating their students to get the desired results

3. Dispositions–They are open to change according to the given circumstances. Therefore they can increase or decrease the difficulty level of their content. And they change their teaching pace by looking at the understanding of their students on a particular topic

4. Procedural Skills-They knows how to deliver their knowledge to their pupils. And they are aware of the modern pedagogy and teaching skills. Therefore they increase the effectiveness of their teaching by adding technology to it.

5. Cognitive Skills- They practice critical thinking and critical analysis. And they do their best to develop cognitive skills of their students

6. Experiential Skills –They know how to react and adapt on the basis of previous knowledge and understanding. and how to modify their methodology on the basis of previous understandings.

Salient Features of Our IB Tutors-

Experienced Tutors- Most of our IB tutors are 15-20 years experienced, well qualified and well-trained teachers from reputed IB world schools all over the globe. They all have the in-depth knowledge of their subjects.and innovative academic delivery skills with some very superior abilities to handle the demanding IB Education system.

IB Home Tutors- IB Elite Tutor is probably the only academy offering IB Home Tutors in almost all major cities of the country like Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Banglore, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. All our IB Home Tutors are experienced, well trained and highly qualified teachers. And the majority of them working in some great IB World Schools of the country.

IB Online Tutors- Online learning is one of the trending things nowadays. It’s very popular amongst the tech-savvy young generation. Everyone who has an approach to the internet with a laptop/desktop or a good tablet can avail the facility of online tuitions. This saves your travel time. and it gives you the freedom to learn from the most experienced tutors through-out the globe.

IB I.A, TOK, and E.E Tutors- We provide best tutors who help students to write, improve and polish their I.A. TOK and E.E. Every year, we form a WhatsApp group of our teachers and students where they can discuss and share ideas about their I.A, TOK, and E.E. And this opens their mind and help them to secure best grades.

Some more helps our IB tutors offer to the students-

Regular and Rigorous testing- We ensure good grades of our students through excellent academic delivery, accompanied by regular and rigorous testing. So we follow a four-level testing system. At first, we take chapter-end test at the end of one chapter.  Followed by a unit-test usually conducted after completing three chapters. After this, we ask our students to sit for half syllabus test and full syllabus Mock test.

Use of Technology- Our IB Tutors use Ppts, videos, gif images, pdf to make their students difficult concepts understand in an easy and unforgettable way. And our tutors are also available on Whatsapp to solve student’s doubts during the exams. We make full use of technology like email and instant messaging to get in touch with the parents so that they are always well aware of their daughter/son’s academic progress.

Notes, Past Papers and other Exam Material- We provide printed notes in pdf format for all subjects and chapters to help students secure good grades. And we also provide our students with past paper along with their mark-scheme.

Success Stories- Our ib tutors have helped and supported more than 600 students so far. And these students belong to all subjects and groups (from group 1 to group 6). We did this through both modes (face to face and online tuitions). Majority of them secured a grade 7 or improved a lot from their previous positions. Every third student at IB Elite Tutor scored a 7 on the subject tutored.

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