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The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an educational organisation which works on non-profit principles, driven by its mission to create inquiring, knowledgeable and understanding young people who help in the creation of a better and calmer world through intercultural exchange and mutual respect. The organisation has built a very good reputation for high quality and great standards in the arena of international education.They are working with a motto of creating world/international citizens.
Ib board, as well as their students, are working with a mindset that’s different from another educational system. Therefore ib tutors teaching ib students or doing its tuitions or ib online tuitions should have a different approach and a few distinctive properties in themselves.

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1. Knowledge -he should know what to deliver

2. Attitudes and Behaviour -he/she should be aware of how to act in context and why

3. Dispositions –he/she should be open to change according to given circumstances

4. Procedural Skills-he/she should be knowing how to deliver his knowledge to his pupils

5. Cognitive Skills- he/she should practice critical thinking and critical analysis

6. Experiential Skills –he/she should know how to react and adapt on the basis of previous knowledge and understanding

Our tutors at IB ELITE TUTOR have all above-mentioned mentioned qualities.Most of them are highly experienced teachers from reputed world schools from all over the globe. They all have the in-depth subject knowledge and innovative academic delivery skills.

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Samuel S.

Tutors working at IB Elite Tutor are trusted and reliable. All of them are trained and well aware wit IB Examination system. They patiently work to improve student's knowledge and grades

Rishabh K.

Tutors here are not only great in their tutoring work but they are great mentors too. Here you can fix a schedule that is most comfortable to you. Comprehensive testing helped me a lot to score me 7 in my IB diploma programme.

James Boyle

"I would recommend IB Elite Tutor because all tutors here are qualified, experienced, and really devoted to their work and the website has a really ressponsive communication system."

Sansa Clark

"Incredibly helpful! tutors at IB Elite Tutors Know their stuff and they want to make sure that students leave the lesson with an understanding of all the concepts."

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