How to get a 7 in IB German

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Tips & Tricks to get a 7 in IB German

  • Here are some suggestions by our IB German Tutors.
  • If you have opted for German as your second choice & you want to get a 7 in the IB German exam, then you should keep these suggestions in mind by our IB German Tutors.
  • IBDP German language course is divided into four main parts of the language.
  • Reading writing is speaking and listening. Here you will learn German vocabulary with grammatical rules of the German language.
  • This course is offered at two levels. The first level is the standard level, and the other is a higher one. You will opt for anyone of them.
  • Core topics of the German language are similar for SL and HL both. If you are opting for SL, there are two other topics which your teacher will suggest.
  • There are two topics at the HL level. For assessment, you will have a few oral activities. The external assessment contains 80% weightage, while the weightage of the internal assessment is 20%.

Enhance your vocabulary Through communication to get a 7 in IB German

You cannot communicate in a language if you lack words. You should have an excellent vocabulary to use in your speaking and writing. Build a good speech. You can learn new words with the help of newspapers and magazines. Make notes about new comments. Listen to German audio clips and make a list of new words. You can get new words in the dictionary. We also suggest you take help from the internet or you can simply hire IB Home Tutors for you. There are many websites which are helping free of cost. There are many apps available online that help learns German.

Learn the rules of German Grammar to get a 7 in IB exam

  • It is compulsory to take a second language on the IB board. Many students opt for German as their second language.
  • To get good results in IB German, you need to understand all the grammatical rules taught in the German language.
  • If you know a lot of words about the German language but do not know the grammatical rules of German, it will be difficult for you to write an essay or an article in the German language.
  • So, it would help if you enhanced your grammar. Learn all the grammatical rules and apply them in your writing. Reading is also beneficial to know the rules of grammar.
  • There are many books available which can teach you about the German language.
  • Make a timetable and practice regularly to learn German. You can hire a tutor yourself who can help you to understand grammar.
  • There are many comics which are exciting and very beneficial for you.

Read plenty of German literature

German literature helps you to understand the culture of German. It is also suggested to read good literature on the German language. Read about the authors and their writing styles. This literature will help you to write essays and articles for your exams. There are many exercises which are related to language. There will be unseen passages to check your understanding. So, practice well to get a 7 in the German language. You should have good communication skills in the language that you are learning. Your internal assessment is done to check your confidence and communication skills in the language. If you watch German language videos, you will have good pronunciation.

Dedicate yourself towards learning German language

  • Learning needs dedication. So, be dedicated towards learning German language.
  • German is a language which is spoken in many countries. There are various job opportunities waiting for you if you have good command on this language.
  • So, we suggest you to make a time table and follow that time table on regular basis. You can take help from previous years’ question papers.
  • Solve previous years question papers and check your progress. Identify your weaknesses and work on them.
  • There are various helpful apps and websites. You only need to be dedicated. It is not right to focus on main subjects like maths, science and ignoring other subjects.
  • Getting a7 is the dream of every student. But it can be a reality only when you give equal importance to all the subjects and all the exams whether they are internal or external

Read books& watch  TV in German for entertainment

  1. Students sometimes find it boring when they read Coursebooks.
  2. They find it difficult to understand because some topics are very complicated.
  3. Four learning German, interest in the subject is significant.
  4. We suggest you read books that are fun and very interesting for you.
  5. When you have an interest in reading, you will learn quickly.
  6. Most of the words in books related to entertainment are easy and used in daily conversation.
  7. So, such literature will enhance your communication skills and create interest in the language.
Create a group for People to speak and listen German language
  • For improving communication skills, you need people with whom you can talk.
  • Make a group of your friends and start talking in the German language.
  • You can create tasks like role plays. When you play the role of different personalities, you will understand new words about those jobs and characters.
  • Talking with each other will improve your confidence as well. You can also have a conversation with your tutor.
  • Don’t hesitate to speak with errors. Your IB German Tutors can correct you later.
A few final words

If you are listening to a language through audio and videos, you are indirectly learning that language. Listen to the news music and watch videos which are in German. It will enhance your vocabulary and your pronunciation as well. We hope that the suggestions mentioned above for our students will benefit them. IB Elite Tutor has a team of expert IB Tutors for English, German, French, Arabic, Spanish & Hindi, readily available to help you. Book a free demo class NOW! 

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