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IB Spanish Tutors. IB Elite Tutor is a premium place to get IB Spanish Tuition for Language Ab Initio SL, Language Spanish for both HL and SL with the help of IB Spanish Tutors from top IB schools around the globe. You can book a FREE DEMO class with our expert tutors and score a 7 in IB Spanish. Also, Our expert IB Spanish IO Tutors are readily available to help students with their individual & orals.

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    We are offering help for following IB language subjects help-:

    Courses in IB SpanishDescription
    Ab Initio SpanishAnyone can opt for this, and it requires 150 hrs of teaching time. It only has SL.
    Language B spanish HLStudents who have prior Spanish knowledge can choose it. HL needs 240 hrs of teaching time.
    Language B spanish SLStudents who have prior Spanish knowledge can choose, and SL needs 150 hrs teaching time.
    Spanish IO for HL and SLIO is an internally assessed component. It has 25% of the total marks. It has three parts, Presentation, follow up discussion and general conversation.
    IB DP Spanish Courses Overview

    IB Spanish Tutors for Ab Initio, HL & SL

    IB Spanish Tutors

    Spanish is the most widely used language in many parts of the world. So, IB Spanish is one of the most popular IB Language courses. A student can choose Spanish in the following ways-:

    IB Spanish Ab Initio- Ab Initio is a Latin word. That means beginning. This is mainly for the students who have no prior knowledge of the Spanish language. IB only offers Spanish SL for Ab Initio. It needs 150 hrs of total teaching hours.

    How do our IB Spanish Tutor help with Five themes of the Course

    IB Spanish Tuition

    Hiring IB Spanish Tutors is one crucial decision. Because if you don’t select the right tutor for your Tutoring, that will spell a lot of waste of money and time. As well as the so-called emotional setback of the student. While learning a language, you need to learn the language, but you also have to understand the culture. So, an excellent Spanish tutor should have bookish knowledge of the language and be familiar with the Spanish culture.

    IBO has built IB Spanish Ab initio, and other Spanish hl-sl courses around five themes. 

    Individual & Cultral Identities: Our IB Spanish Tutor helps students to understand how cultures, experiences &

    beliefs impact their identities and the identities of others. This theme is about understanding individual and other’s identities and exploring what it is to be human.

    Experiences: We mainly discuss social, cultural & personal experiences in this theme.

    We discuss how different life events and emotions help to shape our identity and to build our society. 

    Human Ingenuity: In this theme, we mainly talk about individual’s achievements & their contributions to society. We discuss in our IB Spanish Tuition classes “how an individual can change the entire society by their creative work, innovation, and unique ideas.”

    Social Organization: Students discuss and study about various societies & their structures. What are their rules and relationships? How roles are assigned to individuals, and how people interact with these societies.

    Sharing the planet: Our IB Spanish Tutors help you to understand some common concerns in this theme, like environmental and climate issues, social justice, etc.

    We also discuss how to handle these challenges collectively. Let us discuss about IB Spanish Individual Oral (IO)

    Individual and Oral (IO)

    IB Spanish IO (Individual & Oral ) is integral to the IB DP Spanish B course. It has a 25 % weightage. We have a team of highly qualified IB Spanish IO Tutors readily available to help. Let’s have a look at how we can assist you:-
    IB Spanish IO starts with an interactive presentation followed by a discussion.

    IB Spanish IO starts with an interactive presentation followed by a discussion. 

    Interactive Oral Presentation- There are the following components in IB Spanish IO Presentations.

    1. Introduction: It is good to start your presentation by greeting the examiner in Spanish. It would help if you described your IO topic and its cultural aspects clearly. 
    2. Description of Cultural Aspect: Describe the background of the cultural aspects of your presentations. Use examples to show how it can be related to the Spanish-speaking people.
    3. Personal Connection: Explain how this aspect has influenced your understanding. Tell about your personal connection. 
    4. Comparison and Contrast: Describe cultural aspects and find the similarities and differences between your culture and Spanish-speaking people’s culture.
    5. Visual Aides: You must use videos, images, and graphs to make your presentation more relatable. Also, describe the connection of these images and videos with your presentation.
    6. Conclusion: Describe key points again in the end & give your final statement.


    Now comes the discussion part. Your IB Spanish Examiner will share a question with you, and you will share your ideas on it. Start by giving a direct answer to this question. After that, explain in detail with examples that include personal engagement. You must use this discussion to demonstrate your Spanish language capabilities. Examiners may ask some follow-up questions; you must listen & answer very carefully. This discussion must conclude naturally and positively, and students must refrain from any arguments. Our IB Spanish Tutors do a lot of mock presentations and discussions with their students to make them comfortable. 

    Benefits of our IB Online Spanish Tutor

    Here are some key benefits you get with IB Elite Tutor’s Spanish classes.

    • Customized one-to-one IB Spanish Tutoring online 
    •   Personalized attention
    •   Assessment- Mock Tests, unit tests, chapter-end tests
    •  Technology-Aided Teaching- Interactive videos, recorded classes, PDFs, PPTs, and infographics help
    •  Punctuality in delivery of classes, on-time syllabus completion
    •  Comprehensive revision schedule
    •  Past paper-solving, assignments, and worksheets
    •  24*7 Support on email / whatsapp

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