IB Physics Tutors in Delhi

IB Physics Tutors in Delhi. IB Elite Tutor has been offering IB tutoring in Delhi, NCR, since 2010. We are helping students by providing them with the right IB Physics Tutoring classes in Delhi for HL & SL. Get the most reliable and trusted tutors selected from the top IB schools of Delhi, NCR. Also, Book classes with our IB Physics IA Tutors and craft an excellent IA.

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    Get the best IB Physics Tutors in and around Delhi selected from top schools and ensure a 7 in your IA. We offer

    • Online IB Physics HL Tutors in Delhi
    • IB Online Physics SL Tutors in Delhi
    • Online IB Physics IA Tutoring Classes in Delhi
    • Physics Home Tutors for both HL & SL

    IB Physics Tutors in Delhi

    We are helping IB students for their Physics and Science at various levels like PYP, MYP, IB DP, AP and IGCSE. Here are a few opportunities available with us-

    IB Physics Tutors in Delhi

    Students can develop a passion for learning with the help of IB tuitions in Delhi. We also help students to get the best grades in their IB examinations. 

    Levels in IB Physics Two levels HL and SL
    Number of papers Each level has two Physics Papers, Paper 1 and 2 from May 2021 exams
    Weight of paper 1 It is 30% for both SL and HL 
    Weight of paper 2 It is 50% for both SL and HL 
    Physics IA It has 20% weight for both HL & SL
    Books that we use for IB Physics  Haese & Haris, Cambridge Publication, Pearson Publications, and Oxford Publications Book
    Curriculum we follow By International Baccalaureate

    These are the following ways that you can easily get a perfect 7 in your IB exams:

    Personalized One-on-one IB Online Physics Tutors in Delhi

    IB Elite Tutor gives the best online IB Tutors in Delhi. We use advanced technology in our online classes to nurture IB students of IB tuitions in Delhi. On the other hand, we also provide home tutors that teach you at your own pace. Also, we provide flexibility with the help of Online IB tuitions in Delhi. So, you can fix your schedule as per your convenience, early in the morning or late at night. 

    IB tuitions in Delhi are very well-experienced and skilled home tutors. So, we can understand the student’s abilities and motivate them. Face-to-face interaction or live classes help you to resolve your doubts instantly. Apart from this, our IB tutors in Delhi have built a strong foundation of students’ knowledge. We aim that their student’s aims never be lost.

    Get doubts removal Sessions by IB Physics Tuition in Delhi

    We provide chapter-end assignments or worksheets after finishing the chapter. Moreover, we also give IB notes and an IB questions booklet. It helps for practice daily and strengthens your weak points. So, whenever you are stuck to solving questions from the booklet. Ask for help without any hesitation. And also, our IB tutors in Delhi give doubts removal sessions. It helps to enhance your knowledge and increase your understanding skills. And you find a way to accomplish your goals.

    Here are some key features of our IB Online Physics Tutoring in Delhi

    1. We only work with IB school teachers who understands IBO curriculum and 
    2. Technology Added Teaching by IB Physics Tutors in Delhi
    3. Chapter-wise, Notes, worksheets, Books, and IB Past Papers
    4. Quick Completion of syllabus, revision, and Testing
    5. Regularity in Homework & Timely feedback
    6. IB TOK, Extended Essay, and Internal Assessment Services
    7. 24*7 Support via email or whatsapp during exam time

    Tutoring with the help of technology

    In today’s era, technology plays a very crucial role. And there is no foundation to learn new things. Also, you can easily access all the necessary materials for your studies. You know that IB itself encourages technology-based learning. 

    So, if you want to learn with interactive classes, join IB tutors in Delhi. We use videos, attractive images, PowerPoint presentations, and many other tools to make sessions fascinating. We focus only on the things that students get complete their Syllabus on time with proper understanding. Also, our tutors used concept-mapping techniques. And provide revision notes, recorded videos, links to IB resources, etc. All these things aid you to improve your grey areas. Do, you can quickly grasp complex concepts. 

    We also provide solved last year’s papers. It helps to familiarise you with the pattern of the IB curriculum. Also, we help you to understand the marking scheme of IB. So, you can easily comprehend the whole criteria of the IB exam. Get the benefits from our IB tuitions in Delhi and get what you deserve.

    List of a few IB Schools in Delhi, NCR-

    • Pathways World School Aravali
    • The Shri Ram School
    • Pathways School Noida
    • Lancers International School
    • Scottish High International School
    • Excelsior American School
    • Amity Global School