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IB Biology IA Tuition. IB Elite Tutor offers the best IB IA Tutors worldwide and IB home tutors in all big cities of India. We are probably the only academy that offers “Dedicated Tutoring for IB students Only”.

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    IB Biology IA Tuition

    IB Biology IA Tuition IA Criteria

    IB Elite Tutor offers help to IB students so that they can write their ia/tok themselves and get a perfect grade. IB Biology IA is an individual investigation that comprises 20% of the overall marking of your subject. Also, it is a very important or crucial part of the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization). So, make it clear that a criterion is stringent and contains 5 points grading your whole IA. Hence, for getting a perfect 24/24, your IA must imply these points:


    So, let’s briefly understand the importance of those points.

    Personal Engagement: 

    It consists of 2 marks of your IA, i.e., 8% of overall marking. So, it depends on how much you engaged with your IA? For instance, show your interest, communicate it with your real-life, show independent thinking, etc. Furthermore, try to demonstrate it with your interest and curiosity. Apart from this, our Biology IA tutors also help find the best IA research question so that you can easily relate it with a real-life example.


    It consists of 6 marks of your IA, i.e., 25% of overall marking. So, make it clear in your mind that the methodology and concepts you use in it should be of the diploma program level. The research question also ensures all aspects of Biology IA, which means all data is precisely or accurately stated. Furthermore, all your hypothesis or hypothetical term you used must be scientifically proven. 

     Apart from this, make a list of all available resources and materials you used. So, it is easy for the examiner to understand the pattern of your IA. Also, Our IB Biology IA tutors assist you in your investigation or in-depth exploration throughout your research.


    It also consists of 6 marks, i.e., 25% of overall marking. The study’s criterion is to report evidence of your data relevant to the research question. Also, the information students gather is interpreted correctly. Besides, it also supports the conclusion. Furthermore, you can make a data table so that examiner skillfully examines the whole procedure. Our Biology experts also analyze your data. So, you can quickly correct your mistakes or errors.


    It also consists of 6 marks of your IA, i.e., 25% of overall marking. So, evaluation tells that the context of your research question is appropriately defined. And also, the conclusion part is justified correctly. All the comparisons, variations, and experiments are up to the mark. Evaluation makes your data error-free. So, our Biology IA tuition helps in maintaining it. 


    It consists of 4 marks of your IA, i.e., 17% of overall marking. It helps in making a practical approach with your invigilator. Apart from this, it structured your IA in a well-defined manner through graphs, tables, citations, and all relevant data. Also, the terminology and conventions you used it helpful in making your communication better. Lastly, the diagrams, images, and references also make it best. So, these are all 5 points you have to follow to make your Biology IA affluent. For this, our IA tuition helps in providing as much as you need.

    The advantages of IB Biology IA Tuition

    The main motive to take IA tuition is to maintain the level of the diploma program. So, our tutors help in retaining the class as well as speed up your research process.

    The advantages of our tutoring:

    • Help in investigating your topic
    • A helping hand in your experimental setup
    • Support in finding your idea that related to the real-life example
    • The advice you in making your Biology IA error-free
    • Always provide the solution to all queries related to your IA.
    • Our Biology experts assist you in making your IA perfect.
    • Help in designing your IA according to diploma level

    Try to pick out any idea by yourself

    Always choose a way or an idea by yourself, but before this, seek guidance to make it best. Our initiative is that you make it your own but coerce it perfectly. The recommendation is the best thing that you want from anyone because it helps in achieving your goal. So, an IA looks like a project that is a well-defined form of your investigation. Furthermore, it includes all the aspects that are essential for getting perfect 24/24. The idea behind your IA, the research question, in-depth exploration, complete evaluation, complete analysis and, clear communication makes it perfect. Also, our assistance then makes it substantial. 

    These are some marks gaining IB Biology IA Tuition topic:
    • How can we prevent the vegetable from decaying?
    • What is the effect of temperature on transpiration rates?
    • Investigate the spreading of disease with weather
    • What are the factors that affect the ripening of fruit?
    • Finding the effectiveness of different types of toothpaste
    • What are the factors that are responsible for milk spoilage?
    • How do the antibiotics helpful in the germination of plants?
    • Investigate the factors that affect the ventilation rate
    • What are the abiotic elements that influence biodiversity?
    • How different species of plants react with other stimuli?

    Steps for writing a perfect IA

    • The first step you have to write the aim of your topic or your research question.
    • The second step writes the hypothesis. While writing the thesis, keep in mind that proper justification is compulsory.
    • The third step writes things that are dependent or independent variables.
    • The fourth step is the method. Write descriptive and well-defined methodology of your research question.
    • Fifth step experimental setup. Briefly explain your experiment, and what are the outcomes?
    • The sixth group set up a data table of your IB IA experiment. It should be precise or accurate.
    • The seventh step scientifically proves all uncertainties or errors.
    • In the eighth step, write all the comparisons and relationships to the point.
    • Ninth step now writes the sum up of your entire project, i.e., the conclusion part.
    • The tenth step and the last step of your IA fill it with citations or bibliography.

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