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IGCSE Tutors in Kochi. IB Elite Tutor provides Online IGCSE Tuition classes for all important IGCSE subjects. Our team of experienced IGCSE experts from top international schools are always there to help you. 

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A dynamic, confident and caring team of IGCSE Tutors  in Kochi

It is a time of Technology and innovation. The education sector is not untouched by these changes. Every day some innovations can be seen in the field of education and teaching. Our dynamic tutors are always ready to adapt to all these changes with a confident approach. Students do not feel that they are only following traditional learning. This dynamic approach to teaching makes our students confident. Our tutors are very caring. They make sure that students have a clear understanding of the concept. If students face any problem in understanding, our dynamic tutors change their teaching methods because they know that every student has a different way of understanding.

 Notable Features of our IGCSE Tuition in Kochi

  1. Our team of experts is readily available to help and support their students. We believe in giving our best to guide the students. Below are some notable features of our service.
  2. Some students do not perform well in their classroom, and their teachers do not give proper attention to them. They believe that no improvement can be seen in such students.
  3. They do not attempt to improve their performance. But IGCSE Tutors in Kochi know that all students can perform better if proper attention is given to them.
  4. Our dynamic tutors are always ready to bring improvement in their performance. They make strategies and work on those strategies very strictly.
  5. They provide remedial classes which teach the base knowledge about the concept. Students face problems because they lack basic knowledge about the concepts.

Vigorous efforts, Teaching with real life examples

 The result of a student is always referred by the institution end by the tutor with whom they take guidance. Because teachers are the person who is the greatest source for making the overall personality of a child. Our tutors understand this very well. And they Foster their talent in their young ones. Our tutors make continuous efforts to teach their students vigorously. They explain every topic with real-life examples and check their students’ understanding with the help of various tests. Students’ personality is overall enhanced, and they feel confident in their personality and improvement in their performance.

Structured & Planned teaching process 

  •  IGCSE tutors in Kochi make a customized plan for all the students individually. They start with a demo class, and after that, they check their student’s level of understanding and previous knowledge.
  • Starting a new topic without connecting it with previous knowledge is not right. So our talented tutors make a strategy for their classes.
  • They start with their student’s learning needs and give them a better understanding with the help of examples related to the subject.
  • After completing each topic, our tutors take revision tests on the entire subject to check students’ level of capturing the topic.
  • These revision tests may be oral, written or in the form of Google forms which can give a better understanding of the topic.
  • Our tutors share their student’s performance with the parents at the end of every month so that parents can also check their progress.

Focus on the overall development of our students

  •  Different subjects have different teaching methodologies, and students require different teaching methods for all subjects.
  • Mathematics and Science are both very important, and students want to understand these subjects with the help of some easy examples.
  • Complicated teaching methods make these more complicated, and students face difficulty understanding.
  • IGCSE tutors in Kochi explain these subjects with the help of real-life examples so that students can understand the topic easily.
  • These efforts of IGCSE tutors bring overall development in their academic performance. Languages need a different methodology to teach reading, writing, speaking and listening to the text.
  • Subjects like history and geography are also related to real-life examples and should be taught with real-life examples.

 Connection with students for their overall performance 

  •  Students of class 10th start to have a feeling about their responsibilities to perform better in exams.
  • They have many types of pressures like the pressure of peer groups and also the pressure of parents to bring a good result.
  • All these things and responsibilities make them emotionally weak, and they want to have a teacher who can understand them and guide them in a better way to prepare for the exam.
  • IGCSE tutors always make a strong connection with their students. They ask about their problems and clear their doubts very patiently.
  • Students feel confident in their tutor’s company and perform enthusiastically under their guidance. This brings improvement in their overall performance.
  • All the students and parents of IGCSE tutors in Kochi feel satisfaction with the our tutors and always give positive reviews for the teaching of our talented tutors.
Free demo classes for getting an idea about our classes 

 We do not take any fee for our trial classes because we do not want that parents pay without any idea about our teaching methodologies. Our 30 minutes demo class is completely free for all the subjects. You can easily send a message through WhatsApp or call to arrange a demo class for your child. We suggest that parents should be there with their children at the time of the demo class.

 Flexible timing and Convenient Classes 

 We have a very flexible time slot for the students, and you can choose the timing of your own choice. This flexible timing makes the classes very convenient for Students. We provide our classes through Google meet, zoom and Skype. You can choose the platform of your own choice.

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