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IB Tutor in Istanbul.IB Elite Tutor is the only academy that delivers “Dedicated Tutoring for IB Students only.” We have been offering IB Online Tutors, IB IA Tutors, IB Tok Tutors, and IB EE tutors since 2010. We cover all five IB groups-:

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    IB Tutor in Istanbul One-On-One Online

    We cover almost all IB subjects and have been providing skilled, qualified, experienced, and trained IB tutors in Turkey since 2010. Our IB Tutors in Turkey help students “Develop A Passion for Learning” and excel in their exams.

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    Get the best IB Tutor in Istanbul from the finest tutors across Delhi. All you need to do is register and book an online session. You can also take a demo and then connect with the required tutor. Your satisfaction is paramount, so students or parents meet the subject matter expert they want. Our IB Tutor in Istanbul will improve your grades and enhance your skills. Uplift your study with the help of our top-notch IB tutor in Istanbul. Also, pave the way for yourself that elevates your level of understanding. IB Tutors in Istanbul help you cope with difficulties during your studies. Moreover, assist in all your assignments, projects, homework worksheets, and research work.

    IB Tuition in Istanbul that fits your needs

    We approach the quality of education that increases and enhances the student’s capabilities. IB Tutors in Istanbul help connect students to the right teachers who teach effectively and also take homework help or red, which takes your time and effort. Our dedicated tutors boost your confidence. We provide home tutoring for IB MYP, IB PYP, and IBDP subjects. We also offer highly experienced tutors for IB IA (Internal assessments), IB EE (Extended essays), and IB TOK (Theory of knowledge).

    IB Elite Tutor continually supports and encourage students so that they believe in themselves and do their work confidently. These are the critical points of our tutoring that make you a perfect scorer:

    • Conduct assessments and test series
    • Get personalized attention
    • Reduces student’s and parents’ effort
    • Convenient and reliable tutoring
    • Friendly relationships with the students
    • Subject matter expert according to your need
    • Enhanced the child’s learning ability
    • Don’t waste time traveling to meet the IB expert at your door
    • Freedom to ask questions anywhere and anytime
    • Focus on the areas where the student is struggling with or facing difficulty
    • Customized curriculum 

    IB TOK, IB IA, and IB EE Experts

    Students didn’t know when and where they made mistakes in assigning their TOKs, IAs, and EEs perfectly.

    IB Tok Tutors

    In TOK (Theory of knowledge), students must work on the nature of knowledge, whether what they know is justifiable or not. Many students are stuck on what the best research question is. What should I do to make my arguments clear and concise? So, our IB TOK experts help make their essays and presentations worthwhile. We also always help analyze and investigate the research question to improve it. We ensure that everything is clear and concise so examiners can understand the concept easily.

    IB IA Tutors

    There are many difficulties that students face when writing an IA (internal assessment). Our IA experts help strengthen your IA so that you get a perfect 7. Moreover, we enhance your investigational skills and provide full support in IA moderation. Our IA experts are very skilled and proficient in their work.

    EE (Extended essays) requires a great effort to make a 4000-word paper. All the critical points must be addressed in this word count. You must insert the necessary elements within this word count according to your topic. It is challenging for the students to do it, and they make mistakes, but our tutors help assign it correctly.

    We fulfill all the requirements of IB students

    IB delivers high-quality education through a comprehensive plan. They construct a rigorous and challenging curriculum so that students obtain a unique IB learner profile. Hence, it will help them choose good career opportunities and develop investigational skills. The dedicated and committed teachers support you to meet quality assurance. Moreover, its stimulating framework aids students in making practical connections. Its curriculum encourages you to develop a strong relationship between your studies and the real world.

    Regular and Rigorous Testing

    • Apart from this, its rigorous testing increases the students’ competency level. The IB diploma program (DP) is built to take a deep understanding of each subject.
    • The career-related program (CP) is to construct the professional development of students. The IB connects you with the issues of the natural world and engages you in resolving them.
    • Therefore, a balanced education system enhances learning capabilities and develops critical thinking.
    • We know its importance and credibility and, as a result, offer the best quality education that fulfills the IB requirement. We know what the essential things for getting a perfect 7 are.
    • Our subject matter experts are from top-notch IB schools, so they know they need and demand IB. We enhance the ways of learning that the IB provides.
    • If you value your education, then you want guidance that paves the way in the right direction. We follow the IB framework, which helps us understand its education criteria clearly.
    • The student develops international-mindedness through IB, and we strengthen its approaches. We offer a result-oriented tutoring service.
    • Apart from this, our dedicated mentors connect the students with the examiners through customized tutoring. We ensure that students excel in their subjects and improve their weak areas of learning.
     Qualitative IB Tutoring in Istanbul
    • We create a friendly environment where students feel free to ask questions. We also create strategies that help us understand the child’s potential, improve students’ performance, and develop study skills.
    • Get the home tuition for IB Economics, IB Mathematics, IB Chemistry, IB Biology, IB History, IB Physics, IB Geography, IB BM, IB CS, IB Psychology, etc.
    • We also provide tutors for both SL and HL levels. Apart from this, take our IB experts for advice on your assignments, essays, presentations, and worksheets.
    • Our quality of education improves your learning ability. On top of that, the student-teacher ratio is the main advantage of home tuition.
    • So that student gets the full attention of their teacher. Studying at home is the best way to learn in a distraction-free environment.
    Salient Features of our Service at a glance
    • Regularity and punctuality in the service.
    • All classes are conducted on pre-scheduled days and time
    • Syllabus completion long before the actual exam starts
    • Comprehensive and quick revision of the whole syllabus
    • Chapter End Tests, half syllabus tests & full syllabus test
    • Parent engagement and timely feedback about students’ progress
    • Mock tests & past year paper solving
    • 24*7 help through WhatsApp and email during exams