How to Get a 7 in IB English HL and SL

Welcome to the IB Elite Tutor ! Your doorway to Obtain a 7 in IB English Language and Literature. This guide will describe the basic information you must know to succeed in this rigorous course.

How to get a 7 in IB English?

If you want to take the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Literature in English course, you probably want to improve your college application. So, you might be trying to get a seven, the best score you can get in the course. To give yourself the best chance of reaching this goal, you need to work hard to prepare, be a careful and interested reader, and be able to give both written and spoken critical literary analyses. You’ll probably need luck to get to seven, but this guide has some good tips.

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You must Know the Marking Criteria to get a 7 in IB English

How can one get a seven on IB English paper 1? Provide a convincing argument to support your thesis: You must thoroughly understand the criteria and conditions for your opinion to be remarkable. Our IB English Tutor will help you comprehend this in our IB English Tuition.

  • How to get a score of seven on IB English paper 2?

Identify the category of your prompt: the whole of your IB English essay will rely on the category offered. For example, Gothic Fiction, Magic Realism, and Dystopian incorporate fantasy, romance, suspense, and crime elements. Thus, comprehend the genre of your prompt and write accordingly.

Make Good Study Habits Your Priority

  • Read with intention. 

There is no way around that IB Diploma English requires much reading. But just reading the material is unlikely sufficient to get that score.

  • You must make explicit comparisons and contrasts to earn a 7 in IB English HL and SL.

Being able to easily compare and contrast is a vital skill. In addition, before you begin writing your answer, you must agree to use the IB criteria. Thus, here are the factors you must remember Understanding and interpretation, Appreciation, Organization and development, and Language.

  • I am keeping to the plan.

Know what the goals of the course are. The goal of Language and Literature classes in the International Baccalaureate program, both in English and other languages, is to teach students how to analyze texts, communicate orally and in writing, and recognize contexts, themes, forms, styles, and aesthetics.

  • Stay in order.

If you can’t find your notes when you need them, it doesn’t matter how good they are. You will likely have more notes than in high school, so staying organized is important.

  • Correctly format your essay’s structure.

Find the objective of your writing first. Second, you must comprehend the question’s underlying context. Finally, assess the author’s tone of speech. Moreover, recognize or appreciate the writing style. Thus, do not hurry and frame your opinion engagingly.

  • Put your focus on improving your writing talents.

Before beginning to write, you should spend some time planning your essay. Then, divide off the introduction, the body, and the conclusion of your writing. Hence, students must focus on developing their writing skills.

Create ideas and put them in order; read the question: If you want to increase your chances of getting a seven, you should correctly recognize the fast. In this part, you must know how to use command words like talk about, evaluate, analyze, and examine. Also, please pay close attention to the prompt’s key, which tells us exactly what to write in the essay. So, ensure you do it in a way no one else has.

  • Ensure that you have covered all of the material for the course.

Lower-level (SL) and higher-level (HL) options are available for IB courses. Unless otherwise specified, the information presented here is relevant to both the SL and HL levels. The course’s main goals and structure haven’t changed, but HL students must spend more time on the material and be graded more harshly.

  • Consider the topics, characters, and tactics in a text.

On paper 2, the prompts will ask you to identify certain emotions or concepts. Hence, if you get the pattern, it is simple to write successfully.

  • Document all similarities and discrepancies.

Concentrate on what you must do to excel in the IBO English test. In addition, IB English Paper 2 focuses on literature, including reading novels, short stories, theatre, and poetry. So, it’s important to include everything that helps compare and contrast the argument.

  • Avoid procrastination.

IB students have a reputation for putting off important work until the last minute, such as turning in 25 percent of homework the night before it’s due.

Problems That May Arise While Studying English for the IB

  • Saturated With Information

During the program, an IB English student must study between four to six literary and non-literary works. However, keeping up with the IB English curriculum is a lot of work, so students sometimes feel overwhelmed, understandably.

  • Problems with managing time in the first two papers.

Students often have trouble finishing all the analyses and essays they need to write for Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the IB External Assessments because they haven’t prepared enough or aren’t good at managing their time. Students who cannot effectively manage their time will struggle to do well on the IB exams, regardless of how well they know the material covered in the course.

Final Few Tips

Paper 2 is highly reliant on your familiarity with the available material. Therefore, it’s best to jump on it by reading beforehand. The sooner you grasp the material, the more time you will have to evaluate it before the test. If you do this now, you won’t have any studying to complete before the test, saving you time and energy. Reading ahead might help you determine whether the book you choose isn’t a good fit for you or if you just don’t like it. Because of the head start, you may change your choices if necessary.

How to Relax Before a Test

A more generic, but no less crucial, piece of advice! To get started, convince yourself that tests are not as significant as the school teaches you to believe they are. They will not determine our fate and have far less of an effect on your prospects of getting into college than you would imagine. Realizing this may alleviate a great deal of pressure, which, ironically, may lead to even higher performance on your part since you won’t feel as much pressure to outperform your prior best.


The English Language and Literature curriculum of the IB Diploma Program is rigorous, and we at IB Elite Tutor is aware of this. IB English is hard for several reasons, including how much and how widely students must learn and how many essays they must write. Because of this, We provide access to Top IB English Tutors who can assist in lightening your load in preparation for the IB English Language and Literature exam. You can count on our IB English Tuition to help you learn the critical reading and analytical skills you need to do well in IB English, answer your questions, and clear up any confusion. Use IB Elite Tutor to get the ball rolling on your IB English studies.  

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