IGCSE Chemistry Tutors

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    IGCSE Chemistry Tutors

    1. IB Elite Tutor enables every learner to demonstrate knowledge and gain an understanding of IGCSE Chemistry.
    2. Also, make them capable to acquire grades from A* to C. The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) includes first language, second language, mathematics, and one subject from sciences.
    3. So, candidates need not worry about the subject and qualification that received from the IGCSE.
    IGCSE Chemistry Tutors

    How to learn IGCSE Chemistry with our IGCSE Chemistry Online Tutors

    If you thinking about how to get an A* in IGCSE Chemistry? then implement these tips during studies:

    • Go through to IGCSE Chemistry study guide thoroughly.
    • Understand the marking scheme and then manage your time accordingly.
    • First, practice all questions from the Chemistry textbook for IGCSE then do additional ones.
    • According to the exam format practice lots of MCQs, short questions, structured questions, and theory questions.
    • Do active recalling and past papers as much as you can. Then look upon your mistakes and correct them.
    • Make mind-maps and flashcards for chemical equations and reactions.
    • Do your homework in time and listen to your teachers carefully.
    • Summarise each topic with the help of note-making.
    • For name reactions make flow charts and concept mapping.
    • Pay attention to application and reasoning-based questions.
    • Learn and observe from daily life experiences.
    • Don’t forget to learn all the contradictions.
    • And get a stronghold on your practical as well as theoretical studies.

     Our IGCSE Chemistry Tuition helps you to get a good understanding of these topics to get mastery in IGCSE Chemistry:

    1. How to distinguish the properties of liquids, solids, and gas?
    2. and How to describe the structure of liquids, solids, and gas?
    3. How to show the random motion of the particles in a suspension?
    4. What is the importance of purity in day-to-day life?
    5. How to identify substances and assess their purity?
    6. What are the suitable purification techniques?
    7. How to define proton number, nucleon number, and isotopes?
    8. How are ions and ionic bonds formed?
    9. What are the differences between ionic and covalent compounds?
    10. How to deduce the formula of a simple compound?

    A few more things to take care off

    1. How to define relative atomic mass and relative molecular mass?
    2. What is the principle behind a positive electrode (cathode) and a negative electrode (anode)?
    3. Why are aluminum and copper used in cables?
    4. What are exothermic and endothermic reactions?
    5. How to identify physical and chemical changes?
    6. What are oxidation and reduction?
    7. How to classify acidic and basic oxides?
    8. How to prepare, separate, and purify salts?
    9. What are a periodic table and its trends?
    10. What are the properties of metals and how do they react?
    11. How do we extract and use metals?
    12. Why fertilizers are used?
    13. How do you name the compounds and draw their structure?
    14. What is the concept of homologous series?
    15. How are alkanes, alkenes, alkynes different from each other?
    16. What are the properties of alcohols and carboxylic acids?
    17. What are the synthetic and natural polymers?

    How to write the IGCSE Chemistry exam?

    IGCSE Chemistry exam consists of 2 core and 2 extended papers. And there is a choice between practical paper 5 or paper 6. So, make sure to give your best and get full marks in AO1, AO2, and AO3.

    Here are some tips that are helpful for your IGCSE Chemistry examination:

    • Properly understand the examination guidelines.
    • Take time to understand each component of the IGCSE exam paper.
    • For practical papers make clear graphs and interpret data accurately.
    • While answering questions using keywords appropriately.
    • Plot a graph and draw a curve or line appropriately.
    • Underline all the keywords in the question before answering it.
    • Don’t put irrelevant points in the answer to make it lengthy. Examiner is not interested to give you extra marks for that. For example, if the question is 3 markers then give three points only, don’t give 4. You only waste your time.
    • Make clear and concise structures using correct symbols. Then elaborate it according to the question.
    • Use effectively all the signs, symbols, terminology, and nomenclature in your answer.
    • Present your data in the form of tables, pie charts, graphs, histograms, and bar charts.

    How to maximize your benefit with IGCSE Chemistry tutoring?

    Tutoring is really helpful to get you to know about the latest syllabus, study guides, and tips for IGCSE Chemistry. And also there are numerous ways to study chemistry effectively. But on the other hand, tutoring provides you with the best way to engage with your studies. And keep your efforts worthful.

    Privileges you get from the IGCSE Chemistry tutoring:

    1. Get personalized guidance for Organic, Inorganic, and Physical Chemistry.
    2. Online learning help to understand the complex covalent bonds and reactions.
    3. Fulfill the education needs and get the career guidance as well.
    4. Teach every topic with the help of videos according to the student’s grasping ability. For instance, bonding, molecular structure, and many more concepts.
    5. Well-experienced tutors that are subject matter experts.
    6. Interactive and student-friendly classes.
    7. Get knowledge and support from passionate IGCSE Chemistry tutors.
    8. Submit your assignments, homework, and practicals in time.
    9. Understand the chemical world and gain confidence.
    10. Invoke students’ interest with the help of fun activities.

    How is our service different from others?

    A good mentor always provides the best way to achieve your targets. And no matter what your learning hurdles he/she always encourages you. So, why you should opt for IGCSE Chemistry tutors from IB Elite Tutor? The answer is:

    • Our IGCSE Chemistry tutors endow the unique teaching methodology.
    • Our tutors endow techniques that require getting an ‘A’ in IGCSE Chemistry.
    • IBET’s professional IGCSE Chemistry tutors provide result-oriented tutoring.
    • Our tutors teach in an interesting way that you do not feel bored.
    • Our tutors are well-equipped with the IGCSE curriculum.
    • IGCSE tutors help you whenever or wherever you are stuck while studying.
    • Our tutors provide hacks and problem-solving techniques.
    • Our IGCSE Chemistry tutors motivate, guide, and strengthen your subject comprehension.
    • We help students to explore and investigate topics to get deeper knowledge.
    • Virtual tools and techniques are really helpful to teach every individual easily.

    Some Closure Lines

    IB Elite Tutor is a digital learning platform that enables every learner to engage with the IGCSE Chemistry curriculum. Also, its customized lesson plans and on-time delivery make them remarkable. So, can we get to know your learning needs?

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