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    Our IB IO Tutor offers help for the following subjects:-

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    How do Our IB IO Tutor Help You To Plan For Your IO?

    Individual Oral Commentary (IOC) is a very challenging task. And it is essential for both students. It doesn’t matter if you are from language and literature or literature only. Moreover, both SL and HL students have to craft their presentations to attain high scores in them easily. So, let’s understand how to plan for your Individual Oral (IO) without delay.

    First and foremost, you have to select the text from a literary work and a non-literary work. And also:

    • It is best to choose a text that you have already studied. This will help you quickly identify and evaluate the key symbols, significant themes, and literary devices.
    • Get a thorough understanding of the text.
    • The text or work must be linked with the global issue.
    • The text must help in exploring the global issue.
    • If you choose an extract from a literary work, you must explain all aspects of the work in your oral presentation.
    • If you choose an extract from a non-literary text, then discuss the text from the author’s perspective.
    • Selecting the text means you have to provide the global issue presented by the author using the following text.
    • You must explain the style, distinct techniques, and specific devices so that your examiner quickly understands the author’s perspective on that global issue.

    In conclusion, you must choose a text or extract on which you can easily give an oral presentation. It would also help if you could relate the overall purpose and meaning of the text to the global issue. Now, let’s move on to the next step with our IB IO Tutor.

    How Do You Choose the Global Issue?

    It is the backbone of your whole IO. So, you must choose a solid global issue that incorporates the following material:

    1. A significance on a broader/larger scale.
    2. It should be translational.
    3. It has an impact that is felt in everyday local contexts.

    Apart from the above, you can choose the global issue that contains one of the following themes, or you can also choose from your theme with our IB IO Tutor:

    • Identity, community, and culture

    In this theme, you must focus on class, ethnicity, religion, family, gender, nationality, race, etc. It also presents how these factors influence individuals and societies. Moreover, while presenting, don’t forget to pay attention to colonialism, issues concerning migration, and nationalism.

    • Values, education, and beliefs

    In this theme, you have to focus on how various values and beliefs nurtured in society shape communities, educational systems, and individuals. Moreover, you must also pay attention to the stress that arises when disagreements exist between values, beliefs, and ethics.

    • Power, politics, and justice

    In this theme, you must focus on the detailed aspects of the workings and frameworks and the responsibilities and rights of institutions and governments. Moreover, it would help if you investigated the hierarchies of power, the holds of justice and the law, the dispersal of resources and wealth, inequality and equality, tranquility, human rights, and disagreements.

    • Creativity, imagination, and art

    In this theme, you must focus on the detailed aspects of creation, beauty, inspiration, and craftwork. Concentrating on perceptions’ challenges and how we shape those perceptions through art would help. Finally, it would help if you explored art’s value, effects, and functions in society.

    • Technology, environment, and science

    In this theme, you must focus on the detailed aspects of all the relationships between nature and human beings and the implications of media and technology for society. It would help if you also explored the ideas of scientific development for progress. In summary, the global issue must be relevant to our current society. If you address the worldwide problems of our society, you can easily connect with yourself. Remember, it must be relatable to as many people as possible across various cultures and ethnicities. Now, move on to the next step.

    How do Our IB IO Tutor Help You To Choose the Good Extract?

    The extract is a 40-line excerpt from a literary and non-literary work. Here are a few points that you have to remember while choosing your extract:

    1. It should be continuous.
    2. It must support your chosen global issue.
    3. It must contain 2-3 features that easily represent the global issue.
    4. Demonstrate complete knowledge of your extract.
    5. Have enough evidence to support your global issue.
    6. It must be intertextual.
    7. It must have the same authorship.
    8. Choose an extract that has a variety of structures and literary techniques.
    9. Please choose the number of lines that you can quickly analyze.
    10. Make it brief if you adequately present them.

    Lastly, present your IO confidently. To do this, Our IB IO Tutor help you to develop analytical skills that allow you to quickly analyze visual, structural, and literary techniques.

    How Do You Manage Your Time?

    The last and most crucial part of your IO is delivering your oral presentation. As you know, you only have 10 minutes to do so. So, in these 10 minutes, you only have to focus on the relation, reflection, and connection of the excerpts from the global issue.

    You have to divide your 10 minutes in the following way:

    • In the first minute, you must deeply explain your global issue and why you chose it.
    • In the next 4 minutes, you must briefly introduce your chosen literary work and use various techniques to connect your global issue with your scholarly work.
    • In the next 4 minutes, you must briefly introduce your chosen non-literary body of work and use various techniques to connect your global issue with your non-literary work.
    • In the last 1 minute, you have to provide a comparison and contrast between the similarities and dissimilarities of your literary and non-literary work.

    In conclusion, distribute your time to present your global issue easily.

    Wrap Up

     Our IB IO Tutor provide all the key points that help craft your IB IO presentation. If you have any questions, talk to us. We are always here to help.