IGCSE Tutors in Gurgaon

IGCSE tutors in Gurgaon are providing the best learning environment to their students. IB Elite Tutor has been offering IGCSE Online Tuition in Gurgaon for all main IGCSE subjects. We create an environment where students feel confident and energetic.

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IGCSE Tutors in Gurgaon 

IGCSE tutors in Gurgaon work hard to make their students proud and perform exceptionally during the exam. Here, we are mentioning salient features of our IGCSE Tutors in Gurgaon. Several tutors are very good at academics but do not understand the demand of their learners. Every child is different, and they have different learning needs. IGCSE tutors identify the need of their students and provide the best possible teaching methodology for that child. When students get the idea of their questions in a very positive and supportive environment, they start to have an interest in their subject.

Customised IGCSE Tuition Classes in Gurgaon for every individual

  • IGCSE Tutors in Gurgaon prepare customised learning classes because they know the demand of every child. They clear all the doubts of their students according to their needs.
  • They quickly check the students and understand where the child needs help. They start work with their students with a focused attitude without putting any pressure on the child.
  • Some students are very intelligent and can quickly catch whatever is taught. On the other hand, some students take time and face problems.
  • We plan our teaching plans according to the need of our students. All students are equal to us, and there is no discrimination due to their learning ability.
  • Students start to perform outstanding because they get the full attention of their tutors, and they clear all their doubts without hesitation.

Flexible timing and Convenient Classes 

  1. Most parents are working now a day, and they have no fixed time for their job.
  2. The biggest problem for the parents is that they remain absent while their child attends online classes.
  3. They want to be with their child but can’t because of their profession.
  4. IGCSE tutors in Gurgaon understand this very well and follow a flexible timetable for their students.
  5. We know that online classes for a child in grades 9th and 10th are not possible without the company of a parent.
  6. You can fix the timing with your tutor according to your own choice.
  7. There is no pressure to attend the class with the tutor’s choice.
  8. Our tutors are very convenient, and they can change their timing according to the need of the student.

Our IGCSE Tutoring in Gurgaon provide result-oriented classes 

The aim of IGCSE tutors in Gurgaon is to bring ultimate change in our students’ personalities and make them perform outstandingly. Our efforts are always for the benefit of our students. We provide face-to-face classes and make our students revise all the topics regularly. Students have full freedom to ask questions and clear all their doubts. The environment of our classes creates interest in our students, and they start to perform differently. This brings a change in their result. Most of our students got A’ grades in last year’s exam, and we hope the same for the upcoming years. How our subject Experts deal with different subjects 

IGCSE Maths Tutors in Gurgaon 

  • Interactive classes with doubt classes after completing each topic
  • Our IGCSE Maths Tutors offers demo class that is completely free of cost
  • Lively classes with a face-to-face conversations with the student
  • Class test after completing each topic and Re explanation if the student’s performance is not up to the mark.
  • Parents and teachers meet once a month to discuss the performance of their child
  • Creating interest of learners with many innovative activities related to the subject
  • Explanation of the exam pattern with the help of the previous year’s question paper
  • Extra classes before the exam with full guidance
  • Customised learning classes according to the need of an individual child

 IGCSE Science Classes

  •  Explanation of all the concepts with real-life examples
  • Free demo class
  • Start the topic after checking the student’s previous knowledge because many concepts are already known. IGCSE science tutors in Gurgaon only make them recall and connect the topic with their previous knowledge.
  • Interactive classes without any boredom
  • Preparation of the notes with the explanation of all the concepts deeply.
  • Help students to prepare for their experiments and viva exam of science.
  • Complete guidance about the exam pattern and explanation of the question paper with the help of past years’ question papers & Exam-oriented classes
  • Specified classes with expert tutors in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Extremely talented tutors who have years of experience

IBusiness Studies Tutors for IGCSE in Gurgaon 

  •  Explanation of all the difficult terms used in the subject
  • Highly educated IGCSE Business Studies Tutors who are teaching in well-known schools of IGCSE
  • Provide information about business and its related topics
  • Assignment after completing the chapter and class test to check students’ understanding
  • Notes for revising the entire syllabus at the end of the year so that students can revise with the help of notes.
  • Helpful tutors with very interactive classes 
  • Create interest in learners to study.
  • Special guidance during the exam
  • Final doubt class before one day of the exam
 IGCSE English tutors in Gurgaon 
  • Lively classes with a good environment of English speaking
  • Qualified and expert IGCSE English Tutors. 
  • Digital support to make the topics interesting for the learners
  • Deep knowledge of all the grammatical topics and writing skills
  • Deep information about all the literary devices and key terms used in the language
  • Detailed information about writing and answering, like character sketches or describing the incidents.
  • Exam specified classes
  • Feedback to parents at the end of the month
  • Activities for improving listening, speaking, writing and reading skills.
  • Information about how to write impressively without any error or grammatical mistakes
  • We make our students understand their IGCSE Examination syllabus and prepare them accordingly.
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