How to Get Good Marks in IGCSE Sociology?

Good Marks in IGCSE Sociology !! This must be our primary target. But as we all know, it is not that easy. All you need is hardwork, puntuality & proper guidance. IB Elite Tutor is a decade old academy that has been providing IGCSE Online Tuition classes for all subjects to give you the best guidance. 

Suggestions to get good marks in IGCSE Sociology?

  • IGCSE Sociology is the most important and valuable field of study.
  • And to get good marks in IGCSE Sociology, you must acquire lifelong skills.
  • So, it will help you to understand each topic easily. When you start learning, you must acquire a sociological perspective.
  • Keep endeavor to indulge yourself in the social world and human behavior.
  • Connect yourself with society and start learning how to deal with different points of view.
  • Also participate in social issues related to education, politics, religion, etc. Great sociologists like George Simmel, Karl Marx, Charles Cooley, and others get inspiration. Here are some suggestions by our IGCSE Sociology Tutors so help you get good marks in IGCSE Sociology. 

Go through your syllabus to get good marks in IGCSE Sociology

You can’t go further without knowing your syllabus. Do an in-depth analysis of your syllabus and familiarize yourself with the IGCSE Sociology coursework:

  • Social inequality
  • Family
  • Methods & Theory
  • Education
  • Deviance, social control, and crime
  • Socialization, identity, and culture
  • Media

Think outside the box and start interacting with the above topics. Do thorough learning and see with both qualitative and quantitative lenses. And also enhance the creative and innovative skills that help you to understand your coursework. As a result, you attain a good score in your IGCSE Sociology examination.

Understand the exam format so that you can get good marks in IGCSE Sociology

To score well, you must familiarize yourself with the exam criteria. So, take a look at the IGCSE Sociology assessment overview:

  • Paper 1 consists of one optional structured question and one mandatory data response question. It carries 80 marks and has a time limit of 2 hours. So, you have to concentrate on units 1, 2, & 3 to grasp 80/80 in paper 1.
  • Paper 2 consists of 2 optional structured questions. It carries 70 marks and has a time limit of 1 hour & 45 minutes. So, you must focus on units 4, 5, 6, & 7 to acquire 70/70 in paper 2.

Don’t delay. Pay attention to the marking scheme, examiner’s reports, and specimen papers to identify the exam pattern.

Explore societal norms

Inspect different cultures, different ways of thinking, and different societies, and discover your potential. And keep an eye on:

  • How do sociologists review society?
  • How do we consider ourselves to be humans?
  • What are the various types of families?
  • How do several sociologists transcribe society?
  • What is social stratification?
  • The relationship between society and the individual.
  • Family roles
  • The changes that affect the family.
  • What types of data and information are sociologists using?
  • What is the role of education?
  • The factors that describe the differences in educational achievement.
  • The patterns or structure of crime.
  • Who and how controls the media?
  • How does media influence?

Make Short Notes, Practice past years’ papers & Take additional help

  • We know exams are stressful, but you don’t have to panic. Just collect the last 10 years’ papers and practice daily.
  • Keep calm and stay motivated. Solve past year papers and understand various types of questions.
  • Make notes according to the weightage of the question carries. You have to learn or write information according to the marking scheme.
  • So, make detailed notes, but before that, go through the marking scheme. And mark topics that have high weightage, then start making notes.
  • Use colored pens to mark important points. Highlight headings. Write according to the command terms. It will benefit you to tackle different types of questions.
  • Don’t hesitate to take help from your peers and teachers. IGCSE Sociology tutors are also there for you if you need any assistance.
  • Moreover, take help from online resources to download solved past years’ papers, play quizzes, learn concepts, and many more things.

How do we comprehend sociological theories?

Sociology contains 4 significant theories, and you must concentrate on them. Make a schedule and start learning them.

  • Structural functionalism: It guides you on why and how society works. And what is the role of social organizations, government institutions, religious organizations, etc.? You have to be aware of racial discrimination that occurs against ethnic minorities. And many more…
  • Conflict theory: It tells you about inequality and why it exists. And how did women win the right to vote?
  • Feminism: It shows you the perspectives of the men regarded women. How do we incorporate new concepts to grow feminism? What is the gender role?
  • Symbolic interactionism: You have to learn how humans differ from animals. Human behavior and their thinking.

What is the assessment objective, and how did you fulfill them?

  1. Knowledge and understanding: Make sure you can demonstrate accurate knowledge and understanding of Sociology. On the other hand, you grasp theoretical and practical considerations and then apply them. And don’t forget to learn sociological terminologies.
  2. Interpretation of evidence: Get aware of all main methods of sociological inquiry. Try to interpret data and evidence. And keep seeking knowledge of various sources and types of evidence.
  3. Evaluation & analysis: Understand the limitations and strengths of all sociological studies. Keep recognizing sociological biases, opinions, facts, and values. Make conclusions that are based on available evidence. At last, showcase arguments in a well definite manner.
The things you need to know while writing an answer
  • Duration of paper
  • Compulsory questions
  • Source material
  • The question carries marks
  • Sections that they contain
  • Give an overview of your answer in the introduction part.
  • The introduction should have vital sociological terms, trends, and background theory.
  • Just show all the factors that support your argument to your examiner.
  • Write in paragraphs and bullets (essential points).
  • Follow the PEAEL framework: the point of view, explanation, application, evaluation, and links.
  • Focus on what, how, and why.
  • Illustrate all the genuine reasons.
  • Explain the significance of any issue or argument adequately.
  • Create linking and use connectors.
  • Lastly, give a purposeful conclusion.
At the end

IB Elite Tutor gives it’s best to teach you every aspect of the IGCSE Sociology coursework. And also, how do you get good marks in it? So, start learning. We also have a team of IGCSE Tutors for Geography, Maths Economics, Biology, Accounts, English, Spanish, etc to support you. 

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