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    In two years, students in SL read nine literary works, whereas HL read thirteen. These collections include novels, short tales, poems, essays, and screenplays. Students of Turkish Literature must research these works in three different areas: interpretation, linking it with date, place, culture, globalization, and intertextuality.

    1. 25% of your overall grade for IB Turkish is based on how well you do on the individual oral assessment. For this assignment, you will be provided two things to look at (two pictures).
    2. You pick the one you think you can talk about best, and you have 15 minutes to write down bullet points that will help you during your presentation.
    3. These notes might be incomplete sentences, but they will help you with your final presentation. After these 15 minutes, you are expected to give a 3–4-minute presentation in which you should 
    4. Describe the thing you’re looking at. Connect the visual cue to the course theme it is related to.
    5. Tell me what you think about the picture.
    6. Then, your teacher will ask questions about what you just saw. These questions follow up on something you said in your presentation or help you discuss something you should have mentioned. 
    7. After you have talked for 8 minutes about the picture, your teacher will move on to the last part of the individual oral assessment, which is the general discussion.
    8. During this part of the lesson, your teacher will discuss at least one more theme from the curriculum and encourage you to discuss the topics he gives you.
    9. The whole presentation will take between 12 and 15 minutes. Your teacher will grade the presentation, which will be recorded and sent to the IB for check.
    10. You get a grade based on how you use language, the message you send about what you see, your message to your teacher, and how well you communicate with others.

    As an IB Turkish Tutor, we will give you some general tips to help you do well on your oral and get the best grade possible. 

    We are sure that before your IB DP2 exam, your teacher will have given you some oral marking exercises to practice. If you still need to, you should carry the initiative to ensure you understand the A, B, C, and D criteria for marking. Then, record your speech with a friend, grade yourself, and use the requirements. After that, you’ll know what you are doing well and what you need to work on.

    This means we must think about how to combine these two texts interestingly. It’s hard enough to work comparatively. At the same time, this makes the talk unique and can make it exciting. So don’t be afraid to connect things in your way. When you start, you should move past your global issue and state your thesis or main point, depending on how your teacher says it. This is to say, and if you read a book about culture and community, you will say that.

    1. You will say “good morning” and “good afternoon.” This is my speech.
    2. Today, I will examine the global issue of each person’s culture and community.
    3. Then, I’ll examine the following texts to learn more about the idea.
    4. It sounds easy, but if you memorize this introduction, you can start confidently, calm your nerves, and prepare for an intense IO.
    • So, as you move forward and use your planning sheet, Our IB Turkish Tutor encourages you to use its bullet points and the space in front of you.
    • You should only need one A4 sheet. There are no rules about how big your font should be or how much you can put in.
    • But there are rules about how you should write down your ideas. To save time, think about making your way. For example, use a plus sign instead of “and.”
    • So, think of ways to quickly write down the essential ideas without writing complete sentences.
    • You don’t have to write whole sentences, but you should write down the key terms you want to use in your IO—for example, a word you want to use but can’t remember when you’re stressed out.
    1. It would help if you found a way to approach the oral that works for you. Any written or spoken response to a comparison must be fair, include a story, and connect to the whole work. How you do this depends on you.
    2. As IB Turkish Tutors, we have seen students use this kind of structure, but no one rule always applies. Most of the time, students start by giving a more general overview of the text and its terms.
    3. They then put the extracts into context within the text, move into the extracts, zoom out to discuss the second text and zoom out again to give a more general conclusion.
    4. That’s fine if it’s not too much or too little. It also needs to be well-written and thought out. As I said, you have thought about the work as a whole.
    5. It would be awesome if there were a chance to give this idea, motif, or symbol that keeps coming up in this body of work or collection. Just finish the whole thing and focus on the excerpt or text before you.
    • ·Different modules and methods make it easy to understand the topic.
    • Do assessments when a chapter or topic is finished.
    • Tests are given once or once a month and can help you see how well you’re doing in a particular subject.
    • Help with projects 
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    • Give homework assignments and worksheets at the end of each unit.

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