IB CAS IDEAS (Creativity, Activity & Service)

IB CAS Ideas. Indeed, CAS is an essential component of the DP core. Through this article, IB Elite Tutor will provide you with numerous CAS ideas. So, you can easily score high in it. IBDP students must complete creativity, activity, and service (CAS) elements and develop decision-making, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. It also helps students enhance their interpersonal and personal skills. It is like a personal journey for your self-discovery. Let’s explore CAS ideas!

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Creativity Ideas

  1. Make visually appealing books, cover pages, tutorials, and materials through calligraphy.
  2. If you are an excellent writer, then it’s time to showcase your talent through a creative writing workshop.
  3. You can showcase your cooking skills by baking, creating a recipe book, and starting your YouTube cooking channel or food blog.
  4. Design and create clothes, jewelry, and accessories. Make a collection of each one of them.
  5. Inspire others by reducing your waste at school or through upcycling. 
  6. You can develop a visually appealing website from scratch, but it must be functional.
  7. Showcase your talent for editing videos and audio and compose a podcast with valuable information.
  8. Take out your hidden architect and design a table or a custom piece of furniture and make an aesthetic product from wood.
  9. Make a collection of hand-drawn paintings using various compositions, techniques, styles, and mediums.
  10. Showcase your paper crafting techniques and fabricate numerous wall art, collages, and greeting cards.
  11. With the help of CorelDRAW, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator, you can make an attractive digital card or logo.
  12. Make an animated video that gives some helpful information.
  1. Assemble and customize your computer.
  2. Make a board game using your math skills.
  3. With the help of various brushes, you can create a distinctive painting.
  4. Do pottery and make multiple ceramics. 
  5. Make handmade soaps with various natural ingredients or materials.
  6. Fabricate a handbag using old clothes and fabrics.
  7. Make designer bookmarks with old newspapers and papers.
  8. Showcase your paper crafting techniques and make various origami.

Activity Ideas

  1. Play rugby, tennis, soccer, basketball, football, golf, and improve your cardiovascular fitness and teamwork skills.
  2. Explore nature through hiking and camping. Have some fun by taking challenges and having some adventure. 
  3. Do cycling; it is the best way to improve your fitness and reduce carbon footprints. 
  4. Maintain a garden. It helps you plant trees and conserve nature.
  5. Join a martial arts institute or local dojo to learn various martial arts techniques and forms.
  6. Do some ice skating, roller skating, and skiing to improve your coordination and leg strength. 
  7. You can host an event that contains various activities. For instance, running, cycling, boxing, swimming, etc.  
  8. Become an assistant and volunteer for any trip or school event.
  9. Learn some archery techniques by joining an archery range or club.
  10. Does horse riding improve your balance and coordination?
  11. Participate in a marathon and achieve your goal of running. 
  12. Do river rafting, scuba diving, canoeing, and improve your teamwork and underwater skills.
  13. Improve your jumping and flipping abilities with the help of a trampoline.
  14. Improve your coordination and mental focus by joining a fencing club.
  15. Improve your strength and endurance with rock climbing, trekking, mountain biking, etc.
  16. Do snorkeling, bouldering, and kayaking to improve your outdoor skills.
  17. Play hockey, squash, and badminton to improve your hand-eye coordination skills.
  18. Do snowboarding, roller skating, and kiteboarding to improve your balance.
  19. Participate in group workouts to improve overall fitness.
  20. Play ultimate frisbee to improve your teamwork skills.

Service Ideas

  1. Give tutoring sessions to needy people who do not have enough money to take tuition.
  2. Volunteer to a non-profit organization or participate in their programs to help them with your support.
  3. Take initiatives like reducing waste, planting trees, conserving energy, etc., to help promote sustainable living.
  4. Help your community by maintaining the plants and making planter boxes.
  5. Donate gifts to the slum areas and underprivileged children.
  6. Provide care and support to the animals by making shelters.
  7. Help senior citizens and older people by assisting.
  8. Find an area to make a club where you can discuss how to clean beaches, roads, and parks.
  9. Volunteer and assist disaster relief campaigns that are affected by natural disasters.
  10. Distribute the food to needy people and fill their empty stomachs with your service.
  11. Mentor young children and guide them in decision-making, problem-solving, and goal-accomplishment techniques. 
  12. Help in raising funds for people in need to help them.
  13. Volunteer in a hospital or clinic by supporting patients and comforting their families.
  14. Donate blood and save someone’s life.
  15. Volunteer at various events in your community.
  16. Take an initiative to support refugees and immigrants.
  17. Make social media accounts to spread awareness about non-profit organizations or for any needy who want help.
  18. Visit orphanages or nursing homes and distribute some food and clothes.
  19. Donate a wheelchair to the hospital or any disabled person.
  20. Provide medical care to someone in need; it doesn’t matter if they are your family member or someone else.
Let Us Conclude

We will provide you with as many IB CAS ideas as possible. CAS will help you participate in various interesting activities and do some social service. In addition, with the help of CAS, you help yourself, your family members, and others. You can gain marks and enjoy participating in these activities. Ultimately, CAS helps you connect with the natural world and support them. It makes you competitive and a challenger. So you can quickly solve problems and make the right decisions. Also, you can build innovative and interesting things with the help of various skills and techniques. If you need any assistance to complete your CAS activity, then approach us. Our faculty can help you attain a high score in CAS and choose the best CAS activity.