Common Mistakes in IB Maths IA (Internal Assessment)

Common Mistakes in IB Maths IA. IB Internal assessment is an integral part of IB Maths AA & AI examination, whether HL or SL. IB Elite Tutor has a team of excellent IB Maths Tutors readily available to help you with your IA.

Common mistakes while writing IB Math HL and SL exams and How to avoid them

  • International Baccalaureate is one of the prestigious educational programs. Mainly framed for students aged 3 to 19 to develop cognitive skills.
  • It is generally known as the International Baccalaureate organization. IB extends numerous platforms to students.
  • IB curriculum majorly focuses on authentic learning and a new Holistic modus operandi. It offers an intense curriculum at a higher and standard level, comprising six rigorous subject exams.
  • Higher level(HL) and Standard level(SL) exams are among the toughest. HL and SL are thorough exams that demand study hours, and practice for HL needs at least 240 hours of study.
  • On the other hand, 150 hours of study for SL. However, the contents of HL and SL exams are the same in most cases, but students must study them carefully.
  • The HL and SL exams differ based on the subject. HL subjects delve deeper into the concepts, offering more practical and realistic applications, while SL teaches concepts and theories.
  • In a nutshell, The HL and SL exams are two opposite sides of a coin; thus, both are intense courses that command a handful of dedication and practice.
  • Especially when it comes to IB Maths, HL and SL are one of the most challenging programs. Thus, students find it difficult to comprehend Maths HL and SL, resulting in silly mistakes.
  • Some common errors that students make during Maths hl and SL exams.

Exaggerated writing is among the Common Mistakes in IB Maths IA

  • According to the IB , students need to have 12-20 pages of IA. Due to this, students tend to write excessively.
  • Students believe that they can score high by writing more in it. Unfortunately, this often ends up adding irrelevant content, which ultimately leads to low scores.
  • In this case, students must try to write their work in a more precise approach. Using simple language will add more points.
  • Moreover, using common words in answers would help the examiner to understand the answers quickly. For this, students can take help from various sources available on the internet.
  • Besides this, students can also take help from our IB Maths Tuition classes and form answers in their own words. Consequently, it will help them to remember all the points.

Missing Citations in IB Internal Assessments

  1. This is an essential thing to note, as many students tend to forget to mention citations.
  2. This paves the way for plagiarism which is academically dishonest conduct and can be punished by the examiners.
  3. Hence, it is essential to mention sources from where the material is obtained.
  4. Students can avoid such situations if we follow some simple points – 
  • Try to include enough citations 
  • Use quotation marks in your answers
  • Avoid copying directly without using quotation marks.
  • Try to write the opening sentence in your own words, and citations should be used to support your statements. 

Forgetting to label tables and graphs-Common Mistakes in IB Maths IA

Well, In internal assessments, many students gravitate to many confusions and are always in a hurry burry. Due to this, most students forget to mention or label tables and graphs; thus, it makes it very difficult for the examiners to understand. Putting the examiners in such a perplexing situation may lead to the deduction of marks. Students should demonstrate each table and graph in a precise and graspable manner.

A blurred idea about papers 1, 2, and 3

  1. lack of knowledge about our papers create unwanted situations during exams. Due to rigorous studies and practices, students tend to forget about exam patterns or conduct.
  2. Sadly, this often brings confusion. 5 minutes of reading time is provided before every paper. In IB, SL has only 2 papers. On the other hand, HL has 3. Both papers (1 & 2) are 90 min long.
  3. At the same time, paper 3 is 30 minutes. Many students are unaware of the exam pattern and paper durations.
  4. So, it is essential to be informed.
  5. Having a clear picture of exam patterns will apparently, assist the students in managing their time accordingly and prepare them better for the final battle.
  6. To steer clear of these undesirable circumstances, students must take help from IB Maths Tutors Online.
  7. As it will clear all the doubts regarding IB exam patterns, it will open the way to plenty of ideas and assist students in studying accordingly. 

Cross check your GDC –

  1. Graphical calculators are sometimes not easy to handle, and it is a daunting task, mainly when we use them for the first time.
  2. And this is the reason most of the students waste lots of time managing GDC. Moreover, many students don’t give much attention to GDC.
  3. Therefore, during the exam, they find it difficult to operate the calculator, ultimately it causes a time drain.
  4.  As we know, practice comes with skill. Getting used to GDC takes time, but using it during practice will help you to take the pitch.
  5. Additionally, solving calculator-based questions allows us to perform wonders on exam day. Having a hand on GDC before the exam will be more convenient for the students.

Lack of in-depth research 

  • This is one of the repeated mistakes made by the students. Many rely on other sources, which generally results in poor performance and confuses students in understanding the concepts clearly.
  • Thence, it is necessary to gain in-depth and accurate knowledge from suitable sources. 
  • In this condition, it would be more appropriate to take assistance from an IB subject guide and tutors.
  • This will enable students to have quality content.
Misapplying intricate formulas 
  • In many cases, students have a misconception. They believe that using complicated ways to solve questions will improve scores.
  • Unfortunately, it confuses the examiners and also requires time to understand each solved question. This results in marks deduction.
  • So it is essential to use proper formulas and solve the questions in detail as taught in the class.  
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