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    Online IB Tutors in Sharjah & Other Parts of UAE

    Sharjah is the third most packed or crowded city in the United Arab Emirates after Dubai and Abu Dhabi. According to the past and present education structures in the UAE, modern educational practices are emerging gradually. Therefore, the framework of education now relies on self-education or skilled-based knowledge. So, IB (International Baccalaureate) came into existence. Thats why, It is for those students who value student-teacher relationships and wish to gain practical knowledge. Therefore, we use technology to fulfill all the student’s demands to improve their academic performance. Apart from that, the best quality IB tutors in Sharjah are pretty challenging to find. So, we provide online learning that helps educate students to strengthen their weak areas with expert tutors. 

    The tutoring subjects/courses we offer in Sharjah are:

    1. A level subjects 
    2. IGCSE subjects
    3. PYP subjects
    4. MYP subjects
    5. SAT subjects
    6. All HL and SL level subjects
    7. ITGS 
    8. IA
    9. Extended Essays
    10. TOK

    Online IB Tutors in Sharjah

    The online education system across Sharjah is gaining popularity. Since growth in online learning also amplifies interest within students. Furthermore, we have to understand that the students are always looking for innovative ways to understand better. So, online classes ready to drop offline classes in grasping knowledge quickly. Online learning provides:

    • Experienced faculties.
    • Comprehensive experience.
    • A high-performing exam strategy.
    • A competitive environment at your own pace. 

    We ensure that an online platform must be easily accessible or user-friendly for all the students. So, it can help them in paying attention towards their studies attentively. And we know that communication skills and teaching experience can make a difference. So, we endow well-experienced tutors, and all are from IITs, IIMs from reputed universities. Another essential factor that impacts student’s learning is flexibility. So, we provide flexible timing and compatible tutoring that are a perfect match for offering promising results.  

    Tutors for IB competitive examination

    IB competitive examination is also a matter of stress for the students who want admission to a competitive university. Thus, he/she can further continue their studies and meet their career goals. 

    At IB Elite Tutor, our IB tutors in Sharjah value student’s responses and give our best by empathize: 

    1.Weekly concept training classes

    2.Unit-based tests

    3.Structured content delivery

    4.Learning pattern of students

    Why choose IB Elite Tutor ?

    We know that the education system in Sharjah mainly focuses on American, British, German, and French curriculums. So, according to the needs of these tutors, we analyze all the crucial concepts. And identify the obstacles that children face during online learning and provide them the best teaching aid. 

    At IB Elite tutors, we provide solutions that challenge students in completing their projects and assignments on time. 

    Ignite IB Training for Non-IB students

    We know that many students are not much aware of IB and its curriculum. So, we provide training for those students to seek proper assistance and quickly adapt to the IB curriculum. And we keep focusing on advising on choosing subjects for IB HL and IB SL. Apart from this, we also motivate students to select TOK, EE, and IA topics suitable for achieving good grades.  As we know that IB HL requires a detailed understanding of each subject as compared to IB SL. The curriculum also differs. So, IB HL and IB SL have their benefits and features.

    Middle Year & Diplpma Program

    The IB Middle Year Programme (MYP) is for 11-16 years’ students to nurture their educational training and link to the real world. The curriculum is designed to encourage young students. So, students who want to choose IB Physics, IB Business Studies, IB Chemistry, IB Mathematics, IB Economics can utilize their time to choose IB tutors in Sharjah wisely. The IB diploma program comprises six subjects that include TOK, CAS, and extended essays. Our team of experts provides IB notes, IB sample papers, and IB books to match IB diploma standards. We also improve writing tips for TOK, CAS, and EE that help in timely completion.

    An expert guide to scoring a level 7 in IB

    Dr. Suresh Devnani, a well-known speaker of UAE, said, “We as people are more productive, creative, committed and interconnected when we have positive emotions and thoughts about the work.” According to it, we guide students of Sharjah to work on these exam strategies and ace their IB exams. 

    • Test yourself twice a week and make proper scheduling to achieve a perfect 7. 
    • Give the right amount of time to each subject.
    • Properly dedicate your time if you want to achieve the goal of 38 in TOK.
    • Think about the marginal concept. For instance, you get 6/7 in your HL subject and 4s in all your SL subjects to impact your overall result.

    We are offfering following services in Sharjah-

    IB Online Tutors, IB Maths Tutors, IB Tok Exhibition Tutors, IB IA Tutors, IB EE Tutors, Online Math Tutors etc.