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IB Elite Tutor is the market leader in providing IB Home Tutors in different parts and cities in India and Online IB Tutors in almost all countries of the world. We provide IB Maths Tutors in Mumbai, IB Online English Tutors, IB Physics Tutors in Mumbai, IB Chemistry Tutors, IB Biology Tutors, IB Economics Tutors, IB TOK Tutors, and IB IA Tutors. We have a vast team of Experienced, qualified, and skilled home tutors and we are able to provide IB Home Tutors in Delhi, IB Home Tutors in Gurgaon, IB Home Tutors in Chennai, IB Tutors in Bengaluru, IB Tutors in Hyderabad.

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    ib tutors in mumbai

    There are a lot of IB-recognized world schools in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. The majority of these schools have a very high academic reputation. We are tutoring students from all these top IB world schools in Mumbai. Many of their teachers are also working with us as IB Physics Tutors in Mumbai.

    • American School Of Bombay
    • D Y Patil International School
    • Dhirubhai Ambani International School
    • Oberoi International School
    • Aditya Birla World Academy
    • JBCN International School
    • Bombay International School
    • Podar ORT International School
    • Mount Litera School International
    • Ascend International School

    IB Tutors Mumbai by IB Elite Tutor

    • IB Tutors Mumbai has dedicated themselves to the students and understanding the requirement of the students.
    • Recognizing the need of the students is the priority of our home tutors.
    • Our IB Home Tutors in Mumbai will give you a comprehensive understanding of the format and expectations in the Ib.
    • Ensuring their students face exams with confidence and deliver high performance with an exam-oriented strategy.
    • Our Online IB  Tutors in Mumbai know the importance of the IB. IB Board will lead them to a new world of opportunities and to work for the world’s best agencies.
    • All our tutors work passionately for student accomplishment.
    IB Maths Tutors in Mumbai

    IB IA, TOK & EE Tutors in Mumbai

    • Almost all IB subjects have two types of assessments. IB external assessments or the actual exam that IB conducts twice a year in May and November.
    • These examinations have two or three papers for each subject that students choose. May and November exams cover 80% of total marks for a subject.
    • For almost all subjects, there is another assessment done by IBO. This assessment is conducted internally but moderated by external IB examiners.
    • We call them IA or internal assessment. An IA covers 20% of total marks for a subject generally.
    • Besides this, students also write IB theory of knowledge, Tok exhibition, and an extended essay based on one of their HL subjects.
    • We have a solid team of IB tutors in Mumbai who can guide you with your IB IA, IB TOK, and IB EE. All these IB IA Tutors are highly experienced, qualified, and chosen from top IB schools.

    Our Team Make a Strong Rapport with Their Students

    It is vital for any tutor especially IB Diploma tutor to develop a strong rapport with students and establish a trusting relationship with their students. Because IB Online tutoring in Mumbai is personalized teaching which requires a strong link between students and teacher. So that students could discuss any problem with their teacher freely without any hesitation and our team would solve their problems efficiently.
    Our IB Tutors in Mumbai are ones a student remembers and cherishes forever and would have long-lasting impacts on their lives which inspire and motivate them towards success.

    Support to students by IB Tuition in Mumbai

    Our IB Tutors in Mumbai establish clear objectives for each lesson and work to meet those specific objectives during each class with all their efforts. They ensure positive student behavior for their goal which is necessary for the achievement of goals for useful study and work habits and overall attainment of their goals.
    Our home tutors have strong knowledge of ib curriculum and other standards. They uphold them in the class and ensure their teaching meets those standards by their expertise and passion for the subject they are teaching. They are ready to answer every question by the student and keep the material interesting for the students.

    Suggestions to Students by Our IB Tutors Mumbai

    • You should be keen on learning and ask as many questions for your better understanding of the subject.
    • Make sure you know what you would like to cover and to have your resources like books, digital notes (which you want to share with us) ready with you.
    • Our IB Tutors in Mumbai uses five rounds of testing for their student. They ask questions every day from topics that they had taught them the last day.
    • Our teacher follows this act with the weekly test after the ending of each chapter.
    • This is followed by a unit test after every 15 days which is a combination of 3 chapters.
    • We also do rigorous testing when the half syllabus is complete. And tutors take at last 3-4 full syllabus test which makes students fully ready for their main exams.
    Communication with Parents by IB Tutors Mumbai
    • Our IB Tuition in Mumbai interacts with parents daily making them aware of their ward’s performance in curriculum, tests, and discipline and any problem he/she was facing earlier with the syllabus.
    • Our home tutors make themselves available for the parents via different means of communication.
    • These means include phone calls, emails, and messages and if a required conference of parents is about to start. Our in-home tutors in Mumbai provide assured hold by helping them.
    • We provide help students to get a clear understanding of every topic of the syllabus.
    • And we also do a rigorous round of testing to gauge their performance.
    • And we also give many important suggestions to improve their performance and set good marks in their exams.
    • Our tutors assure service by timely delivering the classes, taking regular tests, and providing proper feedbacks
    Affordable Cost of IB Tutors Mumbai

    When you Consider the home tutor facility in Mumbai we provide. You can see that you get the cut-rate cost for personalized teaching with our home tutors at your place. That too with one of the most experienced IB tutors in Mumbai.

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