IB Maths Tutors in Taiwan

IB Maths Tutors in Taiwan. Are you looking for additional support with your IB Maths studies? Then we are here for you. Our IB Maths Tuition in Taiwan is a great faculty that has:

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    1. Expertise in teaching Maths at the IB level.
    2. Strategies to improve your understanding & performance.
    3. Flexibility so you can arrange your sessions on weekdays, weekends or evenings.
    4. Targeted support to boost your performance.
    5. Confidence that leads you to a more positive attitude towards Maths.
    IB Maths Tutors in Taiwan

    IB Maths Tutors in Taiwan 

    We have different faculty for AA courses and AI courses of IB Mathematics. So, you get enormous attention from each tutor of your course. 

     Key Elements of our IB Maths AA Tutors in Taiwan 

    • In-depth understanding of the IB AA syllabus.
    • Strong subject matter expertise in algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, etc.
    • Guide exam-taking strategies for IB Maths AA.

    Strengthens the following IB Maths AA Topics

    • Algebra: inequalities, functions, quadratic functions, logarithmic functions, exponential functions, and polynomial functions.
    • Functions: inverse functions, composite functions, graphs of functions, domain, and range.
    • Trigonometry: trigonometric functions, equations, and identities.
    • Vectors: vector equations, vector, and scalar products.
    • Probability and statistics: probability distributions, statistical analysis, correlation, regression, and hypothesis testing.
    • Sequence and series: arithmetic and geometric sequences, infinite series, convergence, and divergence.
    • Complex numbers: complex conjugates and complex roots of polynomials.
    • Discrete mathematics: graphic theory, number theory, sets, and logic.

    Key Elements of our IB Maths AI Tutors in Taiwan

    • Thorough understanding of the IB AI syllabus.
    • Strong Maths and Statistics background.
    • Effective communicators who can explain complex concepts in a crystal clear way.

    Strengthens the following IB Maths AI Topics 

    • Calculus: derivatives, integration, differential equations, and optimization.
    • Financial mathematics: compound interest, loans, and annuities.
    • Geometry and trigonometry: circles, congruence, similarity, and trigonometric ratios in non-right angled triangles.
    • Networks and graphs: shortest path, matching, and network flow problems.
    • Sets, groups, and relations: binary operations, group theory, and set theory.

    How do we help in IB SL Maths Topics?

    Do you want to know how to excel in IB SL Maths topics? Stay tuned…

    Our IB Maths SL tutors help you to excel in IB Maths SL through the following:

    • Building the foundational knowledge of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.
    • Outlining and covering all the necessary topics in the IB Maths examination.
    • Using a variety of resources to supplement your learning. So you can gain a deeper understanding of your study material.
    • Building an effective study schedule for regular practice and review.

    How do we help in IB HL Maths Topics?

    If you want to excel in IB Maths HL topics, then keep focusing on the following:

    • Fundamentals concepts of algebra such as fractions, operations with numbers, and negative numbers.
    • Online resources such as Khan Academy, Wolfram Alpha, and Mathway.
    • The basics of geometry and trigonometry include points, lines, shapes, and angles.
    • The vocabulary of geometry and trigonometry.
    • The fundamental concepts of calculus such as limits, functions, and derivatives.
    • The terms and notations are used in probability and statistics.
    • The use of statistical software such as SPSS or R and calculators such as TI-84.
    • Certain formulas and concepts in discrete mathematics include graph theory, logic rules, and combinatorics.

    Attain a 7 with IB Maths Tuition in Taiwan

    Our IB Maths tutors in Taiwan  put in consistent effort and incorporate effective study habits within themselves. So, you can easily attain a 7 in IB Maths. Want to know how? Let’s understand!

    • Our IB Maths Tutors in Taiwan  identify your grey areas where you need extra help.
    • Our tutors improve your maths skills by thoroughly practicing past year’s papers.
    • Our tutors offer additional explanations to help you understand your subject matter.
    • Our IB Maths tutor knows how to cope with complex concepts with the help of various methodologies.
    • Our tutors develop problem-solving skills within yourself.
    • Our IB Maths tutors enhance critical thinking to get mastery of IB mathematics.
    Healthy Learning Environment that Boosts Your Performance

    Our IB Maths Tutors in Taiwan create a healthy learning environment for students by:

    1. Establishing a classroom culture that is welcoming, positive, and respectful.
    2. Encouraging students to treat each other with kindness and respect.
    3. Building strong relationships with the students.
    4. Providing adequate lighting and hazard-free classrooms.
    5. Encouraging teamwork and collaboration.
    6. Interactive teaching methods include multimedia presentations, hands-on activities, and group work.

    Just focus on your goals. And achieve them. Keep moving and keep motivating yourself when you feel frustrated. Don’t give up. Just remember you can easily remove your burdens by just keeping yourself calm! Always encourage yourself in your hard times! And appreciate yourself in your happy times!

     Learn Maths with Fun 

    Our IB Maths tutors in Taiwan  make Math learning fun and engaging via:

    • Maths games such as Maths Tic-Tac-Toe, Maths Bingo, etc.
    • Symmetry drawings so you can easily connect with mathematics.
    • Maths storytelling to reach fractions and geometry.
    • Maths, Riddles, and puzzles.
    Technology is Our Tutors Helping Hand to Teach Maths

    Technology or online learning has become invaluable for teaching and learning Maths. Don’t know? Let’s understand!

    1.  Interactive Whiteboards- We allow our IB Maths tutors to create a dynamic and interactive that engage students through visual aids, diagrams, and graphs. They draw and annotate examples in real time. All of you keep reviewing the study notes that our tutors have. And acquire the score that you deserve.
    2.  Virtual Manipulatives- Our IB Maths tutors use blocks and counters to teach concepts such as decimals, algebraic expressions, and fractions. As a reason for that, visuals always create a good impression in the student’s mindsets. So they can remember everything at the time of their examination.
    3. Adaptive Learning Software- We use individualized learning plans for each student. So our students achieve better results. And can access their classes/recorded sessions anywhere and anytime.

    We listen attentively and resolve all your problems by providing  in Taiwan’s best IB Maths tutoring services. Just be yourself and have a growth mindset. Never underestimate your self-worth. Always have a positive attitude towards IB mathematics. Take a free demo session! And get excel in IB mathematics.