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Are you looking for the right GRE tutoring? Then, you are on the right platform. IB Elite Tutor provides the best GRE tutoring for you. Let’s understand our tutoring approach. But before that, let’s understand what the GRE is.

    The Graduate Record Examination, aka GRE, is crucial in the graduate school application process. GRE test is required to get admission to a graduate business program or a graduate program worldwide, like the United States. It is conducted and administered by ETS.

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    It contains three sections:

    • Analytical writing  (one section)- Analyze an issue task of 30 minutes.
    • Verbal reasoning (two sections)- Section 1 contains 12 questions of 18 minutes, and Section 2 contains 15 questions of 23 minutes.
    • Quantitative reasoning (two sections)- Section 1 contains 12 questions of 21 minutes, and Section 2 contains 15 questions of 26 minutes.

    The GRE test is about 1 hour and 58 minutes long.

    In addition to this section, there are two more sections:

    • Unscored (it can be from verbal or quantitative reasoning)
    • Research (it is used for ETS research purposes)

    So, it is the overall structure of your GRE examination. Now, let’s understand our tutoring features.

    Steps about GRE Preparation

    GRE is tough to crack yourself, so IB Elite Tutor helps you through our flexible tutoring so that you can easily crack the GRE examination and get admission to your dream university. Let’s take a look at our tutoring features:

    • Experienced GRE faculty & Customized GRE tutoring
    • Flexible GRE tutoring packages & On-demand video lessons
    • Comprehensive study material & Unlimited practice problems
    • Interactive video lessons & Access through mobile, laptop, and computer
    • Time management tricks & GRE study material
    • Discussion sessions & Detailed study plan
    • 24*7 assistance
    • Track and evaluate your performance
    • Full-length tests, a well-balanced routine
    • Supplemental non-fiction reading activities
    • Read & analyze a plethora of texts & essays and Comprehend a broad and robust vocabulary
    • Reading list for non-fiction analytical texts & Preparation strategies
    • Unique learning style & Give a suitable plan
    • Conducive environment and many more

    We have highly qualified GRE Tutor who tailors each session to meet your needs and demands. Our tutors help you tackle the most challenging concepts by giving you the best learning experiences.

    We provide personalized support at each learning step to help you acquire high marks in the GRE examination.

    Our Approach Toward Your Learning

    Our experts know how to improve your mathematical, verbal, and reading skills. So you can easily reach your goal. With our GRE tutor, you can:

    • Improve your weaker areas.
    • Cover up all the quantitative problems such as algebra, data interpretation, decimals, number properties, fractions, quantitative comparisons, percents, world problems, and geometry.
    • Improve your reading
    • Easily understand text completion.
    • Do sentence equivalence and Right appropriate essays
    • Understand a wide variety of content and Improve time-management skills
    • Understand complex concepts and Engrave test-taking strategies
    • Maximize your study time
    • Track and analyze your results and Encounter the problems
    • Handle academic workload and Improve reading and comprehension.
    • Easily learn definitions

    In conclusion, you acquire a specific score on the GRE with the help of our GRE tutor.

    Expert Tips for GRE Preparation

    It is essential to develop effective strategies if you want to pass the GRE examination. Our expert provides you with some tips:

    Take a GRE full-length practice test- Before making a study plan, understand your position. In simple words, how much do you have to study for the GRE? So, when you take a full-length GRE test, you should focus on the areas that you need to.

    Decide your target GRE score- Make a list of the graduate programs that interest you. Then, compare your practice test score with the university’s average GRE score. Then, fill out the application forms.

    Schedule your study sessions- It is up to you whether you choose an online program, preparation course, a test preparation book, or you can study yourself. So, opt for the environment that contains schedule, learning style, and motivation.

    Create a suitable plan- Adhere to your schedule as strictly as possible and choose the learning environment that improves your academic background and reading skills. Remember to make your learning plan realistic and targeted so you can promptly cover all the sections. Remember to use our GRE Tutor’s help to develop your preparation strategy for conquering the GRE.

    Improve your GRE vocabulary- Feed your kind with suitable reading material. In other words, I need to understand various types of narratives, news, magazines, and academic writings. Read non-fiction material as much as you can to get a high score in the verbal section.

    Regular practice tests- Take full-length practice tests and track your progress. So, practice GRE sample papers as much as possible to build your testing endurance. Also, it will help you to make your mind physically and mentally strong. So, you can confidently take the GRE examination and attain a high score.

    Practice with or without a calculator- Make sure you can use the calculator wisely. Practice when you have to use it and when not. It is an advantage and a liability for you, so use it wisely.

    Pay Attention to your weaknesses- Knowing your weaknesses plays an important part in expanding your knowledge and skills. It helps you confront yourself and improve your grey areas. You can easily target those topics that need more practice and time. Our GRE Tutor suggests you to structure your remaining time according to this. You will have to challenge yourself and focus on the most needed topic that you have to study to gain high scores.

    Track your progress- It is essential to track your progress from time to time and spend time on the really important things. Planning by tracking your progress and reflecting on it helps boost your test preparation and test-taking skills.

    Trust your intuition- Whenever you don’t know the correct answers and you get stuck between the two answers, listen to your intuition. We know it is risky, but sometimes, it helps you crack the examination. Listen to your intuition when you don’t know what to do. It aids you in solving your problem when every concept fails. Through our GRE tutoring, you can easily pass the GRE examination. And make a reliable study plan. Also, through our GRE Tutor, you can engrave GRE study habits and invest in yourself. Our test-taking strategies and customized curriculum develop your critical thinking skills. So you can quickly achieve the best score on the GRE examination.

    Final Words

    We will prepare you thoroughly for the GRE examination. Also, it helps you to develop lifelong learning skills. Our tutors unlock your full potential, and our structured curriculum helps you to get to the top percentile. So, utilize your time wisely, choose the right approach, make your future career, implement effective strategies, and reflect on your grey areas through our GRE tutoring.

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