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IB Maths Extended Essay Tutors provide a chance to explore your mathematical passion. We are a team of highly experienced Online IB Maths Tutors available to help you for your IB Maths extended essays. 

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    IB Maths Extended Essay Tutors 

    Your academic success is in your hands. All you want to do is to navigate the success mantra with the help of expert IB Maths EE Tutors. Also, tackling the IB Maths EE curriculum on your own is onerous. So, it is crucial or necessary for you to take guidance from professional IB Maths EE tutors to acquire a perfect score quickly.  

    First, let’s explore the IB Maths Extended Essay Curriculum and then understand how IB Maths EE tutors help students tackle the IB Maths EE curriculum.

    IB Maths Extended Essay (EE) – An independent piece of research

    It is a 4000-word research paper that is mandatory for all IB Diploma Program students. It focuses on:

    • How to explore and gain in-depth knowledge of mathematical concepts and techniques?
    • How do we provide hands-on learning to undergraduate students?
    • How do we give a unique opportunity for students to investigate an area of interest related to one of the 6 DP subjects they chose?
    • How do we allow students to delve deeper into complex mathematical concepts, fabricate logical arguments, and showcase the findings in a very definite manner? Now, we comprehend how IB divided the categories of IB Math Extended essays. They’re divided into six categories:
    ib maths ee categories

    IB Maths Extented Essay Tuition Online One on One

    As you all know, you must formulate a focused research question, do independent research, and evaluate and interpret data. And also, properly reference and cite your sources while writing IB Maths EE. All these things need to meet all the requirements of the IB DP curriculum. 

    Here, our IB Maths EE tutors aid you in producing a well-structured and clearly articulated IB Maths EE through:

    • Providing creative and original ideas that focus on personal engagement.
    • Selecting a research question that is focused and easily manageable.
    • Enhancing your research skills like data collection, literature review, and analysis techniques.
    • Developing your critical thinking skills so you can quickly analyze and evaluate sources of information.
    • Drawing meaningful conclusions based on your evidence.
    • Meeting all the assessment criteria that include appropriate use of referencing and citations.
    • Providing feedback so you can improve your specific critical skills.

    We know your journey while constructing IB Maths EE is not easy. So, our IB Maths EE tutors engage entirely in your project, from choosing the topic to improve it. 

    Overcome Challenges with the Help of IB Maths EE Tutors

    How to Choose the Topic- Choosing the right topic is the most challenging part of IB Maths EE. So, our IB Maths EE tutors know its significance and guide you in choosing the right topic that showcases your mathematical skills.

    • The topic must be impressive.
    • The topic must be exciting, and you can gain knowledge from it.
    • The topic must be researchable so you can enjoy it throughout the process.

    Examples of Focused topics for IB Maths EE

    1. Prime numbers in cryptography.
    2. The proof of the law of quadratic reciprocity.
    3. The Hausdorff dimension of fractal sets.
    4. Using graph theory to minimize cost.
    5. Continued fractions in birth-death processes.

    How to Plan Your Essay?

    We know planning an essay is a backbreaking work. And our IB Maths EE tutors have paid close attention to it. They help you gather primary and secondary data to incorporate into your EE. For instance:

    • Data-gathering
    • Visualization
    • Abstraction
    • Conjecturing
    • Proof
    • Google Scholar
    • Textbooks
    • Databases such as JSTOR

    Apart from this, our tutors also help explore the topic and research from all angles. So you can easily showcase your understanding of the topic and

    • Express your way of thinking.
    • Write down all the definitions and conjectures.
    • Use all the theorems, symbols, diagrams, and graphs.
    • Adequately justify your conclusions.
    • Incorporate essential explanations and commentary in your work.
    Take Feedback & Improve Your Mistakes

    Taking feedback from experts is essential. It will help you improve your mistakes and enhance your essay. Our IB Maths EE tutors help you in:

    • How do you write three reflections emphasizing the planning, writing process, and research?
    • How do you re-evaluate your work?
    • How do you refine your arguments?
    • How do you identify mathematical errors?
    • How do you support your claims?

    Note: 3 reflections must be written at the beginning, middle, and end of your essay that include 150, 150, and 200 words, respectively. 

    How Online Platforms and Virtual Tutoring Help You?

    Virtual tutoring provides almost the same educational advantage in a very cost-effective way as traditional or onsite tutoring. You can quickly get help from skilled tutors in the comfort of your home worldwide. You can also easily access high-quality services without a transportation issue.


    Our IB Maths EE tutor empowers you by providing guidance that helps you write an awe-inspiring EE. So, you can quickly get 34/34 in it. 

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