IGCSE Tutors in Noida

IGCSE Tutors in Noida are the best mentor to nurture your career in education. The best quality education with the most experienced tutors is available here. Get the highest quality Online IGCSE Tuition with teachers from top international schools. 

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IGCSE Tutors in Noida with years of experience

  1. IGCSE tutors in Noida have a team of qualified tutors who are very innovative and thoughtful. They have years of experience in the field of teaching.
  2. They know the need of their students very well, and they prepare their classes according to the need of the student.
  3. They always start with easy topics and then move to the difficulty level. This creates confidence in students, and they learn the topics stepwise.
  4. Students expect guidance and respect from their teachers. IGCSE tutors in Noida are very thoughtful about it.
  5. They never disrespect their students just because the child is not understanding or having problems in their subject. The care and concern of the teacher make the student feel confident. 
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Our IGCSE Tuition in Noida adopts an approach to the holistic development of the child

  • IGCSE tutors in Noida know that education aims to prepare students for their future.
  • And this is possible only when the students will have the overall development in their personality.
  • So our tutors are very focused on the Holistic development of their students.
  • We always start from the beginning or check the base of our students.
  • Only subjective knowledge for the student is not enough while teaching a subject.
  • We teach with real-life examples so the child can use that knowledge in his daily life.
  • This brings an overall change in the personality of the student.

Complete guidance for your examination

  • Students are often confused about the exam pattern, which makes them depressed. IGCSE tutors in Noida provide complete guidance about the exam and its pattern.
  • They provide question papers so students can properly understand the exam. We always complete our syllabus on time and have appropriate time for students’ revision.
  • Students revise their syllabus and solve the previous year’s question papers to understand the exam pattern. These question papers are the best guide for exams.
  • Students solve these question papers and feel confident enough to appear in their exams.

Regular & Rigirous test for the overall development & Stress-free learner-centred classes

  1. If students use their time only to complete their syllabus and do class work, they will not have the time to revise. IGCSE tutors in Noida understand this. 
  2. They prepare standardized tests after completing each topic. These revision tests are very beneficial for the students because they do not need to worry before the exam they have complete faith in them because they already know about the questions.
  3. They only need to revise once or twice before the exam. Fear of failure is the biggest barrier to students’ progress. They get this fear from their classroom because few students are very active and do not allow other students to clear their doubts.
  4. The other students start to feel shy and do not clear their doubts. It happens continuously with most students, and they start to stress about their exams.
  5. IGCSE tutors in Noida have prepared a completely stress-free environment. There is no fear of peer groups, and teachers are highly motivated and supportive of their students.
  6. Students share their problems confidently with the tutor and get complete support. In such a lively environment, learning takes place. And students start to feel confident.

Free demo classes 

 We are providing free demo classes for our students so they can know about our teaching methodology. You can send a message or make a call on the number which is provided to you. After the demo class is over, you can discuss the timing according to your choice. Usually, the demo classes are for 30 minutes, and normal routine classes are for 60 minutes. It will be better if a parent or both parents are with the child at the time of the demo class. You can discuss your child’s learning needs with your tutor confidently because this information is highly confidential, and we do not share any information about our students or their parents with anyone. 

One-to-one classes 

There is no need to take tension to join classes in a coaching centre with many students. Students do not study properly in such an environment. IGCSE tutors in Noida provide 1 to 1 private learning classes so that students can have interactive classes. Students can share their doubts without any hesitation. They can discuss their fear with full confidence. IGCSE tutors are very supportive and motivate their students to do wonders and achieve their goals with hard work and continuous efforts. We provide our classes through Google meet, zoom or Skype. All these platforms are very easy to download and use.

Subjects we deal with:-

 We have a qualified team of tutors available for their students all the time. Our tutors are friendly, and they teach with patience. We have a big team of Scholars who are certified and teaching in renowned schools of the IGCSE board. Our tutors of different subjects deal with the methodology required for the specific subjects. At present, we are having a team of teachers who are teaching the below-mentioned subjects

  1. MathsEnglish 
  2. Science 
  3. Social science 
  4. Business studies 
  5. Mathematics 
  6. Geography 
  7. History 
  8. Commerce 
  9. Spanish 
  10. Arabic 
  11. German 
  12. Hindi
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