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IB Maths HL Tutors help students excel in IB Maths HL. IB Elite Tutor is the only academy which off “Dedicated Tutoring for IB students only”. We offer IB Home Tutors in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune, Bangaluru, and all other major cities of India. We provide IB DP Tutors, IB IA Tutors, IB TOK Tutors, IB Extended Essay Tutors, and Tutors for all IB Groups and subjects. We have a vast network of highly qualified & experienced IB Online Tutors who are ready to help IB students throughout the World. 

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    IB Maths HL Tutors

    IB Maths HL Tutors by IB Elite Tutor

    IB Maths HL stands for higher level Maths. HL is more difficult as compared with SL, the standard level that’s why we need to focus more on HL. Our tutors are very dedicated and experienced. They always try to maintain a healthy relationship with the students so that students still feel comfortable to discuss their problem. Our IB Maths HL Tutors make their  students excel in Maths by following ways

    By Assigning right Tasks

    The best way to prepare IB Maths HL is to assign appropriate homework, tutorials, assignments and worksheets to students. We have a team of expert IB Maths HL Tutors who are engaged throughout the year in creating the valuable Maths content sheets for our students. The questions in this practice sheet are from the whole syllabus of IB Maths HL. In this way, we cover maximum items of maths for our students, and the students can do the practice of the entire program in this way. These practice questions will help students not only to get a seven but also to prepare for entrance exams for further higher studies very well.

    Motivation For students:

    We “Develop a passion for learning” in our students. Once a student thinks from the depth of his or her heart that he or she wants to grow academically, then the central part of our work is done. IB Maths HL tutors encourage and motivate students to complete their academic goals in time & to ask their doubts in IB HL Maths, and we help out the students for clearing that doubts too. In HL, some important extra topics are there in the syllabus, which will be useful for students to get admission in top universities.

    Focus on Weak Points:

    IB Maths HL tutors take frequent tests of their students and identify the grey areas for them. Once the academically weak areas are identified, students & tutors can work together to solve them. For the preparation of HL Maths, our IB tutors focus mainly on the difficult topics and make them easy to the students. They work on difficult or weak issues of HL syllabus and provide extra lectures to them. They find out weak points from the students and make them understand by using audio/visual aids. Our expert IB tutors use advanced technique of extended lasting education.

    Organise the advanced technique:

    Our IB Maths HL Tutors organise attractive and playful audio-visual aids for the students for deep concept comprehension. They provide in-depth knowledge of the syllabus with the help of giving online examples. Our tutors use interactive applets & animation so that the students can understand complicated concepts of Maths HL. The students can easily understand the idea of HL topics when tutors provide a basic understanding of them straightforwardly and interestingly. The tutors of IB provide reference books to the students with their textbooks also. This reference books will be beneficial for HL maths students by doing additional questions for practice.

    The practice of previous year papers:

    IB tutors for maths make the practice of last year papers of HL maths. Past year papers provide the exam pattern of the subject. The previous article covers the whole syllabus. IB tutors for maths take regular tests of students chapter wise and past year papers. These tests will provide marks against their criteria, which make students realise their performance. Our tutors can judge which topics are weak and strong.  They can recognise their mistakes. They can decide their speed of doing an exam within the time limit. According to the performance, tutors provide extra classes. This is the best way of delivering exam preparation.

    Feedback to the parents:

    IB Maths HL Tutors take several tests throughout the year. Tutors share the input of these tests with all the parents regularly. Our IB tutors make a schedule for giving feedback of every student to their parents continually. This way, the parents are always about their ward’s progress. IB Maths HL tutors make a monthly plan and make a record of each student accurately like their assignment, tutorials, tests marks etc. This feedback will help to improve the performance of their child.

    Doubt Clearing Sessions by IB Maths HL Tutors

     Identifying their doubts and solving them is the key to score a 7 in IB Maths HL. The main aim of IB Maths HL Tutors is to give the best knowledge to their students. Our IB tutors repeat the topics again and again to the students until the concept of that topic has been understood. Special classes have been conducted for the students who have doubts about particular issues. It has been arranged in every month for the successful removal of doubts. This session is one to one session in which student can directly ask their doubts with faculty and raise questions which are quickly clarified by our experts’ faculty of IB.

    Moderation Help for IA, TOK & Extended Essays

    IB Maths HL Tutors have found a unique way to help their students with their IB IA, TOK and Extended Essays. Once the students complete their IA or Essays, they can submit them to our IB Maths HL Tutors for moderation after final school submission. Our IB tutors are skilled professionals who are already working in Top IB World schools. They have a deep sense of the IB evaluation process. Therefore they can assess the documents of the students and tell them an expected grade. This way students can be at peace and prepare for other tests. We offer this moderation service at very nominal pricing.
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