How to Get Good Marks in IGCSE French

Good marks in IGCSE French aren’t an easy target to achieve. You not only require to do a lot of hard work, but you need expert guidance too. IB Elite Tutor has a team of experts offering IGCSE Online Tuition classes for all important subjects. Below are some suggestions for IGCSE students to help them get good marks in IGCSE French.

Tips & suggestions to get good marks in IGCSE French?

Don’t cram; do focus studies. And pay attention to your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The more you engage with the French language, the more chances you can easily understand it in less time. So, set a routine, and then you can proudly get an A* in the IGCSE French curriculum.

Key elements to get good marks in IGCSE French

The first thing our IGCSE French Tutors advise you to do is to understand your syllabus correctly. The content of the IGCSE French syllabus has 5 broad topics listed below:

  • Social and personal life
  • In the world of work
  • Everyday activities
  • The world around us
  • The international world

Other Important things to focus on

  1. So, you have to focus on all the above topics. And prosper the language proficiency to communicate effectively as well as effortlessly.
  2. Apart from this, get an insight into the culture, communities, and society where French is spoken. And take part in different activities to understand the nature of the language.
  3. The most crucial thing you must do is encourage positive attitudes and a sympathetic approach while speaking French.
  4. Also, enjoy every session of your classroom or tuition classes. So, you can understand well. Develop skills like memorizing and drawing inferences to improve your grey areas.
  5. And also, keep endeavor to grasp foreign language skills. Get familiarized yourself with the main ideas, attitudes, and opinions related to the French language.
  6. And don’t forget to participate in everyday conversations to improve your understanding skills. Apart from this, please list new words daily and learn them.
  7. Ask questions frequently: If you want to understand French topics, ask questions from your IGCSE French tutors or school teachers.
  8. Don’t hesitate while discuss or ask in your friend’s circle. It helps you to remove your hesitation and build up your confidence. Halfway of your preparation is done if you eagerly participate in discussion groups.

Understand whats the format of examination

 It is an essential step you should take before starting to prepare for IGCSE French. Let’s take a look:

  • All the students have to give 4 papers.
  • Paper 1 is a listening paper that contains several recordings. So, students listened to them, then answered MCQs and matching questions. It carries 40 marks which means 25% weightage. And it takes approximately 50 minutes.
  • Paper 2 is a reading paper that contains different types of text. So, students have to read them, answer MCQs, do matching, and give short answers. It carries 45 marks which means 25% weightage. And it takes 1 hour.
  • Paper 3 is a speaking paper that contains one role play & conversations on 2 topics. So, students have to practice well for both activities. It carries 40 marks which means 25% weightage. And it takes approximately 10 minutes.
  • Paper 4 is a writing paper that contains one form-filling, one formatting task of an email/letter or blog/article, and one directed writing task. So, students keep practicing all of them. It carries 45 marks which means 25% weightage. And it takes 1 hour.

Work on Speaking, Listening & Writing skiils

  1. Speak fluently: You have to focus on your speaking skills. So, improve it with the help of IGCSE French tuition or daily practice.
  2. Try to overcome the fear of speaking and communicate clearly and effectively. Don’t limit yourself and engage in different conversations. Also, give opinions, reviews, and recommendations to get familiar with French topics.
  3. Learn vocabulary and pronounce words. Also, keep interacting with your peers. If you did not find someone, then take help from online resources or apps.  
  4. Listen carefully: First, you have to listen carefully. Then, you can write or speak in French quickly. So, improve your listening ability by listening to podcasts and radio programs, watching YouTube videos, etc.
  5. And understand the main critical points of simple everyday situations. Keep identifying relevant information that is helpful for your upcoming IGCSE French examination.
  6. Try to listen to French content for at least one hour habitually. So you can become familiar with the words and sentence structure.   
  7. Write accurately: Enhance your writing skills. And keep practicing connecting words, phrases, and sentences. Try to write simple sentences first, then move on to paragraphs and essays. Use simple vocabulary to structure or frame answers.
  8. So, you can see that you are gradually improving your writing ability and understanding all the grammar rules.
Work Consistently & take Visual learning benefits
  1. You can achieve an A* in the IGCSE French curriculum. All you have to do is be consistent. Challenge yourself daily. And make targeted goals.
  2. Achieve them and create an effective revision plan. Keep working hard on all the skills you need to ace the IGCSE French examination.
  3. Try to do planning and prepare to achieve everyday goals. If you watch videos or listen to audio, then it helps you to remember things easily.
  4. It is the best way to learn French. Make a timetable to improve reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. First, start with listening to the audio.
  5. Second, write what you listened to. Third, read some extracts. Lastly, speak what you read. And do this daily. Then you can find out where you have to improve yourself. Distribute time to each skill and practice accordingly.
  6. Read meticulously: Make a reading habit and read different texts to get familiar with French topics. Understand simple texts, notices, events, letters, etc. And grasp all the critical information to score well in the IGCSE French examination.
  7. Practice past year’s papers: You can understand the exam format of the IGCSE French curriculum with the help of past years’ papers. So, do consistent practice and answer different types of questions. And acquire an ability to solve questions in a preferred time.
  8. Find a native French speaker: You can take help from a native French speaker. So, it will aid you in how to get excel in all four papers.
In the end

You don’t have to stress out. Practice daily and learn what is essential to score an A* in the IGCSE exam. The more you focus on learning, the more you engage with your curriculum. So, indulge yourself in all the activities that help you to retain or remember IGCSE French concepts easily. You can contact us to hire IGCSE Tutors for English, French, Spanish, German, Hindi & Arabic too.

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