ib maths hl paper 2

How to score Seven in IB Maths HL

I have already written a post on how to score 7 in IB Maths HL. Other than this a lot of articles and posts are available on the internet for the same topic. But, I know many students who spoil their grades because of paper 2 or paper 3. Our IB Maths Tutors has written this post especially about doing an excellent preparation for IB Maths HL Paper 2 and 3.

ib maths hl paper 2

How to score Seven IB Maths HL Paper 1, 2 and 3-

Both paper one and paper two have the same weight  120 marks (30% of the total for each). Students should finish both the papers in 120 minutes each. Paper 3 has only a 20 % weight of the total of 60 marks. Students should finish paper 3 in 60 min. No calculators are allowed in paper 1 while students can use Graphic display calculator (GDC) on paper two and three, but it is not necessary that every question require the use of GDC. Every problem has a different difficulty level so they all may have different marks of weight. Weight of each question is mentioned in front of the question.

Sections and Time Limits-

There are two sections of 60 marks each in paper two. Section A is meant to test the knowledge and understanding of the student across the whole syllabus. Section B is intended to test the students’ knowledge of the core in depth. Almost all the questions in this section show inclination in difficulty level. They are easy at the start, but they become difficult as students’ proceed with them. Paper three consists of a small number of compulsory extended-response questions based on the option. Students choose an optional topic for paper 3 like Calculus, Probability, etc. 20% of the total weight is assigned to IB Internal Assessment

Be ready with your calculator and IB Maths HL formula booklet-

There is a clear marking in your book that which question is calculator based and which is not. When you study in your school or with your IB Online Tutors, you should solve each paper 2 questions using your GDC. Don’t forget to set it’s unit properly like degree or radians. You must be familiar with every function of your calculator like- finding Normal Distribution z value from probability, Find local minimum and maximum from a graph, Find the intersection between 2 curves, Solving equations using graphs. Our IB Maths Tutors organize free online workshops to help students with their GDC. You can fix your seat by commenting on this post.

Don’t ignore the material you don’t understand-

You should never take anything lightly. Every part of the syllabus should be on your finger’s tips. If you are lagging behind in some topics, you must seek help from IB home tutors or Online Tutors. We can help you with every small thing you are not understanding.

Revise again and again and do past papers-

Complete your syllabus as soon as possible so that you get plenty of time to review everything. Do more and more difficult questions from outside the book. Do practice past year papers. Write to us to get past year papers and their explanations for free.

Challenging questions-

It doesn’t matter how well prepared you are or how much practice you have done. You will always find a few questions which are grueling for you. Don’t involve yourself in an inoperable fight with them. Solve the rest of your paper calmly and then get back to them. There must be a way to unriddle them. You can start them. You must be at least knowing the formula to solve them. If you can take a start, you might get the solution.

Be Clear with the observations and Graphs-

Write your answers in the correct form and up to correct the number of decimal places. Be clear with graphs and coordinates. Show proper results with your GDC. You can also go through my previous post here-



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