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    IGCSE Arabic Tutors

    • IB Elite Tutor provide expert tutors that enhance your knowledge. And provide unique ways to tackle all the problems with ease.
    • And also connects you with teaching professionals across the world with the help of online tutoring. International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) provides coherent learning.
    • IGCSE learners are additionally adaptive and imperiled to multinational manners of wisdom, making their growth into worldwide institutes easier and sooner.
    IGCSE Arabic Tutors

    IGCSE Arabic Tuition for 9th and 10th

    1.  Board IGCSE is a great option for 9th and 10th students. With IB Elite Tutor, they learn from the best teachers worldwide, sitting at home.
    2. At IB Elite Tutor, we endow IGCSE online tutoring through Skype and a whiteboard. IB Elite Tutor encourages a student to become a global learner, whereas IGCSE encourages logic-based reasoning.
    3. Apart from this, IGCSE assesses students on more than just examination techniques. It encourages in-depth learning of subjects to students.
    4. On the other hand, IGCSE Arabic relinquishes various statuses of mastery by proposing the option of foundational Arabic and extended Arabic.
    5. It is for the students who want to learn Arabic as a foreign language. The syllabus for IGCSE Arabic fabricates in an international outlook format.
    6. However, it endeavors to retain a local relevance for each region. Also, the IGCSE has developed its syllabus for an international student bodies and steers clear of any cultural bias.
    7. Students whose first language is Arabic have to choose the Cambridge IGCSE First Language Arabic syllabus. This First Language syllabus develops learners’ ability to communicate accurately and effectively.
    8. You can study Arabic either as your first or second language.
    9. Basic things taught in this subject are grammar, how to use the language while in conversation, sentence formation, translations, writing emails, letters, articles, etc., in Arabic.

    IGCSE Arabic Examination overview

    As for the exam, you need to appear for 4 papers. All four papers test modern standard Arabic and are compulsory. 

    • Paper 1 is based on listening skills. They will provide you with a tape recording. You need to listen to several recordings and answer multiple-choice questions and matching questions. This paper is of 40 marks, and the time given to complete this paper is 45 minutes.
    • Paper 2 is based on reading skills. They will provide you with paragraphs and texts. Here you need to read several texts and answer multiple-choice and matching questions and questions. It would help if you kept in mind to answer the questions short and on point. This paper consists of 45 marks. And students have only 1 hour to complete it.
    • Paper 3 will test your speaking skills. Schools will internally assess this paper. Here you need to complete one role-play and conversations on two topics. This paper consists of 40 marks. The time given to complete this paper is approx 10 minutes.
    • Paper 4 is based on your writing skills. Here you need to complete one form-filling task, one directed writing task, and one task in the format letter, email, or an article/blog. This paper consists of 45 marks. And students have only 1 hour to complete it.

    Fundamental Specialties of Arabic Language

    • Magical And Fascinating are the two words that describe the Arabic language.
    • It is composed of 29 letters or 28 letters. It has a difference of opinion. As a reason for that, the first letter Aleph is a combination of two ا ء )
    • You have a very high probability of picking any 3 letters randomly and coming up with at least one or up to six different meaningful words plus many more, depending on how it’s pronounced.
    • Mostly sentences are formed only from one word. For instance, the word mentioned in Qur’an (أنلزمكموها) has an English meaning: “Shall we (God) compel you (plural) to accept it.” So, the language is extremely concise.
    • Qur’an, as a 1450 years old text, is a single & unique book that the modern formal Arabic language is built around and preserved.
    • Qur’an, the only preserved Arabic written text since 1450 years, is surprisingly the most sophisticated Arabic text. No other Arabic text could ever rival it. It was interpreted in hundreds of Arabic written volumes, linguistically, historically, in biographies, ethically, in prose, poetry, and nowadays, you find interpretation trends on scientific and mathematical implications in Qur’an.
    • The Arabic language was primarily preserved because of Qur’an, grammatical rules were derived from it, and the Arabic science of phonetics was based on it.
    • Muslims strongly believe that Qur’an is God/Allah’s final revelation to earth. And that it was particularly revealed in Arabic. As a reason for that, the special characteristics and divinity of Arabic.

    Rare attributes of IB Elite Tutor

    • Our IGCSE Arabic Tutors are well qualified, experienced, passionate, and skilled in their specific field.
    • IGCSE Arabic Tutors make the students fall in love with the subject they teach and develop the desire for learning. 
    • Tutors also offer individualized classes both offline and online mode.
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    • We take constant mock tests, revisions, and doubt clarifying classes.
    • Our IGCSE Arabic Tutors can make you understand the topic more readily by commemorating their time to focus only on you. With the help of our tutors, you will complete your syllabus before the course ends.
    • Help you out to do subject-specific goals.
    • Motivate the students to create a versatile personality that will help them stay vigilant throughout the learning process.
    • IGCSE Arabic Tutors provide cost-friendly online and offline tutoring.
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    • IGCSE Arabic Tutors enables the students to acknowledge the unique features of education. So, all the students and their parents get timely feedback on their child’s performance and growth.
    • Moreover, our experienced professionals are committed to their work and teach students with great concern.
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