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    IB ESS Tutors

    IB ESS Tutors by IB Elite Tutor

    Our IB ESS Tuition classes help by following ways-

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    IB ESS (Environmental Systems and Societies) is an optional interdisciplinary subject that IBO offers. ES&S helps students to develop a coherent outlook between societies and environmental systems. ES&S is only available at the SL level, and it requires 150 hrs of teaching.

    IB Elite Tutor is an academic organization that provides a pool ofIB ESS Tuition knowledge and a better understanding of the surrounding. International Baccalaureate has many branches/schools all over the world. IB ESS Tutors have been providing high-Quality education for many years.

    IB Elite Tutor provides tuitions for various subjects, including ESS that are Environmental systems and societies. ESS is a multidisciplinary subject which deals with a wide range of scientific, ethical, and socio-political aspects. Studying ESS will help the students to understand and evaluate the complex nature of society.

    Consequently, ESS is a kind of subject that requires deep study and understanding. As a result, many students find it challenging to study ESS. Apart from that, in India, we don’t have many specialized tutors for ESS. And here is where IB ESS TUTORS plays a pivotal role IB ESS ONLINE TUTORS gives access to experiential learning. IB ESS online tutors enable the students’ ample benefits.  Our IB ESS online tutors cover all the curriculum according to the student’s niche. 

    IB ESS Examination Pattern

    IB Environmental Science and Societies is assessed at two levels.

    • External Assessment (Written exams)
    • Paper 1 consists of 35 marks and has a duration of 60 mins. It is mainly based on a case study. This paper has an extensive booklet having a case study and short answer-type questions.
    • While Paper 2 has 65 marks and a duration of 120 mins. It has short questions and two essays out of 4
    • Internal Assessments (IB ESS IA) 

    Notable Benefits of opting IB ESS Tutors

    There are innumerable benefits of opting for IB ESS online tuitions, as IB online tutors always aim at result-oriented preparations. The salient features are as follows :

    • Better knowledge and understanding of ESS.
    • Guides the students to improve knowledge and skills. 
    •  One on One class allows the students personalized learning.
    • develop critical analytical skills in students 
    • It provides written notes that demonstrate facts and concepts.
    • Conducts weekly assessments.
    • To ESS classes from any corner of the world.
    • IB ESS online tutors follow a shared core curriculum.
    • Can Avail Topic-wise solve notes and assignments?

     Understanding ESS Environmental systems and society is a transdisciplinary subject associated with the science and humanities group. As mentioned, ESS is the study of the environment and society that requires deep study and knowledge. For this reason, IB ESS online tuitions are the best option for students as they will get a chance to explore great learning. IB ESS online tuitions teach the student after a thorough research work. Thus helping the students to learn the subject more clearly and in-depth.

       Guides the students to improve knowledge and skills 

     The best part of IB online ESS tuitions is their friendly environment. IB online ESS tuitions are designed to increase and improve students’ skills and knowledge through the medium of a friendly environment. 

    Specifically, IB ESS Tutors ensure to guide and motivate students in their studies. IB online ESS tuitions are suitable for those who want deep knowledge and good scores in their exams. IB online tuitions have professional and knowledgeable facilitators who guide the students according to the exam pattern. One on One class allows the students personalized learning. One class is the best feature of IB online ESS tuitions, as it helps the students to have constant attention. And when it comes to ESS subjects, extra focus is required.  

    IB online tutors develop critical analytical skills in students. 

    IB Environmental systems and society is designed to instill students’ knowledge about society and the environment. Hence, to improve this IB, Online tutor uses different methodologies that develop critical analytical skills. This brings out incredible results and changes in students.

    Written notes that demonstrate facts and concepts

    As we know, ESS is the study of interrelations of the environment and societies, which requires a unique set of ideas to study global issues. For this reason, students need extra knowledge about the topics, keeping in mind IB online ESS tuitions provides written notes to students. Moreover, notes are thoroughly research-based, demonstrating facts and concepts in simple language. 

    Conducts weekly assessments 

    We know studying ESS is not everyone’s cup of tea. Like all other subjects, it entails some extra hard work. So to prepare the students for their ultimate goal of scoring well in exams, IB online ESS tuitions take weekly assessments to know the learning pace of students. This also helps them to access students’ weekly performance. Thus preparing the students for the final battle.

    Access to ESS classes from any corner of the world 

    IB online tuitions aim to provide quality education worldwide. For this purpose, IB classes are entirely online, which paves the way to higher reach. IB online ESS tuitions are very flexible. Hence students can learn from anywhere at their preferred time. This creates a web of learning that allows the willing and needy students to study and pursue their dreams. 

    IB ESS online tutors follow a shared core curriculum.

    One of the significant problems of every student while looking for tuition is the curriculum. Many students don’t follow the school curriculum. They mostly take classes according to the set of topics only. Fortunately, IB online tuitions stand out entirely because of their shared core curriculum. IB online ESS tuitions have been separately designed based on students’ needs. Apart from this, they also add extra research works according to the requirement of the students.

    Can Avail Topic wise solved notes and assignments 

    Notes and Assignments are one of the essential parts of every curriculum. And most of the students find difficulty while preparing assignments. Unfortunately, half of their marks depend on assignments. IB online ESS tuitions provide solved notes based on the previous year’s question papers. Besides this, they also lend a helping hand for preparing assignments. Hence it allows the students to feel stress-free which ultimately increases their productivity and interest in the subject. 

    Salient Features of IB ESS Tutors

    • On-time syllabus completion
    • Comprehensive revision of the whole syllabus
    • Chapter End tests, Unit tests, half syllabus & complete syllabus tests
    • Timely feedback and parent engagement
    • Punctuality and regularity in the delivery of classes
    • Mock tests and past years papers solving
    • TAT- technology added teaching
    • 24*7 availability through Whatsapp, Skype, and email

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