Benefits of studying IB Maths HL or SL

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ib maths hl sl

Some people like this subject while a few are not that comfortable with it. Depending upon their interest and comfort level, people choose either IB Maths HL SL.  But do you know? You wake up in the morning by using math. Yes! The first thing you do when you wake up is watching time. It is math which tells you time. You cannot read the hands-on analog clock without math. Till we wake up to sleep, we use math in most of the situations, either knowingly or unknowingly. With this example, I want to tell you two things.

(i) Your choice of IB Maths HL SL should not depend upon your liking/disliking or fear/love for the subject. It should have some more relevant reasons/parameters

(ii) You can avoid Maths as a subject but it will always be with you as a tool which will help you to learn other subjects like IB Physics HL SL, IB Chemistry HL SL, IB Biology HL SL, IB economics HL SL, etc.

What is Mathematics? 

All of us know mathematics as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in some way or other. That is true from one perspective. But with another perspective mathematics is finding patterns. Finding a pattern means a connection, a structure, some regularity or rules that govern everything. And then representing these patterns with the language.  All the creations on the earth are governed by mathematics. Even insects use mathematics to build their houses. Bees, the master of geometry, build their honeycomb in hexagonal shapes. Spiders use math to design their webs, Snails build shells. Leaves, flowers, and trees grow with the Fibonacci sequence. Even some animals like rabbits give birth to the Fibonacci sequence.

Benefits of studying IB Maths HL SL in career and other subjects

IB Maths HL SL is crucial for almost all professions. Be it a doctor or engineer, a cook or a carpenter, a mechanic or musician, a magician or a scientist, a farmer or a shopkeeper. All of them use mathematics in their profession. It is mathematics that helps them to do their work with perfection. Math plays a crucial role when we try to comprehend other school subjects. If you want to have command over Science subjects like physics and chemistry, you need math to grasp their content well. Not only science subjects, even if you want to understand Accounts, economics, music, and art too, but you also have to use math in some or other way.

Maths Develops an aptitude that helps in many ways

Mathematics develops our brains in many aspects. Some of the aspects are the power of reasoning, abstract thinking, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving ability and ultimately generate decision-making ability. Math helps our thought processes to work systematically. All these abilities, in turn, help us to nurture effective communication skills and great decision power.

Stanford University showed in research that, those who know math well can recruit some brain regions more reliably. They also have more gray matter in their brains than those who perform poorly in math. Even the same parts of the brain that help you do math are involved in decision making attention processes.

Maths All around us

Math is everywhere wherever we see. We live in a mathematically driven world. So, living in such a world and not knowing math is like walking some art gallery with a piece of cloth tapped around our eyes. That we cannot see the beauty of the gallery. Just like that without knowing math, we won’t be able to see the beauty of this world. Math runs everything around us. If we’d look into it we will know more about it. When we look around us we see gadgets that use mathematical working. Such as when we are all set to take a bath we turn on the geyser, then we stand under the shower or open the tap all this use math to function as we do. Moreover, math connects us with the world.

For example, we can get in touch with a friend sitting hundreds and thousands of kilometers away by the internet that uses binary numbering. Cell phones also work on mathematical analysis of numbers and applications.

Apart from these math couples traveling also. Yes, mostly all of the means of transportation are made using math. Public transports like airplanes, buses, and trains, etc. are designed with math. Including, their carrying capacity, speed, scheduled timing, etc. Public transports like cars, motor-bikes, and cycles also use mathematical working to function. That’s how math runs the world.

Also, math is the universal language that every part of the world understands. Math does not change as a country does. It remains constant.

Mathematics is indeed nothing but some numbers, operations, equations, formulas, and Greek letters. But that makes a whole language within. For example 2+2=4, it won’t change to 2+2=5 ever. This is how math connects the world and runs it.

Future aspects of IB Maths HL SL study

There sure will be more representation of math in the future. As we have talked about in this article earlier. That math is the language of the world. We know that the future is nothing other than globalization and technology. Math balances both. It gives us a new direction as it increases our logical reasoning and analytic thinking.

Even in schools, in colleges, there will be a revolution that would represent mathematics on a clearer note. They will teach a new way and math would be involved.

IB Maths HL SL is still in use and representation but the future world will witness it more. Even the scientists and mathematicians are discovering ways to visit planets other than earth in the future by the use of math with other subjects.

Math is magical. It can help us resolve the secrets of the universe as many claims. Not all of knows this but something that math withholds is exceptional. Math is the subject of the world for sure but it is a universe that carries many worlds in its lap.

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