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IB Chemistry Tutors in Delhi are choosen from top IB schools. IB Elite Tutor has a group of teachers really dedicated towards their work. We offer IB Chemistry Tuition in Delhi with experts who are well aware with the latest tutoring technology and they feel pride in helping their students.

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    IB Chemistry Tutors in Delhi

    • Chemistry is a subject that is often required for many higher education courses. There are two levels of IB Chemistry: Standard level (SL) and higher level (HL). Core and internal assessment plans for IB Chemistry HL and SL are the same.
    • Our IB Chemistry Tutors in Delhi have developed a well-structured study plan that helps them learn consistently. Since it is a practical subject, We take great care in explaining the ideas in detail. Our IB Chemistry tutors in Delhi check how well their students are doing in school by giving them tests and homework.
    • IB Elite Tutor has decided to offer IB chemistry classes 24/7 in Delhi. We’re proud of our large staff of IB Chemistry Tutors in Delhi, who work hard to help their students learn the basics of IB chemistry.
    • This usually means helping them figure out how to balance complex equations, symbols, chemical formulas, laws, and mathematical calculations. Like with other subjects, IB Elite Tutor its expert faculty of IB Chemistry Tutors in Delhi through a careful interview process that looks at their level of education, how well they can teach IB students, how much they know about Chemistry, and how they act.

    HL SL Syllabus discussed in our IB Chemistry Tuition in Delhi

    The IB Chemistry curriculum is made up of 11 sections with different topics:

    • Relationships in Stoichiometry
    • Atomic Structure
    • Periodicity
    • Structure and Chemical Bonds
    • Energetics/Thermochemistry
    • Chemistry in Motion
    • Equilibrium
    • Acids and bases are two types of chemicals.
    • Redox Processes
    • Organic science
    • Measurements and Processing of Data

    Our experienced IB Chemistry Tutors in Delhi show how important chemistry is in everyday life and how deep it is as a science. With these strategies, students learn the subject, stay in touch with their classmates’ needs, and can understand even the most difficult material.

    IExam Pattern Explained by our IB Chemistry Tutors in Delhi

    Like Chemistry SL, Chemistry HL has 3 papers. Here’s how they’re put together:

    • Paper 1 is worth 40 points and takes an hour.
    • Paper 2 is worth 95 points and takes 2 hours and 15 minutes.
    • Paper 3 is worth 45 points and takes 1 hour and 15 minutes.

    The multiple-choice examination is Paper 1.

    Each question provides you with approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds. Therefore speed is essential for success. You cannot use a calculator on this exam, but you are provided with a “chemical data booklet” containing all the formulas, values, and data necessary to complete the exam. This test can be difficult without a calculator, but practicing mental math and memorizing information are excellent strategies to save time and give yourself more time to focus on questions that would be difficult without a calculator.

    Structured written-response questions are all over Paper 2

    the most rigorous and difficult IB test. This test is hard because you only have about 1 minute and 25 seconds to answer each question. Free-response questions can be hard to answer in a short amount of time. This is why most students fail this paper. Unlike paper 1, however, this one lets you use calculators and the data booklet.

    Paper 3 is different from the other papers because it has two parts.

    Section A only has one question, but it has many subquestions and is based on data. This question tests how much the student knows chemistry works in the real world. Section B has short and long answer questions, and the ideas you’ll be tested on depending on which HL course option you choose.

    Internal Assessments & Extended Essay

    Often, students need help finding the research question. Sometimes, writing the draft or final essay takes a lot of work. Our IB Chemistry Tutors in Delhi give feedback to show students the right way to do things. While taking into account that students did this independent research. IAs are a great way to prepare for the IB exams and get a high score. Since our tutors have helped with thousands of IBs, they can help you improve yours. They can give you the oral feedback you need to improve your IA.

    Why should You Choose Us?
    • Experts in IB Chemistry

    When we refer to “IB experts,” we mean IB teachers and examiners compensated for their duties. Our IB Chemistry Tutors in Delhi have taught at foreign schools worldwide. Therefore they are knowledgeable. Therefore, they have been taught to assist students in improving their grades. Most significantly, they understand how to assist pupils in performing as well as possible on their final IB exams. Therefore, instead of being IB grads, they have extensive experience teaching IB.

    • Standard level and higher

    All of our IB teachers teach all levels of the IB. This means that our IB Chemistry Tutors in Delhi help students in SL and also teach at the HL level. We talk about every IB subject as our teachers teach it daily. Most importantly, we want your lessons to be taught by someone who knows what they are doing.

    • Studying for an exam

    All of our teachers who help with Chemistry review are trained by the IB, and some are also qualified IB examiners. In a nutshell, this means they know exactly what students need to be ready for. Most importantly, they can help students with the hardest parts of the IB exam and guide them through their last study rounds.

    • Help Needed with IB Chemistry

    We know that students with special needs need more attention in school as they have to find and use strategies that are just right for them. So, we have a variety of tutors who are experts in helping students with special education needs.


    Our IB chemistry tutors in Delhi run real experiments in a high-tech lab to get our students interested in the subject and motivated to work hard on it. In addition, to live experiments, our unique IB Chemistry tutors employ highly integrated novel teaching methods such as PPT presentations via slide shows, animated films, and audio-visual presentations to clarify a particular idea or legislation and make a monotonous session more engaging.

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