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    IB Business Management Tutors

    How do our IB Business Management Tutors Help

    Our IB Business Management Tutors use a lot of tricks to help support their students. Before starting the syllabus, we make our students understand the IB business management syllabus assessment and examination pattern for may 24 assessment.

     IBO has been offering two courses to IB Diploma program students

    1.  IB BM Higher LeveL & 
    2.  IB BM Standard Level

    HL and SL courses have two types of assessments: external assessment, which carries 80% of total marks for HL & 70 % for SL, and internal assessment, which takes 20% of total marks for HL & 30 % for SL. The IB Business Management HL course has three papers on external assessments, while the IB BM SL course has only two papers.

    IB BM HL paper 1 has a total time of 1 hour and 30 minutes and carries 25% of total marks. BM HL paper 2 takes 1 hour and 45 minutes and 30% of total marks. IB BM HL paper 3 has a time of 1 hour 15 minutes, and it carries 20% of total marks.

    IB BM PapersTime Duration for HLTotal Weight for HL Time Duration for SLTotal Weight for SL
    IB BM Paper 11 hr 30 mins 25 % weight of total1 hr 15 mins 35 % of total weight
    IB BM Paper 21 hr 45 min30 % weight of total1 hr 15 mins 35 % of total weight
    IB BM Paper 31 hr 15 min25 % of total weightNo Paper 3 for SLNo Paper 3 for SL
    IB BM Internal Assessment20 hrs / deadline set by schools20% weight of total20 hrs / deadline set by schools30% weight of total
    IB BM Assessment Overview for both HL & SL

    Business Management SL Assessment Overview

    IB BM SL course has a time of 1 hour 15 minutes and 35% of total marks for papers one and 2. A student is expected to study the entire curriculum. Still, as IB Business Management Tutors, we have experienced that the Management section has maximum weightage.

    In contrast, the minimum weightage for the Human resource management and Finance and account sections is the minimum. Many students tell us that they find the business strategy section the most difficult, While the nature of the business activity and Types of organization sections are the most straightforward. While preparing for your IB BM examination, you must keep these facts in your mind to channel your energy in the best possible way.

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    Syllabus Covered in our IB Business Management Tuition Classes

    The entire IB business management course syllabus is divided into the following sections

    1. Business organization and environment – it carries a total of 15% weightage

    This section has again has four sub-sections. nature of the business activity, types of organizations, organization objectives, and stakeholders in a business

    2. Human Resource Management– it carries 10% weightage. 

     This section again has four subsections. Function and evolution of Human Resource Management, organization structure and design, leadership and Management motivation, and human needs. 

    3. Finance and account– it has a total of 15% weight.

    This action again has four sections—source of Finance, cost and revenues, profit and statement, balance sheet, and ratio analysis.

    4. Marketing– This section has a total weightage of 15%.

     There are following sub-sections in this section. role of marketing, marketing planning, market research, and target marketing, the 4Ps of marketing ( Product, price, promotion place)

    5. Operational Management– a total weight of 15%

     The nature of operations and Management, production methods, quality management, and location decisions are the sub-sections of operational Management. 

    6. Business strategy– This section has a maximum weightage of 30% .

    Here are the sub-sections to business strategy- strategic planning process, competitive environment, growth and evolution of business, and decision-making Tools and techniques. Before starting the IB BM tuition classes, we must know the syllabus. 

    Though topics are the same for both HL and SL courses, they are delivered at a difficulty level that is entirely different for both HL and SL. may study the same concept in both courses, but the death of his study will be more for HL student and less for SL students. There are some questions wholly based on theory, while there are some questions where calculations are also involved.

    How do our IB Business Management Online Tutors help for Paper 1

    Here are a few methods that our IB Business Management Tutor uses while delivering classes to their students for paper one. 

    • Paper one is based on a pre-release case study called Piecewick University. You must go through this case study and understand it very well. Try to understand the meaning of every word used in this case study. 
    • Write mock tests, identify the areas where you can score well, and understand the Paper 1 structure. 
    • Make a note of the people mentioned in the case study. Identify their roles and understand their responsibilities. 
    • Use SWOT and STEEPLE Analysis. Note down the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the case study.
    • Understand the flow of events in the case study. Focus on its strengths in the past and the challenges that can be faced in the future. 
    • Create groups, search the internet, and get help from fellow students. Also, use YouTube videos and podcasts. Try to understand the case study as much as possible. 

    Let us have a look at our methodologies for Paper Two

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    Our IB Business Management Tutor uses the following methods to ensure their students get full IB BM Paper Two marks. 

    1. Our IB BM Tutors ensure every student understands the question paper structure correctly. There are three sections in paper two.
    2. Section A and B are there for both HL and SL, while section C is only for HL students (CUEGIS Essay)
    3. Sections A & B have data response questions based on a case study.
    4. We advise every student to go through the case study 2-3 times calmly before you start your questions. All the answers are there in the case study only.
    5. We give our students a lot of mock case studies and discuss case studies from past exams.
    6. This helps our students apply their IB BM concepts while writing the examination.
    7. Our IB BM Online Tutor teaches you to apply SWOT and STEEPLE Analysis in case studies. This helps you to develop structured learning. 
    8. There is no need to write very detailed and long answers for questions that don’t have high weightage. 
    9. Use a balanced approach and discuss all the possible aspects of your answers.
    10. Be careful with your conclusion and investigate all sides before concluding. 
    11. Our IB Business Management Tutors train students to use all tools, concepts, and business theories to make an accurate case study of a business firm of their choice.
    12. Get the best quality IB Business Management Tuition and get a 7 in IB Business Management HL & SL.

     Help for Section C: CUEGIS Essay

    CUEGIS is meant for Change, Culture, Ethics, Globalization, Innovation, and Strategy. In section C, BM students are supposed to write a business management essay. It is, in fact, a good opportunity for the students to score marks. Here is a set of suggestions by IB BM Tutors to get full marks in section C. 

    1. You must consider a real-world company based on your interests and relate it to CUEGIS concepts. 
    2. Write your essay in a structured way, starting with an introduction. The introduction must clearly explain what you will discuss in your article. 
    3. Write your points in the body section in different paragraphs, give arguments in support, & conclude that point in the same paragraph before moving to the following topic and the next paragraph.
    4. Use numbers, facts, and real-life examples to support your arguments. Try to make things clear as much as possible. 
    5. Discuss the company’s positive and negative aspects like a neutral business analyst. Avoid favoritism
    6. Conclude reasonably. 
    Notable features of our IB BM Tutors
    1. We help our students understand the Syllabus & how to write answers in the examination.
    2. We teach in a unique way to provide the most Conceptual Clarity.
    3. Our team is highly qualified and trained & we deliver Customized tutoring to each student.
    4. We only work with senior IB school teachers and examiners who can help you develop an excellent IB BM internal assessment / extended essay.
    5. We teach our students how to relate their theoretical knowledge to real-world business challenges.
    6. Our IB BM Online Tutors train students in time management to utilize their time to prepare for exams and finish their papers on time.
    7. Our team offers many online resources and other study materials that can aid in a student’s understanding of the subject.
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