How to get the best results from your Online IB Tuition

IB Elite Tutor works with its motive to “Develop a passion for learning”. We are a premier tutoring institute that has been founded in 2011 to provide Online IB tuitions and IB tuitions in Delhi, to the students of International Baccalaureate, IB MYP, IB IA, IB DP (all Groups-HL, SL), Cambridge A&AS Level, O-level, IGCSE/GCSE, SAT/ACT (all subjects) in this competitive time with the most experienced, trained and qualified online IB tuitions experts. Our online ib tuitions are carried in the simplest way.

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A few tips for online IB tuition-

But to get the best results with our Online IB Tutors, students need to take care a few small things. Here are a few suggestions for the students who are willing to take online IB tuition

Enroll early For your Online IB tuition

Students should enroll early for their online IB Tutoring so that the tutors can get enough time to work with them. This way tutors can finish their syllabus before time and students get more time to revise and practice. There are students who start their tuitions even before their schools start the sessions. This gives the students an edge over their friends who are only dependent on classroom learning

Attempt homework before online IB tuition session-

Students must finish their school homework before the start of their online tutoring session. So that they know which topics they are not understanding properly, what are their doubts and what questions they are going to ask their tutors. If they know their doubts before the Online IB Tutoring starts, they can save a lot of time. You can share questions that you want to discuss, with your tutors on Whatsapp, that you want to discuss with your tutors

Be Ready with textbook, notebook, and calculator-

Students should keep all required books, one extra pen required extra material like a graph or so, with them while taking online tutoring sessions. If they are taking online tuitions for subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Economics, etc, they should keep their Formula booklet with them and make a habit of checking formulas from it during the sessions. Your GDC calculator should be properly charged and in working conditions.

Log-in your Skype before online IB tuition start-

Students should log in to their Skype or Zoom account a few minutes before the session starts. So that they can check if the internet is working properly or not. They should avoid all distractions from the place where they will sit during their online IB tuitions. Students must respect their virtual classroom as they do with their physical classroom. They must buy a good quality headset. It’s an important tool. Better quality will help in better communication, ending in better results for them

Take notes carefully during your online IB tuition

You should listen to your tutor respectfully and carefully. It’s better to take proper notes of each topic taught. You can request your tutors to give you a few questions to solve during the class. You can try that question and share the solution with your tutor through Whatsapp or any other similar platform. So that your tutor can gauge if you are understanding the topic properly or not.

Don’t hesitate to ask during the sessions

You tutor will only come to know about your doubts when you will tell him about this. So you must be very vocal in your online IB tuitions. You should focus on your tutor and respond to him properly. This is the primary requirement for an interactive and successful tutoring session. The more you ask doubts, the more benefit you will get from our tutoring sessions

If the session is lengthy, take the break

Usually, our online IB tuition sessions are only one-hour long that is not very hectic. But if you are doing a lengthy session (two-hour or more), then you should request your teacher to give you a break for 5-6 minutes so that you can refresh yourself. During this break, you should close your eyes and take rest. You can only get benefit from these sessions if your mind is completely refreshed.

Write tests on a regular basis

Our Ib tutors believe in many levels of testing. They take Chapter-end test after finishing one chapter, Unit-test after completing three chapters, Half-syllabus test and Full syllabus Mock test. Students are advised to take these tests very seriously and write them on a regular basis to get the maximum benefit from our Online IB tuitions.

Exam material, notes, and Past year IB papers

Here comes the real benefit of IB Elite Tutor’s online IB tuitions. You get assignments and notes after each chapter and many difficult questions during the sessions. You should practice with these notes and assignments and solve all your doubts with the help of our IB tutors. You get past year papers of last ten years along with their solutions. You should practice with them after finishing your syllabus. This will lead you to score a 7 in all your subjects.

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