Easy Tips for IB Students to Study at Home

Ten Easy Tips For IB Students to Study at Home

Studying at home is not easy because you have so many distractions. And in exam time, a good start is important. So, in this article, Our IB Online Tutors will tell you 10 crucial tips that help you to study effectively at home. And make a study schedule that brings you closer to your desired goals. Let’s get started!

Tips for IB Students-Find a Hushed Learning Space

One of the foremost tips for IB students is to find a learning space that is quiet and comfortable. And has no distractions at all. It helps you to concentrate on your studies properly. And make sure that your study zone or a corner is also clean and organized. Most importantly, it is surrounded by study materials, books, laptops, pens, etc. So, you don’t have to find things anywhere that you need. All these things help you to stay focused and enhance your academic performance.

 Compose a Dedicated Study Plan

Our tips for IB students urge them to make an effective study plan before bed. It helps you in organizing your subjects’ schedules. At which time do you have to study? And how much time do you have to spend on each subject? So, pen down all big and small tasks. And make a routine.

  • First, prioritize chapters or subjects for a week.
  • Stick to the schedule to complete your weekly target.
  • Mark the important topics or the toughest topics.
  • Give proper time to finish each topic.
  • Note down all the doubts and resolve them asap.
  • Revisit what you studied on the last day of the week.
  • Paste your timetable somewhere that you see clearly and that reminds you from time to time of your remaining tasks.

 Concentrate On the Most Important Tasks

Devote your time to tasks that are significant and require more energy. It helps you to break down your study schedule in a productive way. And then, you can give yourself time to energize yourself by relaxing or playing.

  • First, find the peak time that you feel more productive or your brain power has more active.
  • After finding that, set this time for tough calculations, complex concepts, and memorizing formulas.
  • Set a time limit and manage your study session to accomplish your task.
  • You can take the help of a timer to track how much time you spend on an answer.
  • Cover all the topics or sections each time that you fixed.
  • Give assignments and homework to complete in the last hours of your study schedule.
  • Make sure you set achievable targets to accomplish them promptly.
  • Stick to the deadline that you fixed. These are some of our tips for IB students.

 Engage With Your Learning Community & Be Consistent

Connect yourself with your classmates/peers/teachers. And communicate with them. They help you to clear your doubts or engage with your studies. Also, spend time with your friends to refresh yourself. And share strategies that improve your grades. It helps in reducing stress and keeping you motivated. On the other hand, do group study to establish a good sense of learning. Without dedication and consistency, you can’t achieve success. It is essential to make yourself busy with the things that help you stay consistent with your studies. For instance, patience, persistence, and practice.

  • Start with switching off your mobile phones or avoiding social media while studying.
  • Ignore distractions and save energy to reduce anxiety.
  • Make your study sessions shorter, i.e., 45 minutes or one hour.
  • Be self-disciplined.

 Make Handwritten Notes

What you write stays in your mind for a long time. So, make handwritten notes instead of using sticky notes or Google docs. This will lead to remembering or retaining concepts easily. Moreover, it is a study technique that strengthens your basic foundation. And you have more time to do other stuff. Besides, handwritten notes enhance your writing skills, help you grasp concepts easily, and minimize distractions. It helps you to stay focused and improve your academic performance.

 Steer Clear of Multitasking

Don’t be like Jack of all trades. Avoid multitasking because you cannot pay attention to all the chores simultaneously. And involved in one task at a time. Make sure to list all the topics you have to study and complete them individually. Simultaneously, identify your weak areas and give separate time to them. This will help to understand the concepts clearly. And saves your time and energy.

 Eat Well, Sleep Well & Stay Hydrated

Studying hard does not mean ignoring your meals and sleep. We never recommend doing late-night studies or skipping meals. Healthy snacks or meals nourish your body and mind. And you feel refreshed. So,

  • Start your day with a heavy breakfast.
  • Eat items that boost your memorizing power, i.e., nuts, seeds, chicken, green vegetables, beans, citrus fruits, eggs, etc.
  • Eat antioxidants and protein more.
  • Take a balanced diet, i.e., a good meal at the right time.
  • During the day, drink plenty of water at an equal time to stay hydrated.
  • Make yourself active and healthy by taking evening snacks.
  • Take nutritional meals that nurture your brain cells.
 Take a Break & do Some Physical Activity

Frequent breaks are necessary to refresh your mind and body. And physical activities play a crucial role in improving your mental ability. It diminishes laziness, and you feel active. So, after studying for long hours, take a break and do some physical activity. Like:

  • Take a long walk.
  • Play an outdoor game.
  • Do some stretching exercises.
  • Move around your home.
  • Enjoy the outside view.
  • Ride a bicycle.
  • Relax your brain muscles by staring at nature.  
Pamper Yourself

At last, reward yourself after accomplishing your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. So, pat your back and comfy yourself after completing your task by giving a prize. You feel satisfied, and it boosts your confidence as well. In conclusion, prioritize your tasks, break down your schedule properly, categorize all the tough or easy topics, be consistent, and keep motivated. On the other hand, don’t forget to eat well, stay fresh, and relax your mind for better concentration. Keep socializing and enjoying your study as well. Most importantly, wake up early and sleep on time for better results because a stitch in time saves nine. All the Best!

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