How to Get Good Marks in IGCSE Physics?

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Tips for getting good marks in IGCSE Physics?

IGCSE Physics for the students is the worst nightmare. It is the most challenging exam in the IGCSE. So, get yourself disciplined as early as possible and start taking help from our IGCSE Online Tuition because the time is running out.Start with collecting information about your IGCSE Physics coursework. And pay heed to:

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IGCSE Physics syllabus & Assessment Overview to get good marks in IGCSE Physics

First, look out for what you have to study. Second, make a checklist of all the topics you must cover. Third, mark them from the most difficult to the least difficult. Lastly, manage your time to study them effectively. You have to choose core (paper 1 & 3) or extended (paper 2 & 4) papers and from practical papers 5 or 6. Apart from this, understand the exam pattern:

  • Paper 1 is a core paper that contains 40 MCQs. It consists of 40 marks and has a time limit of 45 minutes.
  • Paper 2 is an extended paper that contains 40 MCQs. It consists of 40 prints and has a time limit of 45 minutes.
  • Paper 3 is a core theory paper that contains short answers and structured questions. It consists of 80 images and has a time limit of 1 hour & 15 minutes.
  • Paper 4 is an extended theory paper that contains short answers and structured questions. It consists of 80 marks and has a time limit of 1 hour & 15 minutes.
  • Paper 5 is a practical test that contains questions based on your practical skills. It consists of 40 marks and has a time limit of 1 hour & 15 minutes.
  • Paper 6 is an alternative to paper 5 which also contains questions based on your practical skills. It consists of 40 marks and has a time limit of 1 hour.
IGCSE Physics Tutors

In-depth subject knowledge & past papers 

  • In IGCSE Physics, you must deeply understand practicals and theory. Apart from this, you have to elevate your scientific knowledge.
  • And also understand all the drawbacks or benefits of technological developments. Take part in experiments and comprehend hypotheses.
  • So, you can easily acknowledge every point of your IGCSE Physics coursework.
  • You must familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and practice as many past year’s papers as possible. Also, keep endeavor to test yourself under the exam condition.
  • So, you can understand how much time you have to spend on each type of question. And also, due to past papers, there is a chance that you will get similar questions in your exam. 

Short-answer questions & structured questions & Command words 

  1. Acquire an ability to use a calculator with ease. If you can’t, you may waste your time during the exam. Try not to repeat facts while giving your answer.
  2. And don’t forget to provide only to-the-point answers according to the marking criteria. Apart from this, get a stronghold on all the Physics statements and laws.
  3. They’re the backbone of Physics. At last, read the whole question carefully and then underline all the keywords to write the answer effectively.
  4. IGCSE provides a complete guide to the students. So, they did not leave anything behind when studying for IGCSE Physics.
  5. Also, IGCSE always focuses on the command terms. For instance, estimate, discuss, sketch, deduce, suggest, state, describe, etc.
  6. For that reason, students correctly understand their meanings and write answers accordingly.
  7. And it is seen that most students lose their marks because they don’t get enough knowledge of the command terms. So, please don’t take them for granted and learn their meanings.

Use following Resources Properly

  1. Formula sheet: IGCSE provides you with the formula sheet before your examination. So, utilize it and make notes of it. Keep revising them and get familiarize yourself with them. And also, Physics formulas are the most significant thing in your coursework, and you don’t have any option to neglect them. So, use the formula sheet and memorize them.
  2. Physics videos: The more you watch, the more you retain. So, watch out for YouTube videos based on thermal physics, space physics, motions, etc. It is beneficial for you to relate them to real-life situations and then solve problems. Books are not the only thing that you have to focus on. Take time to explore the universe with the help of different sources. Else, you only become a bookworm. 
  3. Classroom lectures: Everything you learn in your classroom helps you in your examination. Just concentrate on what your teacher teaches you. Ask questions, resolve your queries, and comprehend the concept. So, utilize your class time as much as possible and avoid gossiping or chitchatting.
  4. IGCSE Physics tutors: If you want an A* in the IGCSE Physics examination, then take help from the suitable IGCSE Physics Tuition classes. They help you pass the exam with flying colors using test series, online study materials, mock tests, and revision sessions. So, you attain a perfect 9 in your IGCSE Physics examination quickly.

Topics that you should have to focus on

In the IGCSE Physics, the whole IGCSE Physics syllabus is treacherous, and the topics you should have to pay attention to:

  • Electricity and Magnetism: The trickiest issue of the IGCSE Physics. Please take a good stronghold on their key concepts. For instance, magnetic forces, magnetic fields, permanent magnets, electromagnets, electric charge, electric current, EMF, etc.
  • Waves: Acknowledge and identify the reasons behind transferring matter, transverse waves, reflection, refraction, diffraction, electromagnetic spectrum, etc. No need to worry about light and sound. Only focus on their properties.
  • Nuclear Physics: It doesn’t seem easy as you think. Just concentrate on the nucleus, atom, radioactivity, and half-life.
  • Forces, motion, and energy: Try to find out measuring techniques of physical quantities with accuracy. And also, understand all the essential vital terms of pressure, motion, work, power, momentum, forces, density, etc.
  • Space Physics: It is all about exploring the universe within the universe. So, Kick starts your journey to discover the amazing things that our universe contains. And comprehend the presence of many elements, rotation of material, gravitational attraction, and how galaxies are made. How did the Milky Way form? Etc.
  • Thermal Physics: It is all about states of matter and why they matter. So, understand the relationship between the particles. And dig deep into the properties of solids, liquids, and gases.

It is all about how to get good marks in the IGCSE Physics examination. So, don’t procrastinate, start early, fix your schedule, and don’t be overconfident. And also, take time to refresh your mind and retain concepts. You will surely get an A* in the IGCSE Physics examination. We are also providing help and support for almost all other major subjects with our Tutors for IGCSE Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business studies, etc.

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