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    AP Art History Tutors

    AP Art History is a unique curriculum that AP designs. You have to analyze or evaluate works of art via discussion, reading, observation, and research. Apart from this, you must also explore or investigate art history worldwide from prehistory to the present. Here is an AP Art History tutors who helps you understand those historical contexts, culture, theories, interpretations of art, techniques on art, the impact of materials, purpose, art making, etc. You can think critically and analyze art images to get a master’s in AP Art History.

    Why Choose our AP Art History Tutoring?

    Our AP Art History tutoring helps you become a better learner through the following:

    • Improving your analytical thinking.
    • Analyzing works of art from various cultures and eras.
    • Connecting to artistic traditions, practices, or styles in a work of art.
    • Understanding the meaning of a work of art.
    • Explaining and supporting the interpretation of a work of art.

    Our AP Online tutors outline all your problems and makes an organized curriculum. So you can comprehend your syllabus and complete it timely. The topic of the syllabus is as follows:

    1. Global Prehistory, 30,000-500 BCE
    2. Colonial Americas & Early Europe, 200-1750 CE
    3. Ancient Mediterranean, 3500 BCE-300 CE
    4. Indigenous Americas, 1000 BCE-1980 CE
    5. Americas & Later Europe, 1750-1980 CE
    6. Central & West Asia, 500 BCE-1980 CE
    7. The Pacific, 700-1980 CE
    8. Africa, 1100-1980 CE
    9. East, South, & Southeast Asia, 300BCE-1980 CE
    10. The Global Contemporary, 1980 CE to Present

    We give our best to cover all the topics of AP Art History as early as possible. So, you get a proper understanding of the various artistic traditions of cultures from prehistoric to the present. Also, you have time for revision and reviewing your syllabus.

    How Does AP Art History Tuition Prepare you for your Examination?

    AP Art History frameworks encourage the representation the works of art from myriad cultures. And you have to place these works in context with them and build relationships between them.

    So, our AP ART History tutors properly understands the AP Art History framework and enhances your historical thinking skills with the help of:

    • Contextual analysis
    • Artistic traditions
    • Attribution of unknown works
    • Comparison of works of art
    • Visual analysis
    • Art historical interpretations
    • Argumentation
    • Visual analysis of unknown works

    Apart from the above, we understand the AP Art History exam criteria. And keep endeavoring to fulfill all your exam needs through our well-experienced AP Art History faculty.

    AP Art History Exam Format

    It consists of 2 sections:

    1. Section 1 contains 80 MCQs with a weightage of 50% of the overall marks. And the time limit to complete this section is 60 minutes.
    2. Section 2 contains 6 free-response long and short essay questions. It carries a weightage of 50% of the overall marks. And the time limit to complete this section is 120 minutes.

    So, we help you to ace the above exam criteria by effectively incorporating the following ideas that your examiners’ want:

    • Interactions with other cultures
    • Purpose and audience
    • Culture
    • Processes, materials, and techniques
    • Interpretations and theories

    Key Characteristics of our services

    AP Art History tutor plays a major role in understanding and acing a subject. So, to keep this in mind, we endow well-experienced and highly qualified AP Art History tutors that:

    • Provide personalized attention
    • Cater to your specific needs and unique learning style
    • Have improved understanding
    • Increase or enhance your Art History knowledge
    • Plan your time effectively and prioritize your studying schedule
    • Endow tips and strategies to properly approach MCQs and free-response questions.
    • Concentrate on the evolution of various forms of art over the past years.
    • Make the subject interesting via whiteboard learning
    • Provide interactive sessions
    • Solve all your queries via WhatsApp or Email
    • Connect you to your curriculum
    • Provide 24*7 assistance
    • Help in your assignments and worksheets
    • Provide study materials
    • Endow whiteboard teaching

    Explore the Ins & Outs of Art History Through Our experts

    We always encourage our tutors as well as students. So, they improve their knowledge in their respective fields. Apart from this, our AP Art History Tutors leave no stone unturned. So, you can easily comprehend the following:

    • Prehistoric art techniques
    • Methods and theories of an early art-making
    • Historical interpretation
    • Ancient empires’ culture
    • The role of royalty & religion in the early art
    • The influence or effect of the outside cultures.
    • Ongoing effect and literary legacy on artistic traditions
    • Influences on Islamic, Christian, and Jewish art
    • Age of colonialism and exploration
    • Patronage and philosophical thinking
    • Developmental effect of urbanization and industrialization.
    • The expressions of cultural exchange
    • Ancient American artifacts and architecture
    • Ceremonial and functional roles of art
    • Influence of African art
    • Influence of global and trade
    • Social stratification and the role of court life
    • Materials and forms used in Pacific art
    • Cultural and ritual importance of artifacts
    • Various audiences and venues for art
    • New theories of criticism
    • New types of artists
    • And many more topics…

    Affordable and Interactive Online Learning?

    In this digital world, everything becomes possible in terms of learning new things. You can easily learn a new skill and prepare for the Examination in the comfort of your home. All you need is a good internet connection, a laptop or a desktop, a webcam, and headphones. Online learning, you get 24*7 assistance; it saves your transportation costs and provides greater flexibility and live sessions. Apart from the above, through online learning, you learn from subject matter experts and remove your queries at your pace. Also, get your study materials and progress report in no time. So, opting for online learning makes your study convenient and interactive. And you never disappoint by opting for it.

    What Else do you Want?

    Our mission is to enhance and boost your morale with the help of our skilled AP Art History faculty. And meets all your study needs.  We proffer the best tutoring platform in which our experts are committed to their work. And makes you a better and a confident learner. So, take your time with your free demo session now. Save time! Enrol Now!

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