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  • IB is a two-year International Baccalaureate program. It teaches students from numerous continents. Though challenging, it gives you the real-life knowledge needed for your future. It allows you to continue your study in any country of your choice.
  • IB Elite Tutor is a premium academy that has been offering Online IB Tutors for all important IB subjects. 
  • Spanish is a language of culture, and its culture has been alive for several hundred years.
  • There are many dialects of the Spanish language. Spanish language was derived from a regional dialect of Latin.
  • Its history relates to and co-relates many historical events, and it is one of the most spoken languages in the world.
  • Twenty Countries in total speak the Spanish language as their official language around the world.
  • If we are familiar with spoken Latin, we would not see much difference between spoken Latin and Spanish language. 

    IB Spanish Tutors

    Benefits of Our IB Spanish Tutors in Delhi and Gurgaon

    • Our IB Spanish Tutors in Delhi and Gurgaon provide blueprints and study materials to our students and assign them home-works, which is not mandatory, but whoever completes their home-works and submits them the other day gets bonus recess time.
    • If some students have doubts about their course, our teaching faculties are active 24/7 to solve their doubts and guide them effectively.
    • We strongly recommend our students not to take help from the internet to solve their home-works or to copy them.
    • They are advised to contact their tutors in case of any doubts, and We shall provide appropriate solutions for the problems. 
    • Our teaching techniques are unique, attracting our students’ attention, so they do not get distracted. All these strategies that our teachers use on our students are tried and tested, which is very effective.
    • We wish the best for our students, and through our dedication and hard work, we can guarantee a bright future for our students.
    • Keeping that in mind, our I IB Spanish Tutors in Delhi and Gurgaon have made sure that they have kept their teaching on par with the expectations of the students. 
    • Our IB Spanish Tutors in Delhi and Gurgaon not only help you score phenomenal marks but also ensure that you do not forget the language.

    How to learn IB Spanish easily?

     As IB focuses on the language’s history and culture, it becomes difficult to comprehend alone. To learn a language, we need a lot of dedication. And to understand a language, we must be well informed about its historical patterns and origin. So, knowing the history behind the Spanish language makes it easy to understand and communicate effectively. But one of the biggest problems we face while learning a new language is the unavailability of a capable tutor who can turn the difficulty of learning a language into an enjoyable learning experience. It is quite a hustle to find a suitable tutor who is accessible.

    IB Spanish Assessments Pattern 

    • IB Spanish as language B has two papers in total. SL & HL students must appear for two external papers and one internal assessment.
    • Paper 1 is based on your production skills. You need to answer one question out of three choices. It carries 25% of the total weightage for both SL & HL students.
    • Paper 2 is divided into two sections. The first section is based on listening skills, whereas the second is based on reading skills. Each section carries 25% of the weightage for both SL & HL students.
    • Internal Assessment – It is an assessment that needs to be accomplished orally and individually. It will be easier and different for SL students than for HL students. Indeed, it will carry 25% weightage e for both HL & SL students.
    • Although the papers are the same, it is more complex for HL students than for SL students. They will be asked more complex questions in comparison to SL students. So, better be prepared, students.

    We can help you to combat all the problems related to IB Spanish learning.

    • Our Spanish tutors have better experiences than any other tutors. Also, they have been educated by native Spanish tutors, and over the years of relentless training and dedication, they have managed to gather enough knowledge and information. Apart from this, they can guide a child to achieve their goals quickly and with a little bit of persistence.
    • Our tutors mainly focus on the art of ‘making it fun. If something is fun to do, we are more willing to indulge in that specific thing for a long time.
    • On the other hand, learning a new language is always a big hustle. But with the right, IB Spanish Tutors in Delhi and Gurgaon, that dynamic changes, and it becomes easier to learn and speak that specific language. 
    • Besides making learning fun, we also focus on the student’s psychology. Also, we analyze the student and figure out ways to make them retain the given information for more extended periods.
    • We do that by spending time with the students and by being free with the students. 
    • Most students back down because they feel shy or are already timid enough to do so.
    • So, our IB Spanish Tutors in Delhi and Gurgaon keep these things in mind and ought to create an optimal learning environment for all the students to achieve their goals. 
    A few more tips
    • Learning a new language is beneficial because it opens up new opportunities and possibilities.
    • But along with providing the best learning experience, our IB Spanish Tutors in Delhi and Gurgaon ensure that everything a student learns in our classes stays with the students forever. 
    • We take pride in our competent teachers. Our IB Spanish Tutors in Delhi and Gurgaon have a flawless track record. The students from our previous batches still visit our teachers to thank them for their assistance.  
    • Our IB Spanish curriculum is different from other tuition classes. We focus on our students more than completing the syllabus on time.
    • Also, we take our time and make sure our students are comfortable and ready to perceive knowledge. Apart from this, we are flexible with our time.
    • We conduct a survey at the beginning of each year among the students to gather their feedback on the number of classes per week, the duration of classes, recess, and equipment needed for refreshments during recess.
    • We gather all this feedback and implement it in our day-to-day activities so that the students get what they want to make learning very easy. 
    • We also have extra recess time where students can relax. Because with a tired brain, it gets hard to understand something. 

    We are positively focused on that our students would be satisfied with the qualities of our tutors. And also, our IB Spanish Tutors in Delhi and GurgaonIB Spanish tutors work hard for our students and motivate them to achieve more significant goals in life.

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