IGCSE Maths Tutor

A small group of teachers founded IB Elite Tutor in May 2010 to help and support IB & IGCSE students. Since then, we have assisted students to get the best IGCSE Maths Tuition classes. We are a leading academy with the most reliable team of IGCSE Maths Tutors readily available to help IGCSE Maths students.

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IGCSE Maths Tutor

Our IGCSE Maths Tutors have offered face-to-face IGCSE Home Tuition classes since 2010 in Delhi and NCR and one-on-one Online IGCSE Tuition classes worldwide for the last seven years. 

We have taught more than 2000 students so far and helped them improve their understanding and grades. In the last three years, almost 35 % of our IGCSE Maths students got an A* or A in their examinations, and the rest significantly improved their performance with our IGCSE Maths Tutor. 

What do we teach in our IGCSE Maths Tuition classes

Our IGCSE Maths Tutor offers one-on-one Online Tutoring and teaches the following courses-:

  • Core IGCSE Mathematics- It covers the basic level of Mathematics.
  • Extended Level IGCSE Mathematics- It provides a deep understanding of the subject.
  • Additional Level IGCSE Mathematics: The additional level covers the entire curriculum and a few extra topics. 

The core is related to the basics, and extended maths is opted by students who decide to make Mathematics their future subject. There is little difference in core and extended-level topics. Most topics are taught at core and extended levels both, but core covers the basic level while extended covers the advanced levels. 

We have a team of teachers available to help all three courses of IGCSE Math students. Our IGCSE Maths Tutor offers the following services to the students of all the above courses.

  • One-on-one Online IGCSE Maths Doubt-solving classes for a short duration– You can book just two / three hours of classes and avail of this service. 
  • IGCSE Maths Tuition classes once or twice a week for an entire year– You can first book a free demo class with an experienced IGCSE Maths Tutor. The demo class will help you understand the service better. After the demo, you can book lessons for a longer duration with a flexible and convenient schedule. 
  • IGCSE Mock Test Series– Once you complete your syllabus, you can join our mock test series for an effective and quick revision.

Experienced and Qualified Teachers from Top Schools

We have a team of five highly professional IGCSE Maths Tutors to offer one-on-one IGCSE Mathematics classes face-to-face and online. 

  • They all have 10+ years of experience teaching IGCSE Mathematics in reputed schools like DPS International School, Apeejay International Schools, Aditya Birla World Academy, Woodstock School, and Bombay International Schools. 
  • Our teachers are also working as assessment specialists with Cambridge Assessment International Education.
  • They all have a Master’s degree / PhD in Mathematics.
  • All our teachers are trained in the latest teaching pedagogies and have a B.Ed. Degree.
  • Our IGCSE Maths Tutor know how to deliver online classes & how to take feedback effectively. They are well-versed with technology, and many are Google-certified educators. 

Notable Features of our IGCSE Maths Tutoring

Our IGCSE Maths Tutors are highly qualified professionals. They feel pride in helping their students. Here are some notable features of our service:-

  1. We offer one-on-one Online IGCSE Maths Tutoring via Zoom or Google Meet. 
  2. We conduct all our classes with a highly qualified IGCSE Maths Tutor. These teachers are hired from top international schools so they better understand the IGCSE curriculum, examination, and evaluation pattern. 
  3. Students get the best online learning experience at a convenient time in the comfortable atmosphere of their homes.
  4. We conduct chapter-end tests, monthly tests, and mock tests. 
  5. Our IGCSE Maths Tutor uses technology to explain the problematic concepts of Functions, Calculus, and Trigonometry. 
  6. You get assignments, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF notes for all complex topics and chapters. 
  7. We help you in solving IGCSE Past Papers. 
  8. You enjoy structured learning with our IGCSE Maths Tutors.
  9. You get recorded video lectures for all important topics.
  10. We offer 24*7 help during examination via email / Whatsapp during the examination. 

IGCSE Mathematics Syllabus and Examination Pattern

The entire IGCSE Mathematics syllabus is divided into two parts. 

Term 1 Syllabus: Topics like Number System, Mensuration, Geometry, and Algebra One & two are covered in this term. 

Term 2 syllabus: Geometry and measures, Graphs, Statistics, and Probability are covered in this term.

PapersContent Duration Weightage
Paper OneIGCSE Core Maths students write paper one. It consists short questions60 mins 35 % / Upto 56 points
Paper TwoIGCSE Extended Maths students write paper two. It consists short questions only. 90 mins 35 % / upto 70 points
Paper ThreeIGCSE Core Maths students write paper three. It consists long answer type questions.120 mins65 % / Upto 104 points
Paper FourIGCSE Extended Maths students write paper four. It consists long answer type questions.150 mins65 % / Upto 130 points
IGCSE Maths Assessment Over View

How to book IGCSE Maths Tuition classes with IB Elite Tutor

We have an easy system. Just follow these steps to book a free demo class. 

  1. You can fill out the form at the top and bottom of this page and describe your requirements. Or you can WhatsApp us @ +919911262206. We are also available at ibelitetitor@gmail.com.
  2. One of our student coordinators will get back to you almost instantly. They will discuss your requirements and shortlist the most suitable teacher.
  3. After that, they will share the teacher’s LinkedIn profile so that you can check their qualifications, experiences, and professional engagements.
  4. If you like the profile, you can fix a free demo class at a mutually convenient time. 
  5. If the demo goes well and you are willing to take classes with that teacher, you can share your preferred class times. 

Now, the coordinator will confirm the times with the teacher and share payment details. Once the payment is made, we give you the teacher’s direct number so that you can coordinate your classes directly. We have a very proactive customer support system to help whenever needed. 

Nowadays, most students and parents are mainly concerned about two things.

  1. They are worried about the security of the money paid in advance.
  2. They are worried about the privacy and the safety of the information they share with any academy.

IB Elite Tutor is a reputed name in the IGCSE & IB Tutoring field. We want to assure you about both these concerns. We take full responsibility for the money you pay to the academy. You can claim a refund for your unused amount anytime. You will get the unused money refunded in just 24 hours.

Also, we have no mechanism to save your contact information and pass it to any third party. It will only be used to contact you and discarded automatically after some time.

So, there is no reason to wait. Book your free demo class and feel the difference.

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