IB Tutors in Kolkata

IB Tutors in Kolkata provide unique teaching methodologies that enhance the academic life of the IB student. Our team helps to maximize students’ potential and way of thinking. So, get the best IB tuition in kolkata for all subjects. Also, get high quality IA Tutors in Kolkata

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    IB Tutors in Kolkata

    IB Tutors in Kolkata

    On the other hand, our IB Maths Home Tutors in kolkata teach IB students from the top IB schools kolkata.

    IB Elite Tutor endows pre-eminent IB Home Tutors in Kolkata. The institution helps students provide effective tutoring for IB PYP, IB MYP, IB DP, IB TOK, IB EE, ACT, and SAT. So, get IB Online and IB Home Tutors for Maths, Chemistry, Physics, IA, TOK, etc. Moreover, our professional IB tutors teach all IB groups and subjects with expertise. Our majority of tutors worked in top-notch IB schools of Delhi, NCR. We give face-to-face as well as one-on-one online tuition.

    Some major key elements of IB Home Tutors in Kolkata

    Our IB tutors employ techniques to help students achieve a perfect seven score. They are:

    Teaching using advanced technology 

    Old traditional teaching methodologies in the schools are getting bored sometimes. So, we will help students to make their learning interesting. Thus, we advise you to fix a one-hour free demo session with our IB Home Tutors to get yourself satisfied first. And our IB Home Tutors in Kolkata teach with the help of advanced and latest technology to enhance your understanding skills. We use animation videos, PowerPoint presentations, images, graphs, and diagrams to clarify all the concepts.

    Our IB Tutors in Kolkata also use java applets for understanding concepts effortlessly. Additionally, we also offer distinctive sessions for understanding GDC calculators.

    Moreover, you can also take benefits from many websites. For instance, Phet in which you can learn about Java Simulation and applets on these subjects:

    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Economics

    So, these simulations help you in learning visually and save your time. And we believe that visualization helps to remember complex concepts easily.

    Take IA help from our IB Home Tutors in Kolkata

    Most of the students from other institutes asked for help for their IB internal assessment. As a reason, those institutes did not help them in their IAs. So, at this stage, we encourage them and willing to help in submitting their IAs on time.

    Thus, our tutors have the capabilities to know how to write a perfect IA. Also, you can fix one or two classes in a month to consult with your tutors about writing IA. The scenario of internal assessment is quite challenging. Hence, take help from our IB Home Tutors in Kolkata for better understanding.

    Syllabus completed on time

    Our IB Home Tutors in Kolkata proffer teaching patterns. So, it will help in completing the syllabus on time. We also take care that you have sufficient time to revise thoroughly. Besides this, you can practice past papers as well.

    Our tutors help in revising each concept of all subjects. We also provide notes and solve past year papers. So, you can acknowledge yourself. It strengthens your knowledge and builds a strong base on a particular topic. Apart from this, we purchase a membership from IB Resources, Think IB, Revision Village, and IB Stuff to help our students with all the resources.

    Furthermore, we have a content creation team that provides valuable content throughout the year. So, students learn or study with creative methods.

    Take homework help from IB Home Tuition in Kolkata

    Most of the time, school teachers focus only on finishing the syllabus in a very speedy way. Also, students are involved in other activities as well. So, it will create difficulties for students. Also, how they complete their homework or assignments on time. As a reason for that, students cannot understand the topics properly. So, our IB Home Tutors in Kolkata assist you in the best possible way and complete your homework in time.

    IB Home Tutors in Kolkata Get in-depth knowledge of all the IB subjects

    All our IB tutors are subject matter experts in their respective fields. And the majority are IB examiners with have Ph.D. or M.Phil degrees. Apart from this, our tutors are very experienced and have deep knowledge of each subject. We deliver a good sense of understanding in which strengthens your weak areas. Our IB tutors are never hesitated to help you beyond their limits.

    IB Home Tutors in Kolkata provide blended tutoring

    IB Elite Tutor builds a strong foundation of IB Tutors in Kolkata. Also, we ensure that every student gets the best teaching to fulfill the IB’s demands. Due to the increase in technology as well as fast-paced network. Most parents or students want online tutors rather than home tutors. So, in this case, we are available for them all the time and give the best fit for them.

    We have a great team of online tutors that help you in all the possible ways. Also, in our blended tutoring, you can schedule your online classes and call the tutor at your home. You cannot get through from any inconvenience.

    24*7 assistance

    Our IB online Tutors are available at your service anywhere and anytime. Students get connected with IB Home Tutors in Kolkata with WhatsApp, e-mail, and Skype. Also, our recorded videos are there if students want to understand the topic again. We make sure to give proper assistance and integrity.

    Our IB Tutors deal with all the IB subjects like Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Economics, etc. We offer tutors for all the IB groups. So, you can easily take help from anything regarding any subject.

    Rigorous and regular testing 

    We think that rigorous testing is necessary to understand the IB curriculum. As a reason, IB possesses a rigid syllabus that needs a proper analysis regularly. So, our IB tutors conduct chapter-wise tests and unit tests after completing the whole chapter or unit. It helps to complete the syllabus and acknowledge your mistakes. Also, our IB Home Tutors in Kolkata help you in solving at least 6-8 past year papers.

    Get feedback timely

    Our IB Home tutors in Kolkata give students feedbacks time-to-time. So, their parents or guardians know their academic progress. On the other hand, we also told their parents that be aware of what their child learns. They can directly contact the tutor for any problem and discuss them. So, it helps to know their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Get affordable & assured service

    We provide full assurance to all our customers with our performance or on-time delivery. Also, take our demo sessions before enrolling and get fully satisfied. If you want to approach us, take our one-hour demo session for any subject. You fill the form or send a message or call the given number. If you are satisfied with our service, then pay according to it. Otherwise, approach that which is better than us.

    Our home tutoring, as well as Online tutorials, are cost-effective. We provide the best service at a very low price. You only have to pay for the classes or tuition you want. We did not take any hidden charges. Apart from this, you only have to pay for assignments, worksheets, past year papers, and other IB material that we provide.