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    IB ITGS IA Tutors

    IB ITGS IA Tutors

    IB Elite Tutor offers help to IB students so that they can write their ia/tok themselves and get a perfect grade. Before all else, let’s look at the assessment criteria of ITGS that demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of specified content. Next, we explain, analyze, and transfer IT Knowledge through synthesis and evaluation. Lastly, we illustrate the use of ITGS skills to develop an original IT product.

    Assessment Criteria

    Start with a rigorous investigation that requires perfect analysis after preparing a proper schedule to describe product development and designing. 

    It includes:

    • A word limit of 2000
    • 30% from SL (Standard Level) or 20% from HL ( Higher Level)
    • A cover page that has prescribed format
    • Documentation of the product
    • A well organized IT product.

    Why do you need IB ITGS IA Tutors ?

    It’s better to consider someone who properly directs you instead of walking alone on the wrong path. 

    Our IB ITGS IA Tutors are very admirable and highly experienced. They know what is good or bad for your IA, what is irrelevant or what is essential for your project. Apart from this, IA tuition help to develop a student’s capacity to identify, analyze, and evaluate the concepts. Moreover, it is very time effective because of 24-hour availability and meticulous tutoring. Every single step you needed to make your IA perfect, we always there for you. Furthermore, IB ITGS IA is not an easy task. Hence, for this, you need assistance to fulfil its fundamental requirement, which brings it to your desired goal.

    The advantages of IB ITGS IA Tutors

    • Facilitate students to explore systematically and critically
    • Support students in finding, collecting, and analyzing the data
    • Help in the development and designing of an IT product.
    • Please encourage students to employ their practical skills and execute them properly.
    • Help in discovering an issue that supports an effective approach
    • Guide students to apply appropriate techniques to justify their evidence.
    • Assist students that their product accompanies the social and ethical significance
    • Provide proper guidance on how to implement IT policies?
    • It is an independent research, but we possibly help in understanding necessary tools and techniques.
    • Help in constructing scenarios that are used to address IT development

    Perfectly fabricate your IB ITGS IA.

    Tutoring helps in analyzing and evaluating the IA in a proper manner. It also helps in understanding the rigorous methodology of the academic IB curriculum. Therefore, you can create or build your IA perfectly with our IB ITGS Tutors. 

    Now, briefly acknowledge the whole criteria behind the ITGS IA

    So, a diploma program student has to make an IA on the specific topic of their choice with fulfilling the following criteria:

    Initial Investigation: 

    The completed investigation must mention all its key points in a well-organized format. As a result, the examiners clearly understand the tools and techniques you used. 

     The key points you have to mention prominently are: 

    1. Provide evidence that proves you interviewed your client.
    2. Give details of your client and their work.
    3. Discuss issues of your client and resolve them through product development.


    Students have to give a detailed justification of why they select this specific solution for the issue. Also, what are the necessary elements they need for the answer? Apart from this, briefly explain the requirements, the inputs and outputs, system processing, and security issue.

    Project Schedule: 

    It includes the starting and ending date of your work. On top of that, provide all the essential steps you taken for designing, developing, and implementing the IT solution.

    Product Design and Development: 

    The students portray a clear picture of their work that helps in understanding easily how they design a product. Demonstrate all their tools and techniques in a well-defined manner.

    Product Evaluation: 

    You have to evaluate your work by producing accurate output, feedback from your client, and further improvements. 

    Other Essential Components: 

    At last, the cover page, specific functions of your product, proper file name are required.

    Note: The project must fulfil all three approaches, i.e., social and ethical significance, specific applications, and IT systems. Therefore, you may properly include some scenarios, for instance, security, privacy, guaranteed anonymity, business employment, and secure databases.

    What are the consequences of the three strands?

    1. Social and Ethical Significance: Students must explain and evaluate the effects of IT products’ social impact on society. From both local and global perspective, analyze the ethical consideration. Apart from this, the product must have reliability and integrity. Equally, establish the authenticity and privacy policies of your IT product. Furthermore, explain the standards and protocols that help in making your product compatible.
    2. Application to specific scenarios: Students must discuss ethical issues and define social impacts related to their IT products. The category you selected for your product, i.e., business, education, environment, health, etc., should fulfil all its demands.
    3. IT system: Students must address the IT concepts in their topic. Furthermore, it highlights the role of network with various scenarios. Develop or show personal and public communication through your product. Again, explain how digital media help in making your product affluent? Maintain precise and comprehensive records through databases. 

    ITGS IA Ideas

    • Database that helps in tracking your client customers
    • A brochure that describes the product details
    • Website for furniture and goods
    • A database that helps in maintaining the donation amount
    • Create a welcome guide for any school or university through DTP software
    • A website for a saloon that includes all their beauty products and services
    • Create a spreadsheet that helps in managing the course curriculum of a school
    • Through a database, create a quiz program
    • Create a magazine through DTP
    • A database that allows in accounting
    • Design a program that helps in tracking the shifts of a small factory
    • Create a workbook that gives all the details of a trip
    • Website for sports-related items

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