How to Get a Perfect 45 in IB Diploma Program?

Get a perfect 45 in IB Diploma Program. IB Elite Tutor has a team of highly skilled IB Online Tutor hired from reputed IB schools around the globe. Here are some tips by our experts on How to get a perfect 45 in IB. Let us have a look.

How to get a Perfect 45 in IB?

  1. IB board is based on learner profile, and different assessments are done to enhance learners’ knowledge in the subjects of their choice.
  2. Constant efforts and knowledge about IB are important to Get a perfect 45 in IB Diploma Program. In IB, 6 subjects are offered to students. Three subjects are taken from HL or higher level and three from SL or standard level. Each subject contains 7 points, and the total points are 42.
  3. There are three additional points for optional topics. These optional topics are extended essays that are mandatory for all students. Creativity, activity, and service are also included in these three points.
  4. So there are 45 points that students need to achieve to get the highest rank.
  5. To Get a perfect 45 in IB Diploma Program is the dream of all students, and they all work very hard to get this rank. But students need to understand a few important points before preparing for IB.

Key points to get a perfect 45 in IB – Motivation and attitude are the ladders to reaching the top 

If you are a student of IB, it is not easy to score well without getting motivation. It would help if you made an attitude of working hard and being constant in your efforts. To get a perfect 45 in IB Diploma Program is the dream of all students. And students work very hard to get A7 in all the subjects. Students should watch the videos of successful students and make an attitude of research and review. If you have an attitude to work hard, no one can stop you from climbing the ladder of success. Do not think you can work hard later at the end of the year because every activity, assignment, and task is equally important, and you need to perform wonderfully in all these tasks to get the highest rank.

Do your best and try to improve every day.

  •  New students of the IB board should remember that there is a chance for improvement every day. It’s not so that you get ranked 2 or 3 in any subject and start feeling demotivated.
  • It would help if you remembered that hard work is the key to success. Improve yourself every day and take lessons from your failure.
  • Many students must perform better in their starting tests but perform wonderfully later. Every day is a new day. A consistent hard work is required to Get a perfect 45 in IB Diploma Program.
  • You should find out your weaknesses and make a list of them. Contact your teacher because she will guide you better. Ask her about your weaknesses and work on them.
  • For example, if you are a student of another language and have taken a second language, you need more understanding.
  • You cannot get good marks because of the less knowledge. Read many books to enhance your vocabulary and try to frame correct sentences.

Achieve the goal with constant effort & Write practice essays and do a lot of research to get a perfect 45

  1. Make continuous efforts with a goal that you set. Always choose subjects of your own choice so that you can perform wonderfully.
  2. If you are already interested in the subject, it is very easy to set a goal. You will make constant efforts without any pressure because you love that subject.
  3. Always make a timetable so that you will get time for everything. This is a very important suggestion for you all to choose the topic of your essays where you have a lot of interesting knowledge.
  4. Essays are usually taken from topics that demand a lot of knowledge. It would help if you did good research and knew the language in which you are writing your essay.
  5. You can take previous years’ question papers and check the topic of the essay for practice. Do practice every day so that you become perfect in this field.
  6. The three points you get in extended essays are very important to get a perfect 45 in IB Diploma Program.

 Put in the work every day to learn

  1. Remembering to stay on today’s work for tomorrow is also very important. Be very regular with your school classwork and homework.
  2. Sometimes you feel very tired and decide to leave work for the next day. But leaving work for the next day is not okay because you will have to work double the next day.
  3. Make a proper timetable where you have enough time to study and play. Sometimes failure or fear of failure becomes our greatest barrier to success. Stay calm if you are getting fewer marks in any test or activity.
  4. If you read the success stories of toppers, they will also tell you about their failures and how they defeated their fear of failure. It would help if you learned to pick yourself up to restore with new energy and zeal.
Solve past year’s question paper, and review marking scheme & Find a community of IB students.
  1.  Students should be fine with their question paper pattern because many past year question papers are available online, and they can easily get them.
  2. Question papers are very helpful in understanding the paper pattern and marking scheme. All the questions always differ from the previous one, yet there are a lot of similarities.
  3. If you can solve all the previous year’s question papers, you should not worry about the result. Review your preparation with the help of the past year’s question paper and work hard in this regard.
  4. Althoughmuch support is available for students, students learn the best with their peer group. You can easily higher an Online IB tutor who will teach you and tell you all the technical things about the subjects.
  5. But you still want to discuss a few things with your peer group. Now a day, it is very easy to join a group of such students with the help of a community of IB students available online.
  6. You can clear all your doubts with your peer group students, and you can also become support or help others too.
  7. You only need to join the group which is providing appropriate information. You can exchange your knowledge with your friends too.
 Start working hard from 1st year because 2nd year is harder than the first.

Some students believe they can enjoy the first year of IB and will work hard when they are in the second year. But it is the most foolish thought because 2nd year is the toughest year, and you need to make good grades in the first year so that it will not affect your result. You can make your rank in the first year, and you should be constant in your efforts before moving toward the second year. Refrain from believing you can achieve your target with any shortcut because there is no shortcut to achieving grade 45. You only need to work hard regularly with proper guidance.