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    IB Psychology EE Tutors

    When it comes to your mind that you have to write an IB Psychology extended essay, then certainly you get phobias. We know it’s going to be crazy when there is no one to help choose the topic and fabricate your essay.

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    In such a condition, you must get help from the institution that guides you on how to compose an effective IB Psychology EE. Our tutoring platform also proffers passionate IB Psychology EE tutors who know how to tackle the piece of work of IB Psychology EE.
    Our IB Psychology EE Tutor helps you comprehend the IB Psychology EE framework and how our tutors help you tackle your work. Let’s get started.

    Start Yout IB Journey of an Independent Research with our Our Psychology EE Tutor

     All the IBDP students must craft a piece of work that contains 4000 words. And you must incorporate pertinent psychological studies and theories that support your claims. In this subject, you have the benefit of taking advantage of research and published studies. So your time is not wasted searching other sources.

    Let’s explore the criteria given by IBO…

    Criterion A: Focus & Method (6 points)

    Your research question must be:

    • Showcased in a question format
    • Accurate and precise
    • Fully illustrated within your word limit

    Apart from the above, 

    • Your introduction must contain the academic context and the subsequent justification for your research question.
    • Properly outline your essay
    • Rightly explain all the psychological theories and studies that you use
    • Maintain the focus of your essay by enabling readers’ attention.

    Criterion B: Comprehending & Knowledge (6 points)

    • You must provide evidence that clearly shows your understanding of the material as well as the concepts that you used.
    • Your essay must contain an appropriate academic writing style and research methodologies.
    • You must use psychological terminologies to explain the theories and concepts adequately.
    • You must evaluate the evidence and findings from empirical studies in various terms like ethics, culture, methodology, and gender.  

    Criterion C: Critical Thinking (12 points)

    You must keep in mind that your essay must critically engage your reader with the help of appropriate material. Moreover, analyze and evaluate all the psychological theories and published research throughout your essay. Pay attention to:

    • Showcase the complex nature of your research question that quickly connects with relevant areas of inquiry in the Psychology field.
    • Justify the points that help in constructing strong arguments through psychological theories and studies. 
    • Analyze and evaluate various perspectives or approaches to your research question.
    • All the considerations of the nature of materials and participants you are using to provide the context of your research.
    • Spread awareness of possible methodological biases and researcher bias. 

    Criterion D: Presentation (4 points)

    Without visuals, your essay creates boredom and looks uninteresting in front of your examiner. The way you present your work is crucial. So, work on it and provide:

    • Section, sub-sections, and informative headings.
    • Charts, images, or tables from various literature sources.
    • Good graphic quality of your images and properly labelled data tables.
    • Graphs to enhance your data information.
    • Bibliography in a standard format.
    • Use the title page, page numbers, table of contents, etc., and enhance the quality of your presentation.

    Note: An essay with more than 4000 words is not encouraged and does not increase your mark. So, never exceed the word limit in the hope of gaining extra marks. 

    Criterion E: Engagement (6 points)

    You must provide reflections on the decision-making and planning process that you have taken while completing your essay. So, you have to reflect on:

    • All the strategies and approaches that you are plump for.
    • How do you develop as a learner and acquire approaches to learning skills?
    • The conceptual understanding that developed or changed your research.
    • How do you overcome the challenges that you faced while writing your essay?
    • Emerging questions while doing your research.
    • If you want to do this research again, then what would be the difference between the two?

    Practical reflections must highlight your journey and demonstrate your engagement with your research work. 

    Benefits of Qualified IB Psychology EE Tutors

    Our IB Psychology EE tutors help you tackle the IB Psychology EE curriculum with ease. Let’s discover our tutors’ tools and techniques:

    Familiarize yourself with the IB Psychology Curriculum- Our IB Psychology tutors familiarize themselves with the IB Psychology course that examines the human behaviour interaction on:

    • Biological
    • Cognitive
    • And social influences

    Also, our tutors help you enhance your understanding of how psychological knowledge is applied, generated, and developed. So, you can easily understand what all humans share and the immense diversity of influences on mental processes and human behaviour.

    Get personalized guidance for topic selection & research question formulation.

    Our IB Psychology EE tutors guide you on how to develop a clear and focused research question. Pay attention to each aspect of your topic selection. So you can quickly write a more nuanced and logical essay. Our IB Psychology EE Tutoring help you in structuring and organizing your essay. Our IB Psychology EE tutors help you structure your essay and incorporate the perfect:

    • Introduction
    • Background research
    • Arguments
    • Evidence
    • Analysis 
    • Visuals 
    • Conclusion
    • Bibliography

    Understand the student’s learning style- Our IB tutors are keen observers and quickly grasp the students’ learning styles. They encourage our young learner through their empathetic tutoring. And hone your skills so you can easily craft a brilliant IB Psychology EE.

    Enhance your essay quality- Our tutors enhance your essay quality by giving constructive feedback, making your essay error-free, removing all grammatical mistakes, and making your essay plagiarism-free. We give our best so your essay quickly grabs your examiners’ attention, and you definitely get an ‘A’.


    We know it is a challenging piece of work, and it takes a lot of effort to acquire a perfect score. But you don’t have to worry about anything. We understand your needs and fulfil them one by one. Our approach towards learning is evident and concise, which helps you acquire the knowledge of the topic that you chose.