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    Need IB Chemistry IA Tuition

    IA (Internal Assessment) is the most incredible thing in IB (International Baccalaureate) because it acquires 20% of the overall marking of your exam. Basically, it totally depends upon your personal interest in a wide range of topics. In addition, the more unique your IA is, the highest marks you get. So, after knowing its importance and complexity, you need appropriate guidance. We consider that different perspectives or adaptations help in making your IA sublime.

    Our finest teachers are capable of doing their work on time with efficiency. Also, they know what is necessary or what is not necessary, for designing the perfect IA.

    How can IB Chemistry IA Tuition help

    IB Elite Tutor offers help to IB students so that they can write their ia/tok themselves and get a perfect grade.Our IA Tutors guide you in that manner that you assured to get a perfect 7.  Our teaching pattern is so convenient that you can easily understand each and everything.

    Have a look, our teaching criteria:

    • Sorting things that makes you difficult to investigate the idea for choosing an IA topic
    • Solidify your chemistry IA research by giving a perfect guidance
    • Help in evaluating your research work and make it competent
    • Any external support you want from us we will always there for you
    • Suggesting ideas that you can easily communicate with your examiner through it
    • We help in making your IA perfect at any cost
    • Alleviate your work through personal engagement
    • Make things easier by providing you chemistry notes
    • You can ask any question regarding your chemistry IA at anytime
    • Our effective tutoring accomplishes your goal to set up a perfect IA.

    Points to keep in mind while writing a Chemistry IA

    It’s not something that you just look up in your textbook and you got an answer. It is a very essential part of your diploma. So, don’t underestimate it. Try to understand it carefully when working on it.

    Here are a few points you should remember while writing your chemistry IA:

    • Discover a unique perspective to demonstrate a simple method
    • You don’t worry about the originality of your Chemistry IA but you only need to focus on modifying the topic that already exists
    • Strengthens your project through in-depth research or investigation
    • Start your research journey with the materials that easily available to you. Example: textbooks, classroom activities, etc.
    • Select the topic that related to the real-life example as well as you have a keen interest in it
    • When you give a comparison to one over another, it should be accurately defined. So, that an examiner can easily understand
    • Justify your every experiment with proper illustration
    • Don’t try to make your introduction part too descriptive, make it apparent
    • Your IA is something that being investigated instead look like a series of experiments
    • It is essential or necessary that your IA ending with a good conclusion
    • Don’t forget to give references or citations

    Here are some ideas that our IA expert tutors recommended

    • Determine the waters of crystallization in an acid-base titration
    • Determining the amount of aspirin in tablets
    • Investigate the activation energy in the reaction
    • Finding the factors that affect electroplating
    • Explore the formation of a compound
    • What is the effect of the enzyme on a rate of reaction?
    • Analyzing mineral content in the food
    • What are the factors that affect Saponification?
    • Analyzing the formation of dyes
    • Demonstrate the bond angles formation
    • What are the factors that affect the pH?
    • Determining the molecular formula of an unknown salt
    • Analyzing the content of calcium in various food items
    • Investigating the optical rotation in sugars
    • Determining the concentration of caffeine in tea and coffee

    Starting with the scratch

    After getting the idea of the IA now you thought when and where you will be started? So, don’t worry about that, our IA tutors are always available for your help. Starts to look upon what you have right now. We provide the templates that help you in designing your chemistry IA. Also, help in finding the pattern of writing a perfect IA.

    So, this is the first step that you have to analyze the methodology of chemistry IA through scratch.  Keep an eye on every factor of IA that give it perfection. Also, with proper guidance, you can attain your goal as well as keep on track. In addition, assistance from the highly qualified and subject matter expert makes your IA buoyant.

    Establishing the relationship with your examiner

    We always reflect on that method which helps you in bring out successful results. For instance, to make your IA the best we provide the all the necessary support that you need. In addition, while writing your IA always keeps in mind what your examiner wants from you? Also, the idea behind your chemistry IA should be shown clearly in your project. It only happens if your overall planning is on a pinpoint. So, the examiners never confuse and also appreciate your work.

    Apart from this, they also want something that is innovative as well as understandable. As far as, you know your examiner’s wit you can easily explore and put things properly. Hence, when you easily establish a relationship with your examiner through your chemistry IA then you get a perfect score.

    Quality overpower Quantity

    Students keep in mind that quality always beats quantity. Also, we know that quality needs time but indeed it is better than quantity. So, always make approaches that filled with quality rather than quantity. For instance, if you got an idea and it seems too simple but contains some uniqueness, take it. Furthermore, if it seems lengthy as well as not defines the idea of distinctiveness, leave it. We always try our best to endow what you want. We guaranteed if you follow this golden rule you get a perfect score. Although, the research question is also contains quantitative analysis. So, you should remember the do’s and don’ts that are essential for your IB Chemistry IA.

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    Note: We only offer Tutoring help so that IB students can write their IB IA, IB TOK, IB EE themselves.