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IB Elite Tutors is the most reliable platform for IB one-on-one online tutoring. We have been offering our tutoring services since 2010 from Delhi, India. Our IB Chemistry Tutor in Mumbai prepares students for IB MYP and IB Diploma pragram year one and two. We promise to give our students academic excellence and the best guidance for future careers. 

    Why Choose Our IB Chemistry Tutors in Mumbai

    • All our tutors are committed to providing high-quality, personalized learning classes. Our tutors are highly qualified in their field.
    • All our IB Chemistry Tutors in Mumbai are trained and experienced. They are teaching in the best IB schools in India & abroad. They all have Master’s degree in Chemistry. Many of them are PhD in Chemistry.
    • Our tutors identify the potential of our students and nurture their knowledge and understanding to prepare them for future challenges. 
    • The role of a tutor is vital for students. Our Chemistry tutors push students so that they realize their potential. 
    • Many students join us with the problem of poor grades in Chemistry. But due to our practical strategies and the cooperation of students, their grades change very positively. Our tutors identify the learning needs and abilities of their students.
    IB Chemistry Tutors

    Are you finding it difficult to cope with IB Chemistry? 

    You should join IB Chemistry Tutor if you need help in IB Chemistry.IB Chemistry tutor helps students in the following ways –

    • IB chemistry tutors tailor their classes to fulfill their students’ specific learning needs.
    • The ultimate goal of IB chemistry tutors is the academic success of our students. 
    • Our tutors reinforce the weak areas of their students through their customized learning classes.
    • There are active, interactive sessions every day where students discuss their problems and get the answers to their questions.
    • Our tutors explain the topic with real-world examples so students can grasp the concept quickly.
    • Our tutors review their student’s progress daily and plan teaching strategies according to the progress of office students.
    • Our tutors believe in fostering knowledge, which will also benefit in the future.
    • We give regular homework and precise all the doubts the next day.
    • We praise our students for their efforts and encourage them to do better. 
    • Our tutors customize the content delivery as per the needs of their students. 

    IB Chemistry HL & SL Syllabus Overview

         We offer help for the following chemistry courses.

    1. IB Chemistry Higher Level (HL)
    2. IB Chemistry Standard Level (SL)
    3. MYP Chemistry for Year 4 & 5

    IB Chemistry HL has a higher level of difficulty. Students interested in chemistry and choosing a career in chemistry select HL. IB Chemistry SL is easier than HL. Students who wish to opt for business or any other career choose IB Chemistry SL. The syllabus of HL and SL is quite similar. But there is a difference in question papers and Level of difficulty. 

    Structure A. Models of the particulate nature of matter

    1. Introduction to the particulate nature of matter
    2. The nuclear atom
    3. Electron configurations
    4. Counting particles by mass: The mole
    5. Ideal gases

      Structure B. Models of bonding and structure

    1. The ionic model 
    2. The covalent model
    3. The metallic model
    4. From models to materials

    Structure C. Classification of matter

    1. The periodic table: Classification of elements
    2. Functional groups: Classification of organic 


    Reactivity I. What drives chemical reactions?

    1. Measuring enthalpy change
    2. Energy cycles in reactions
    3. Energy from fuels
    4. Entropy and spontaneity (Additional higher level)

    Reactivity II. How much, how fast, and how far?

    1. How much? The amount of chemical change
    2. How fast? The rate of chemical change
    3. How far? The extent of chemical change

    Reactivity III. What are the mechanisms of chemical change?

    1. Reactivity 1. Proton transfer reactions
    2. Reactivity 2. Electron transfer reactions
    3. Reactivity 3. Electron sharing reactions
    4. Reactivity 4. Electron-pair sharing reactions

    How do We Conduct our IB Chemistry Tuition classes in Mumbai?

    • We offer face-to-face online classes for both levels ( HL and SL) through Google Meet and Zoom. 
    • We use intelligent pens and whiteboards to teach. 
    • Our courses are conducted without any network problems due to high-quality network connections.
    • Students can join through mobile, laptop, or Tablet.
    • You can change the timing as per your schedule.
    • Our tutors teach all the topics with equal interest. 

    Exam-oriented Approach of our IB Chemistry Online Tutor in Mumbai

     All our chemistry tutors work very hard so that their students can perform outstandingly in their exams and get the best results. They use the following strategies while teaching Chemistry. 

    • Goal setting and tracking progress:  Our Chemistry tutor boosts students’ confidence and guides them to set goals. In this process, they always track their progress. They use multiple tricks to motivate students. 
    • Supportive Environment: Our IB tutors are the best support for their students. They listen to the students very patiently. Our tutors never give negative remarks to their students. 
    • Providing Additional study material: IBDP is one of the best courses in the world. More than textbook knowledge is required to score a grade 7 on the exam. Our IB tutors provide extra study material in the form of notes. These notes are beneficial during exams. 
    • Revision tests: Our tutors engage their students in the learning process. They give regular tasks about the topics. They take tests after completing the chapters. 
    • These tests give the best feedback about student’s preparation. 
    • Assignments and Past year question papers: The IB Chemistry Tutor shares assignments, worksheets, and past year question papers so that students can prepare for exams.
    • Complete Guidance About Exam: IB Chemistry tutor stays updated about and informs everything to their students. They also give helpful tips for the exam.
    1. Read every question carefully, and do not make haste.
    2. Follow the instructions written in the given question paper.
    3. Use a watch to check the time and provide adequate time to answer your questions.
    4. Take at least 7 hours of sleep in the night. 
    5. Prepare all your syllabus before one month of exam and leave the last month only to revise.
    6. Do not take the stress off your exam. Believe in your potential. 
    How to contact us: 

    You can quickly Whatsapp us at @ 9911262206 or email us @ibelitetitor@gmail.com to register yourself for a demo class.  

    Students need the proper guidance and support to achieve their target. Chemistry is much about practice and the right advice. It may become complicated due to the need for the right direction. We provide complete support and encouragement to our students. Take a wise decision and contact us today.